Rebelution and House of Marley Team Up For an Epic Headphone Giveaway

On the verge of a gigantic national tour, California reggae rockers, Rebelution are teaming with House of Marley for a headphone giveaway that will gift three lucky fans a pair of autographed Positive Vibration on-ear headphones.

Winning the Rebelution and House of Marley headphone giveaway is as simple as sending out a single retweet. Head over to Twitter and start by following both @HouseofMarley and @RebelutionMusic. From there, retweet the message from @RebelutionMusic that announces the upcoming show in your area and you will automatically be entered into the competition. The House of Marley Positive Vibration on-ear headphones will go to the first three people to retweet in each city.

Heading out in support of their new triple album, Peace of Mind, Rebelution is bringing their Bob Marley-influenced sounds to cities all over the U.S. Hop on Twitter, follow their travels, prepare to win some sweet swag from Rebelution and, if you’re lucky enough, some House of Marley on-ear headphones too.


Check out “Sky is the Limit” from the new Rebelution album, Peace of Mind, and be sure to enter the our epic headphone giveaway!

13 thoughts on “Rebelution and House of Marley Team Up For an Epic Headphone Giveaway

  1. Reggae music has influenced my life so much, as has the music of Bob Marley and Rebelution, I would do anything to win this contest.

  2. Hey guys, i am a HUGE REBELUTION Fan. They are literally my favorite artist of today… (Bob Marley) being my all time fav haha. I do not have a twitter or do anything that has to do with twitter. BUT I was hoping that i could still participate in y’alls contest! If not that is fine, i will still listen to Rebelution every single day, and still see them in Birmingham soon. I will also still purchase a pair of your new Marley Headphones, because i need a good pair anyways. Thanks guy! And keep the Good Vibes coming!

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