#2 Electric Punanny Tour: WMC Recap

If you’re an east coaster – or at least have heard of our never-ending winter (it snowed last night in NY by the way) – then you can imagine the relief of flying to Miami for our second stop on tour. And although we knew good weather was coming, we had no idea that our event was about to be the most talked about party in town.


Teaming up with Largeup for our second annual #WinterMusicMassive, we did what we do best: combine our worlds of reggae, dancehall, soca, tropical bass and throw a party no one can forget. On the DJ line up we featured DJ Gravy, Reid Waters, San Gabriel, Spread Love and us – Jasmine Solano & MeLo-X. Performances were made by Jesse Royal, Jo Mersa Marley, Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons and a special surprise from Stephen Marley and Damian Marley. (WOW) Not to mention our hosts, Melanie Fiona and top dancehall producer, Rvssian.


It was one of those nights where you just had to be there. Take a look at the photos below from Samuel Rivas to get a glimpse of what was an epic night!

#1 Electric Punanny Tour: SXSW Recap

Our first stop on this Spring’s North American Tour was the little-big town of Austin, Texas for SXSW! In keeping with tradition, we DJ’d at Chocolate Sundays – the best rager closing party SXSW has ever had. Known for combining all words of skateboarding – art – music, Chocolate Sundays still lives up to its name. Hosted by Hollywood Holt and featuring Million $ Mano, Spankrock, The Cool Kids and many others, we had a blast this year.

Check out photos from the event taken by Joel (IamYourVillain) below:

Thank you Austin for another great year! Next stop Miami!

House of Marley SXSW Takeover: FNT Austin

What’s the most bizarre party you’ve ever been to? Did it involve sword swallowing? What about rope dancing? Boxing? Mobb Deep and Mike Jones performing in a boxing ring? No? Well it sounds like you weren’t at FNT at SXSW because that’s exactly what went down.

For those of you unfamiliar with FNT let us break it down for you. FNT is a movement that takes place in NYC. It’s a party/ event/ spectacle that has been happening for quite sometime now, and has developed a pretty huge following. Promoter Bekim Trenova decided what better place to bring the event to than the SXSW festival. So he grabbed a bunch of fighters from NYC, called up some fighters in Austin, got in a huge purple bus and hit the road.

The first thing you noticed when you walked into FNT was that this was no normal SXSW party. This was no music industry party; it was full blown Texas. What other SXSW party would you see a guy with a mermaid tattooed on his face do the worm across a boxing rink with a sword in his throat? What other SXSW party would you be able to see Mobb Deep perform ‘Shook Ones’ in the middle of a boxing ring? Nowhere. That’s where. Oh yeah we forgot to mention that Rome Fortune did made an appearance and DJ Mess Kid was on the decks keeping the people on their feet all night. We talked to Havock and Prodigy from Mobb Deep and here’s what they had to say about FNT Austin, “That shit look pretty ill.”  We at The House of Marley are going to go out on a limb and say that FNT Austin was one of the most live parties SXSW has seen in years, and we know it’s only going to get bigger and bigger as the years go one.


House of Marley SXSW Takeover Day Two: TOPNOTCH

TOPNOTCH was in the building last night! The House of Marley and Okayfuture invaded SXSW to bring together some of the best in electronic music for the Okayfuture showcase. Artists Durkin, Falcons, Booty Fade, and Brenmar had the crowd moving and dancing all night. If that wasn’t enough though, Teklife brought a secret performer, Rashad. Rashad got the crowd going wild! Take a look at some pictures to get a full feeling of the night.


House Of Marley SXSW Takeover Day One: Rice and Peas

Day one of SXSW 2014 was no joke! House of Marley teamed up with Largeup.com to help throw the inaugural Rice and Peas party in Austin Texas. Rice and Peas is a big deal in NYC, but this week it landed on Texas soil and blew the roof off of the Empire Patio. Rice and Peas is known to bring only the hottest dj’s and musicians in the Caribbean music scene to the party, and that’s exactly what they did at SXSW.

