Garrett McNamara Captures Record Wave… Again

Garrett McNamara knows no fear. Facing down a tumultuous wave more than 100 feet high, the Massachusetts native paddled into the break off the coast of Nazare, Portugal and rode into the record books… again!

Garrett McNamara has been studying the small fishing village of Nazare since 2010 and scouting the location specifically for its gigantic waves. Due to a deep-water canyon that connects to the shore, the area sees bigger waves than most coastlines due to a funneling effect.

Breaking the record he set in May 2012, the latest wave Garrett McNamara rode was nearly 30 feet taller than his first epic record-setting ride. And the feat wasn’t without danger, as the rocky coastline offered several close calls. Nearly making a wrong turn at one point, the 45-year-old surfer navigated himself out of harms way with a slashes of his board.

We commend Garrett McNamara for chasing excitement and once again rewriting the record books. If tackling a wave like this doesn’t embody the #LiveMarley spirit, we don’t know what does.

Check out video of Garrett’s record-breaking wave below!

Photo Credit: Tobias Ilsanker

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