Detroit Skate Park to Revive Abandoned Neighborhood

“We’re backing Detroit 100%,” says Antihero pro skater, Tony Miorana. “You just really want to find somewhere where no one’s going to stop you from building more shit… [Detroit’s] full of that kind of atmosphere.”

Like so many other Detroit-believers, Miorana and his formidable crew of skaters, artists, and activists in the nonprofit Power House Productions have a vision for bettering the battered city. Their vision is for a sprawling Detroit skate park that would take over a whole vacant section of neighborhood. Entire lots, houses, garages, alleys. All of it all mod’d out and transformed D.I.Y. by a team of local and national skate industry professionals with a common goal: to provide the youth in the long-struggling community with something positive. A place to go, be a part of something, give back, and express themselves.

Detroit Skate Park 1

The proposed Detroit skate park, dubbed Ride It Sculpture Park, will span at least four vacant lots along the Davison Freeway, with an adjacent abandoned house to act as a mini indoor park and an HQ for visiting skaters and artists.

Tony Miorana and co. may have dreamt up the project, but they’re looking to local skaterats, do-gooders, creative kids – even mom and dad – to be the positive force that drives the vision to fruition. “It’s D.I.Y. style where kids are gonna start building their own stuff. But we’re there to help out,” Miorana says. “We’re hyped on this one because there’s no threat of it getting torn down. Everything I’ve done before you couldn’t really talk about it. For this spot, it’s 100% a go.”

Detroit Skate Park 2

The Ride It Sculpture Park project is currently accepting donations through a Crowdrise fundraiser, as well as a number of cool local events. The Goodwill Project, an art show featuring skateboarding artists will open mid-May, in conjunction with an online auction with 100% of the proceeds going toward the first Sculpture Park build in June. Later that month, Emerica will hold one of its Wild in the Streets events (and after-party) to benefit the construction of the Detroit skate park on June 21.

The House of Marley applauds the team behind Ride It Sculpture Park. If you build it, they will come. Detroit’s been down for going on 45-years now, but it’s never been out. This fresh concept is an innovative community action that will surely contribute to the healing of one of America’s most important cities. Get involved by visiting

“You just build one thing and start skating it,” says Miorana. “Then you can go forever in your mind with what’s possible. That keeps you hyped.”

Detroit Skate Park 3

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