Daycation Pt. 2 With Izzy Guttuso

When we last caught up with freelance photography Izzy Guttuso, she had taken in a day of relaxing beachside fun with her friends. Check out Izzy’s second DayCation below, as she leaves behind the comfort of the ocean for a skateboarding mission. A few arm scrapes, shredded boards and hundreds of miles later, her crew has had another successful adventure. Stay tuned to the House of Marley blog for more day trips with Izzy and get some inspiration to go explore your own world.


DayCation Pt. 2

Getting up early is always a part of the deal. You get in a good meal, relax for a bit, prepare your deck set up and cruise a little. Living in Florida, where the land is so flat, we have to head north to find the right hills for longboarding.



One of my favorite places to skate is Hiawassee in Northern Georgia. When we get to the hill, there are no cars, no city sounds, just the nervous chatter of friends, snaps of helmets and rips of velcro as we re-adjust our slide gloves. When stopping isn’t an option, padding isn’t really an alternative or choice. You just gotta have it.


Being able to fly down miles of winding roads through fog and nature awakens the senses. The cool air rushing past my skin forms goosebumps on my body, and the adrenaline pumping through my veins gives me the most incredible feeling.



Despite the cuts, road burns and broken bones, I don’t ever want to stop getting that feeling that skateboarding gives me. It just wouldn’t feel right. Growing up, learning to skate came before I even learned how to ride a bike. To me, it’s not a sport or pastime anymore, it’s a lifestyle.



Photography/Words by Izzy Guttuso 

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