Killer Headphones for Skateboarding


When searching for the perfect in-ear headphones for skateboarding, look no further than the House of Marley. Skateboarding is all about fluid motion. No matter the ground you’re covering, whether it’s the street, the park, the vert ramp or just the backyard, any headphones for skateboarding should not restrict your ability to do tricks.

The House of Marley’s Zion and Redemption Song in-ear headphones allow for this while also making sure that the ear piece remains firmly in place, allowing you to concentrate on landing that trick.

Just like a pair of skate shoes or the bushings in your trucks, when headphones for skateboarding are created, designers attempt to make them as cushy and comfortable as possible. The House of Marley has taken extra care to outfit in-ear headphones like People Get Ready, Conqueror, Midnight Ravers and Smile Jamaica, with supremely comfortable earbuds that will conform to your ear. Slamming on the ground may hurt, but your ears won’t after wearing our earbuds.

While headphones for skateboarding are all about mobility comfort, Marley earbuds pack the musical punch necessary for motivation. With killer bass from our custom engineered acoustics system and coil drivers pumping out smooth sounds, Marley headphones are capable of projecting the perfect skateboard soundtrack.

While headphones for skateboarding may never be directly responsible for helping you land a kickflip, wearing a pair of Marley earbuds will give you the added style and inspiration points every time. Even when you’re just pushing down the street.

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