Mashable Gives One Love to House of Marley’s In-Ear Headphones

Last week, tech giant, Mashable posted the above video highlighting a number of our in-ear headphones, and shining the spotlight on Marley headphones that “are musically solid, sustainable and carry the name of world’s greatest reggae artist.”

Showcasing the Jammin’ and Freedom collections, Mashable was impressed with the price range and sustainable material used in creating our in-ear headphones. As for the sound of House of Marley in-ear headphones, reviewer Lauren Gores gushed about the “ridiculously deep bass” that comes courtesy of the 9mm driver hidden inside the confines of the ultra comfortable earpiece.

Whether you like the People Get Ready in-ear headphones for the affordable and awesome sound, or crave the audiophile aesthetic of Redemption Song earbuds, there is a pair of Marley headphones to meet your needs. Check out the full Mashable review by clicking here!

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