NYC’s Underground Ring Leader – Bekim Trenova

Bekim Trenvoa – DJ, promoter, model and Renaissance Man. Atlanta, Georgia is where he was born but NYC is his current hometown. Bekim is the ring leader and the man behind “Fight Night” and if you’ve never heard of such a thing, today is your lucky day. Who doesn’t love a great boxing match? And who better to put together an underground extravaganza than Bekim Trenova. House of Marley was blessed to be able  to sit with Bekim and pick his brain. Check Out: TRANSMISSION presents: FNT



When did you first hear or connect with the House of Marley company?

I first connected with the House of Marley through Tracy Anderson. I connected with him when I threw a secret Skrillex party in 2012, weeks before he won his Grammy.  Tracy was at WeSC at the time and they were the main sponsor for the event.  I actually got that job because of the rep I had throwing the underground fights. Since then, Tracy has been a massive supporter and fan of the fights and has taken his work to the House of Marley. I’m super excited for him and have the utmost respect for what he is doing for NYC and The House of Marley. There is no bigger name than MARLEY if you ask me. I’m honored to work and have them sponsor Fight Night.


What does Marley mean to you? 

When I think Marley, I think “being together” , “unity” and “love”.  I want to  live that way and provide that for my community . I adore bringing people together. No who’s cool this and that, we are all human. I love all the communities out there and try to be friendly and literally dive into all of them.


When did you start hosting parties, and what was the wildest party you threw when you first started?

Man, I’ve been hosting parties from my high school days.  Slip and slides, BBQ bangers – you name it. I’ve always seemed good at it, and I guess it has somewhat translated to my real life career. It’s kind of scary, because a place like NYC doesn’t stop and my energy doesn’t seem to either. With nicknames like Thumper and Mogli, I just have accepted “I gots the wild style”.


Why boxing? What made you choose to host boxing matches over other sports?

Boxing came from two friends of mine joking about it in 2009, and it just so happened that I knew a couple of people that could help pull it off. This has all been a ride of faith, synchronicity, and magic. I didn’t choose it. It chose me.


FNT was clearly a huge success out in SXSW. Now with the rise in popularity do you think it will be more difficult to keep the events “underground”?

No, I don’t think so.  It really depends on the attack and angle we use to take on NYC or other cities.  Our NYC fan base and team knows the routine. “Quiet….Shhhhhhhhh.” At SXSW we were at a real gym and felt comfy. So we exposed it.  It really depends, I trust myself enough to know I can make the right decisions.


I read in your Societe Perrier interview that you are going to have an event at Art Basel? Do you see yourself taking FNT overseas anytime soon?

I can’t wait for art Basel. Miami vs NYC is going be out of control.  The idea is to go to cities that have a festival where we can pull bigger and wider ranges of influential audiences.  We will 100 – percent be going to Europe and overseas in 2016.  Imagine London vs  NYC. I have our run of the next two years mapped out and it’s about to get real fun.


In your Carpe Diem interview you talked about the diversity of NYC and how you wanted different groups of people at your events. From skaters to Wall Street execs, models to music heads. How successful have you been with bringing out different crowds?

100 – percent  successful, sports do that and It makes me so happy when everyone is together.


Are you the only person putting on these types of events? And do you see a rise in similar events due to your success?

There are definitely other outlandish things going on. I will say that BANG ON NYC is exactly how I like a massive party to be. Carnival performance, weird freaks, all sorts of music. I’ve been working closely with them for almost 5 years now, and I’ll never leave their side.


Who is the coolest person you have worked with so far? And if you could pick any artists to perform at your events who would it be?

The coolest person I’ve ever worked with so far is hard.  I mean Bassnectar , A$AP Mob, and Skrillex are big names for sure.  They all seemed to be peaking at the times I  got to experience them. I’ve worked with so many cool people in different worlds for different things, modeling and acting etc. I guess breaking down cool and who’s got it, the coolest would be the A$AP Mob. They are actually the only artists I kind of got butterflies being around them the first time. I mean they took NYC and the world by storm. Coming from Atlanta, I love hip hop so much and it seemed like NYC rap was dead for awhile. Then A$AP Rocky’s mixtape came out and holy shit,  the NYC streets were on fire. It was an exciting and motivating time for me. Migos, out of my hometown Atlanta, Georgia, is our number one target right now for the next fight night. They have taken over hip hop/rap and even the A$AP mob on the cool factor right now. The amount of mixtapes and hits they are putting out is kind of  mind blowing.



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Photo Credit: Diahann Williams


Photo Credit: Dylan Forsberg

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#9 Electric Punanny Tour: Coachella

Our final stop on the North American Tour! We traveled the distance into the desert for the final weekend of Coachella. Having to keep our gig a secret until the day of – we announced on the morning of 4.20 (go figure) that we were guest DJing at the Do-Over! We spun alongside Kaytranda and J.Rocc along with the original Do-Over crew. Poolside at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, we couldn’t have asked for a better end to our journey :)


Check out the photos from the Do-Over below by Steve O.!

