The Harambe On-Ear Headphones With Mic Embody The House Of Marley Philosophy

The House of Marley’s firm commitment to earth-friendly products is shown proudly with our new on-ear headphones with mic. Employing recycled aluminum and the House of Marley’s patented REWIND fabric, the Harambe on-ear headphones with mic deliver stellar sound without leaving a lasting impact on the environment. REWIND fabric, a House of Marley creation, is made with recycled hemp, organic cotton and recycled water bottles and colored with water-based dye.

As the lightest headset created by the House of Marley so far, these comfortable on-ear headphones weigh less than two pounds and have an airy feel about them. Designed to have a maximum sound in a minimum amount of space, the on-ear headphones with mic are compact, but deliver a distinct, crisp sound courtesy of two 30 mm dynamic drivers.

Throughout the process of building the House of Marley, our brand has remained focused on well-constructed comfortable on-ear headphones, but with the idea that eco-friendly technology and charity work can make a worldly impact.

The Harambe headphones are the culmination of the House of Marley’s beliefs. Pulling together our love of the environment, sustainable technology and our efforts to help 1Love with a portion of sales from every set of on-ear headphones with mic sold, we hope to make a positive impact on the world, one piece at a time.

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