What To Look For When Choosing In-Ear Headphones

Life is full of tough decisions, but choosing in-ear headphones doesn’t have to be one of them. Each pair of House of Marley in-ear headphones combines superior sound quality, earth-friendly material and killer design aesthetics. Consider this helpful headphone guide the next time you find yourself choosing in-ear headphones.


Using unique FSC certified wood and recycled plastic, House of Marley earbuds are built to last while also ensuring our planet lasts. Our in-ear headphones are influenced by the look and feel of the Earth. Many also incorporate the colors of Jamaica as a style foundation. The bright colors of the Jammin’ collection shine compared to the more earthy tones of the Freedom collection.

Inner Construction

The House of Marley has crafted two different collections of comfortable in-ear headphones delivering unique sound performance. The Freedom series of in-ear headphones offer premium sound courtesy of 9mm moving coil drivers with frequency response of 12Hz to 22kHz. The uniquely colored Jammin’ Series come in at a lower price tag while using similar technology to capture awesome audio quality.


When choosing in-ear headphones from the House of Marley, comfort is unlimited. Each carefully crafted pair of headphones offer snug ear tips that provide noise isolation from the world around you. No more hard buds that hurt your ears after hours of wearing them.

Regardless of which House of Marley earbuds you decide on, rest assured that when choosing between our in-ear headphones, each one pair has one main thing in common: quality.

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