Free Your Soul With the Bag of Rhythm Portable Audio System

In honor of Bob Marley’s 67th birthday, House of Marley recently debuted its innovative and eco-friendly Bag of Rhythm Portable Audio System. Designed to be the best portable audio system for the skate park, a day at the beach or a casual backyard barbecue, the Bag of Rhythm is ideal for any situation that needs an infusion of good vibes.


Designed with as little earth impact as possible, the Marley Bag of Rhythm is the jam for people who are not only serious about their sound system, but their eco-system as well. Built with recycled plastics, birch wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and a durable outer canvas shell, each piece of the Bag was crafted with sustainability in mind.

Great for longboarding runs and the perfect size to place into the basket on your beach cruiser, the ability to spread love with the Bag of Rhythm is easy. With twin one-inch tweeters, twin four-and-a-half inch subwoofers, and a hearty amplifier, this portable audio system is capable of delivering everything from the crisp definition of acoustic tracks like “Revolution Song” to the bellowing basslines of “Buffalo Soldier”.

The Marley Bag of Rhythm is more than just a way to play your favorite music. It’s a part of the #LiveMarley lifestyle. By following Bob Marley’s life principals; having an earth-conscious mind, leading a peaceful existence and being good to the world around you, anything is possible with your Bag of Rhythm and a little bit of love in tow.


Check out the glowing reviews from the fine folks at Sound & Vision Magazine and Slash Gear, as well as the compelling Bag of Rhythm experiment conducted by MyBullfrog.

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