Dj Max Glazer, DJ Gravy, Jubilee, and Deejay Theory kept the crowd dancing and moving between performances by Screechy Dan, Los Rakas, and The Heatwave. NYC dancehall queen Miss Likkle Bit taught everyone how to move, and if that wasn’t enough, special guests Jesse Royal and Bunji Garlin and Fayann Lyons showed up and completely shut it down.

Bunji Garlin and his wife, fellow soca artist Fayann Lyons, were the first two-soca artists to ever play SXSW, and they showed Austin, Texas exactly how they do in Trinidad! They had everyone jumping up and down and dancing so much that it felt like the Empire Patio was going to collapse. Caribbean music showed up with a presence this year at SXSW, and House of Marley couldn’t be more excited. We can tell that it’s only going to keep growing bigger and bigger, and we’re going to be there every step of the way.

House of Marley SXSW Takeover

House of Marley is heading west this week for a sick series of SXSW events. Check out our lineup below:

Wednesday, March 12

We’ve teamed up with the LargeUp crew to bring you Rice & Peas & The Heat Wave! Trinidad’s reigning soca crossover star Bunji Garlin and Jesse Royal, have just been added to an already stacked lineup that includes live performances from Screechy Dan and Los Rakas, plus DJ sets from Rice & Peas DJs Max Glazer (of Federation Sound) and LargeUp’s own DJ Gravy; The Heatwave (UK); Mixpak’s Jubilee; and Deejay Theory (of Mixtape Monday fame), and cameos from Rice & Peas crew Mountain Doo and Miss Likkle Bit. And there’s be a few special surprise guests coming, too.

*This outdoor patio event is  FREE w/ RSVP and 21+. RSVP does not guarantee entry, which is subject to venue capacity. Early arrival is STRONGLY recommended.

Thursday, March 13
Okayfuture x House of Marley Present: TOP NOTCH @ SXSW ’14, a carefully curated pop-up party featuring a secret TEKLIFE artist, NYC via Chicago’s Brenmar, local Texas favorites Booty Fade, LA’s finest Falcons, Boston-bred Durkin, new SF duo Brother In Arms, and of course, the resident Top Notch & Bombón DJs.

*The event is FREE w/ RSVP and 21+. RSVP does not guarantee entry, which is subject to venue capacity. Early arrival is STRONGLY recommended.

OkayFuture and House of Marley SXSW

For the first time, FNT will be held outside of NYC and in the middle of SXSW ’14!  This is one event you cannot miss, and probably the only place in Austin where you’ll find aerialists and circus performers flying in between live music acts and boxing matches.

Grab your PRE SALE TICKETS here.

Listen to the FNT Mixtape on Soundcloud!

FNT Debut in Austin SXSW

Saturday, March 16

Catch us at the AM Only Cookout for food and sets from, Henry Krinkle, Jacques Green vs Samo Sound Boy, Classixx, Supreme Cuts, Tourist, Cyril Hahn, Julio Bashmore, Ryan Hemsworth, Young & Sick, AMTRAC vs. Treasure Fingers and a Special Guest!

This event has SOLD OUT. Stay tuned for ticket giveaways! 

AM Only Cookout SXSW

Sunday, March 17

We’re kicking off our House of Marley x Electric Punanny tour with Jasmine Solano and Melo-X at SXSW ’14 in Austin! Check the dates below for a city near you:


The Brooklyn duo is also back with their annual mixtape – this time Vol. 4. combining the best of 2013 with 2014’s newest gems.

Listen to ELECTRiC PUNANNY MIXTAPE VOL. 4 on Soundcloud:


See y’all in Texas. #LiveMarleyAustin #FindYourSound

House of Marley Kicks Off 2014 At Agenda Trade Show


At the House of Marley, we don’t just make audio gear, bags and watches — This is a lifestyle. Dubbed the #LiveMarley movement, we’ve taken our entire crew out to the Agenda trade show in Long Beach to show off everything we’ve got going on in 2014. From Team Marley to our latest tech innovations, Agenda is the launching point for a big year at the House of Marley.