And big and final thank you to House of Marley for making this tour possible! We love you!

#8 Electric Punanny Tour: Los Angeles

LA proved to be one of the best parties on this whole tour! We were a little nervous since LA’s reggae scene is not as well known as NYC’s. But after getting over 400 RSVP’s, having a packed house with a crowd that was so beautiful and everyone dancing even after the lights came on – we are convinced. We will back to LA sooner than you think!


Many thanks to DJ Sean G + DJ Qbwoy for absolutely killing their sets and making the night possible!

Check out the photos by Steve O.!

Final stop is Coachella!

#7 Electric Punanny Tour: San Fran Recap

We made it to The Bay! Our first stop in Cali was in San Fran to join Tormenta Tropical‘s own Deejay Theory & DJ Oro11.

APRILTormenta SF

Tormenta Tropical is a party that’s been going on as long as EP has (6 years) and it’s easy to see why. Check out the photos from the night, shot by Steve O.

Next stop LA then we have a big surprise at Coachella on Sunday ;) Stay tuned!

#6 Electric Punanny Tour: Atlanta Recap

Hello HOTlanta! Teaming up with Atlanta’s own DJ Martina McFlyy and the best shoe store in town, Epitome – we threw a little rager at El Bar. Complete with a Caribbean Jerk food truck outside and a packed house inside. We couldn’t have had a better host and team to collab with!


Check out the photos from the party, shot by Oh Snap Kid:

#5 Electric Punanny Tour: NYC Recap

There’s nothing like coming home. Let alone to a new party at Webster Hall that features a different theme in every room, cleverly named “House Party”. Electric Punanny will run the reggae room every Thursday and some of our friends will take over the alternate rooms…


The opening night was Thursday, April 3rd – and with the Village Voice, Time Out NY, Revolt TV and more media outlets behind us – we knew it was going to be a BIG turn out. Low and behold, the night was insane. Every room packed, especially ours. Playing everything from roots, reggae, dancehall and soca – we left Webster Hall drenched in sweat and happy.



Take a look at the photos below by Nicky Digital >>

Next stop, Atlanta!

#4 Electric Punanny Tour: DC Recap

Good ol’ DC. Melo and I have performed there several times before, but this was our first official ‘Electric Punanny’ event in our nation’s capital. The promotion for this event was insane, I mean look at this hand drawn character illustration for the flyer done by Rose Inks


The venue, U St. Music Hall was built and designed by 5 DJs – you can imagine how amazing the sound system was. As doors opened around 9pm, the die hard fans started rolling in. The vibe all night was beautiful and we had such a blast. Take a look at some of the photos by Steve O. (



Many thanks to Mista Selecta and ManeSqueeze for having us! Next stop is back home in NYC at Webster Hall!

#3 Electric Punanny Tour: Boston Recap

On our third stop of the tour, we visit the bean a.k.a. Boston! An emotional trip for Jasmine, since she went to Emerson College – it was a big deal to come back to her old stomping grounds. We teamed up with A Lil Louder – an awesome creative collective who have been making noise with their monthly parties.
ALL x EP instagram-March-

We combined forces literally, resulting in a new party name… “A Lil Punanny” – ha! Needless to say the night was incredible. A packed house, music ranging from reggae to jazz to african house and people continuing the dance circle even past the lights coming on. Take a look at the photos from the event at the Good Life – All photos by Steve O. (

Next stop DC!

#2 Electric Punanny Tour: WMC Recap

If you’re an east coaster – or at least have heard of our never-ending winter (it snowed last night in NY by the way) – then you can imagine the relief of flying to Miami for our second stop on tour. And although we knew good weather was coming, we had no idea that our event was about to be the most talked about party in town.


Teaming up with Largeup for our second annual #WinterMusicMassive, we did what we do best: combine our worlds of reggae, dancehall, soca, tropical bass and throw a party no one can forget. On the DJ line up we featured DJ Gravy, Reid Waters, San Gabriel, Spread Love and us – Jasmine Solano & MeLo-X. Performances were made by Jesse Royal, Jo Mersa Marley, Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons and a special surprise from Stephen Marley and Damian Marley. (WOW) Not to mention our hosts, Melanie Fiona and top dancehall producer, Rvssian.


It was one of those nights where you just had to be there. Take a look at the photos below from Samuel Rivas to get a glimpse of what was an epic night!

#1 Electric Punanny Tour: SXSW Recap

Our first stop on this Spring’s North American Tour was the little-big town of Austin, Texas for SXSW! In keeping with tradition, we DJ’d at Chocolate Sundays – the best rager closing party SXSW has ever had. Known for combining all words of skateboarding – art – music, Chocolate Sundays still lives up to its name. Hosted by Hollywood Holt and featuring Million $ Mano, Spankrock, The Cool Kids and many others, we had a blast this year.

Check out photos from the event taken by Joel (IamYourVillain) below:

Thank you Austin for another great year! Next stop Miami!