ELECTRIC PUNANNY Asia Tour: #2 Seoul

Our second stop on our World Tour #AsiaEdition was Seoul, South Korea. We were booked to DJ at Cakeshop, a venue we had heard about for quite some time. Cakeshop’s reputation is strong in Brooklyn – many of our talented friends have performed there. And it was our first time in South Korea, so we were beyond stoked!


Did we mention Jasmine’s “World Tour” nails…


Before we headed to our gig, Nevin (Cakeshop) took us to eat at his favorite street spot. The woman cooking the food looked like your favorite grandma preparing an age old recipe, destined for deliciousness…


Sam, Nevin, MeLo-X, Jasmine

DSC06628 DSC06631 DSC06632 DSC06636

Whether it’s smart or not, we always seem to head to our gigs on a full belly! It was time to DJ!

DSC06621 DSC06622 DSC06640

Signing our poster for the Wall of Fame!

DSC06643 DSC06647


DSC06649 DSC06650 DSC06658 DSC06662 DSC06686 DSC06698 DSC06699 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Quick outfit change with Jisun into Community 54‘s new collabo Cakeshop tee! (mostly because our original shirts were destroyed in sweat)

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You can imagine how late we slept the following day. Between the jet lag, back to back flights and gigs – we woke up when it was dark out. Never the less, we were ready to head out on the town and explore!

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DSC06721 DSC06730

Ironically enough, our House Party fellow DJ and friend Just Blaze was DJing in town as well! We headed over to the RBMA Event to say hello…

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We stopped at a vintage store that sold Nisus Hotel, a Japanese line we modeled for a year ago!


Speaking of modeling…

DSC06736 DSC06739

We even found our poster in the streets!


Overall Seoul was fantastic. Our Cakeshop fam took great care of us and the party people will never be forgotten. Next stop, the exotic and beautiful Bali, Indonesia!

ELECTRIC PUNANNY Asia Tour: #1 Shanghai

It’s that time again! We pack our bags and hop on a 15 hour flight to somewhere in the world, so far from our home of NYC that today is already tomorrow. That’s right, our new annual tradition of WORLD TOURING. This year, it’s the #AsiaEdition. We strapped on our House of Marley backpacks and made our way overseas!

Our first stop was Shanghai, China!


DSC06522 DSC06604

The weather at this time of year in China is perfect, sunny and 70 degrees. We hopped in a cab and headed downtown towards to our hotel.

DSC06526 DSC06608 DSC06536

One of the owners of The Shelter (the club we performed at) brought us to eat first at his restaurant, The Grumpy Pig. This place is a MUST visit for anyone passing through Shanghai. I’m crossing my fingers hoping they open one up in Brooklyn! I mean, who thinks of a BLT steamed bun sandwich!



Did I mention it’s a store / restaurant?!

DSC06552 DSC06553 Next it was time to head to The Shelter! Even though China is still very traditional politically, the nightlife scene is vibrant and wild. At least from what we saw. The venue we played at was actually a bomb shelter, complete with a long tunnel and secret back rooms. Perfect for raves and bashment parties like ours :)

DSC06564 DSC06566 DSC06568 DSC06573 DSC06574 DSC06576 DSC06582 DSC06584 DSC06586 DSC06591 DSC06599

Our first night certainly started with a bang. We left drenched in sweat and on a high (which drowned out the jet lag, thank god). It was off to sleep for only a few hours before we flew to our second stop… Seoul, South Korea!

Noisey Jamaica II: Episode 4

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