This year’s Agenda show is taking place January 7 and 8, and brings together the best in surf, skate, streetwear and sneakers. The trade show’s well-defined voice focuses on exceptional performance and craft, which fits perfectly with the gear we create at the House of Marley. With several exciting new products ready to pave the way, our booth D4 is THEE booth to check out this year at Agenda.


The Legend ANC Headphones are the new House of Marley flagship headphone, providing Active Noise Canceling technology as well as the height of comfort. The Liberate Bluetooth Headphones are the first of their kind, and the first wireless headphones to bear our name. With the Liberate Bluetooth Portable Audio System, you can share the Marley sound no matter where you are: beach, mountain, office, or home.

Agenda and the House of Marley share a kindred spirit. It’s all about being free to live the life that you want and using crafted gear to help you enjoy the journey along the way. It’s the knowledge that you’re making a difference, one awesome step at a time. Check us out at Agenda in Long Beach. Use #AgendaShow on Twitter and Instagram for all the Agenda updates or follow us to get the inside scoop. As always, #LiveMarley.


House Of Marley Introduces Latest Gear At CES 2014


We’ve been waiting months to debut our new Liberate family and thankfully CES 2014 is finally here. If you can’t jam with us in person, then hopefully you can get some insider insight with this blog about all that is happening at the show. 
First off, this year it’s all about our Liberate family of products: The Legend ANC headphones, the Liberate XL Bluetooth headphones and the Liberate Bluetooth portable audio system further improve on the Marley signature sound and are built to deliver an impeccable audio experience. The hype is getting real here at CES around these products. Check out what people have been saying:
Also debuting at CES this week are two of our newest pieces of innovative Bluetooth technology, the Liberate XL Bluetooth Headphones and Liberate Bluetooth Portable Audio System. Freeing yourself from the restrictions of wires and cords has never felt better than being able to wear your headphones and not worry about getting tangled up. Imagine it. No cords. No mess. No stress. Just a nice smooth ride.
The Liberate Bluetooth portable audio system crushes the sound. Wrapped in our patented REWIND fabric made from recycled water bottles, organic cotton and hemp, you can connect and listen to Kaya or Exodus with the simple push of a button. We admit these are some of our best sounding (and looking) portable audio systems yet. 
If you can’t find a way to get into CES 2014, you’ll have to wait a little while longer to get your hands on the latest and greatest House of Marley gear. Be sure to check out our headphones, portable audio systems, bags and watches, while also making sure to follow us on Instagram or Twitter for the latest #CES2014 news. 

House of Marley X Oshima Surf And Skate Launch #LiveMarleyBigIsland


In October, we launched #LiveMarleyNYC with our Team Marley crew on-hand, but this month we’re headed off the mainland and setting down some roots in Hawaii. Partnered together with our friends at Oshima Surf And Skate, we’re bringing the #LiveMarleyBigIsland movement to the Big Island and beyond.

Oshima, which means “Big Island” in Japanese, has been gathering all the best gear and delivering it to the skaters and surfers of Hawaii since forming in October 2011. It started out as the dream of two fishermen-by-day, Mike Abe and Time Jones, who felt the need to bring killer products to their homeland. Just under two years later, the original brick-and-mortar has seen so much success that it has led to Oshima opening two more storefronts.

The #LiveMarleyBigIsland collab kicks off this weekend when Team Marley invades the Oshima shop for a party of epic proportions. Join us for a night full of music from HOM DJ Pat Simpson, great food and prizes with Team Marley members including Michael Ho, Makua Rothman, Donovan Frankenreiter and recent HIC Pro winner, Mason Ho. The man himself, Rohan Marley will be in the house and spreading the love, in honor of the House of Marley.

Head to the Oshima Hilo location on November 16 and get ready to experience the start of something epic, the #LiveMarleyBigIsland movement. In addition to the party, there will be a House of Marley pop-up shop within Oshima that will feature our earth-friendly headphones, audio systems, Lively Up Bags and timepiece collection. It’s going to be a fun time on the Big Island when the House of Marley and Oshima crews unite for the perfect combo of skate, surf, style and sound.