House of Marley Approved: Kite Patch


There is nothing like getting back to basics and hitting the trail for a hike. However, there is also nothing like the experience of becoming a human pin cushion and getting a million mosquito bites. Kick harmful bug sprays to the curb, and make a unique contribution to society, by picking up a Kite Patch. All it takes is sticking one of these small squares on your clothing and mosquitos will keep on buzzing by.

Wanna know the best part? Kite is working to take their patches to third-world countries. The company will donate a patch to someone who truly needs it every time you buy one for yourself. At the House of Marley, we believe that giving back and helping the world is one of the most important things a person can do. Thankfully, because of companies like Kite, it just became easier to make a difference on a personal level.

2 thoughts on “House of Marley Approved: Kite Patch

    • We currently are not selling our products in Uganda. Stay tuned to the blog and we will let you know when we are coming to your country.

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