Submit Your Pic To Become House Of Marley’s Featured Fan

Are you following the House of Marley on Facebook and Instagram? If you aren’t, stop reading this blog right now and do it! We’ll wait…

Alright, now that you’re following the House of Marley, you will notice that every week one Instagram user is selected as the House of Marley Featured Fan. How is one bestowed with this honor?

Becoming a Featured Fan is as simple as can be. Nab your phone and flip the camera on to show us how you live #LiveMarley. Whether you’re in the library with a pair of in-ear headphones, rocking out in your bedroom with some over-ear headphones, or at the beach for a day of surf with a portable audio system, all you have to do is capture yourself while you #LiveMarley. The more creative, the better! Ingenuity is a plus. Once you’ve got the pic, prepare it for posting and be sure to tag @houseofmarley and #LiveMarley into your caption.

Broadcast to our network of House of Marley faithful via Instagram and Facebook, your picture will be admired by many for seven days. Just get creative and make sure to tag @houseofmarley and #LiveMarley in order to be eligible for the House of Marley Featured Fan contest. Show us how you #LiveMarley!


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