House of Marley Teams With Tilly’s To Give You A Bag of Rhythm


The House of Marley has heard the calls of our fans around the world. You want a Bag of Rhythm portable audio system? You want an Instagram giveaway? Done and done. The House of Marley is beyond excited to be teaming up with surf and skate giant Tilly’s for an Instagram contest of epic proportions.

Getting involved is just as easy documenting your #LiveMarley lifestyle in progress. The House of Marley and Tilly’s are looking for photos that best capture how music inspires your everyday life. If a Bob Marley song made you view the world in a different way or if learning to play an instrument changed your life, we want to see it visualized in picture form. Get imaginative! The House of Marley and Tilly’s want to see photos that go beyond our expectations and truly capture the essence of what it means to be inspired by music.

As for the bounty of this contest, The House of Marley is excited to offer up our Bag of Rhythm portable audio system. Whether you’re looking to rock the house or start a party for the entire block, the Bag of Rhythm is an essential tool for listening to music. Yet, in order to win your own, you have to start by following @houseofmarley and @tillys on Instagram. From there, start snapping away and tag every Instagram post you want to enter into the contest with #LiveMarley . The contest will end on Sunday, October 21 at 11:59PM EST. The time for you to win a Bag of Rhythm is now! Break out your camera phone and get to work!

Click here to read the official rules for the House of Marley and Tilly’s Instagram Contest.

5 thoughts on “House of Marley Teams With Tilly’s To Give You A Bag of Rhythm

  1. I love Bob I listened to him all the time when I lived in Hawaii on the island of Kauai. Now I’m in North Dakota and still listen to his CD’s. There is no radio station in Fargo that plays Bob.

  2. I would love to win this because Bob Marley’s music has in spired me to live differently I listen to his music and I never get angry when i’m cleaning I focus better and if i’m ever in a bad mood I put music on and I instantly get calm I’ve never won anything in my life and if I won this I would be greatgul. I’ve also been wanting the bag of rythm since I seen the site

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