House Of Marley SXSW Takeover Day One: Rice and Peas

Day one of SXSW 2014 was no joke! House of Marley teamed up with to help throw the inaugural Rice and Peas party in Austin Texas. Rice and Peas is a big deal in NYC, but this week it landed on Texas soil and blew the roof off of the Empire Patio. Rice and Peas is known to bring only the hottest dj’s and musicians in the Caribbean music scene to the party, and that’s exactly what they did at SXSW.

Dj Max Glazer, DJ Gravy, Jubilee, and Deejay Theory kept the crowd dancing and moving between performances by Screechy Dan, Los Rakas, and The Heatwave. NYC dancehall queen Miss Likkle Bit taught everyone how to move, and if that wasn’t enough, special guests Jesse Royal and Bunji Garlin and Fayann Lyons showed up and completely shut it down.

Bunji Garlin and his wife, fellow soca artist Fayann Lyons, were the first two-soca artists to ever play SXSW, and they showed Austin, Texas exactly how they do in Trinidad! They had everyone jumping up and down and dancing so much that it felt like the Empire Patio was going to collapse. Caribbean music showed up with a presence this year at SXSW, and House of Marley couldn’t be more excited. We can tell that it’s only going to keep growing bigger and bigger, and we’re going to be there every step of the way.

House of Marley Kicks Off 2014 At Agenda Trade Show


At the House of Marley, we don’t just make audio gear, bags and watches — This is a lifestyle. Dubbed the #LiveMarley movement, we’ve taken our entire crew out to the Agenda trade show in Long Beach to show off everything we’ve got going on in 2014. From Team Marley to our latest tech innovations, Agenda is the launching point for a big year at the House of Marley.

This year’s Agenda show is taking place January 7 and 8, and brings together the best in surf, skate, streetwear and sneakers. The trade show’s well-defined voice focuses on exceptional performance and craft, which fits perfectly with the gear we create at the House of Marley. With several exciting new products ready to pave the way, our booth D4 is THEE booth to check out this year at Agenda.


The Legend ANC Headphones are the new House of Marley flagship headphone, providing Active Noise Canceling technology as well as the height of comfort. The Liberate Bluetooth Headphones are the first of their kind, and the first wireless headphones to bear our name. With the Liberate Bluetooth Portable Audio System, you can share the Marley sound no matter where you are: beach, mountain, office, or home.

Agenda and the House of Marley share a kindred spirit. It’s all about being free to live the life that you want and using crafted gear to help you enjoy the journey along the way. It’s the knowledge that you’re making a difference, one awesome step at a time. Check us out at Agenda in Long Beach. Use #AgendaShow on Twitter and Instagram for all the Agenda updates or follow us to get the inside scoop. As always, #LiveMarley.


House Of Marley Introduces Latest Gear At CES 2014


We’ve been waiting months to debut our new Liberate family and thankfully CES 2014 is finally here. If you can’t jam with us in person, then hopefully you can get some insider insight with this blog about all that is happening at the show. 
First off, this year it’s all about our Liberate family of products: The Legend ANC headphones, the Liberate XL Bluetooth headphones and the Liberate Bluetooth portable audio system further improve on the Marley signature sound and are built to deliver an impeccable audio experience. The hype is getting real here at CES around these products. Check out what people have been saying:
Also debuting at CES this week are two of our newest pieces of innovative Bluetooth technology, the Liberate XL Bluetooth Headphones and Liberate Bluetooth Portable Audio System. Freeing yourself from the restrictions of wires and cords has never felt better than being able to wear your headphones and not worry about getting tangled up. Imagine it. No cords. No mess. No stress. Just a nice smooth ride.
The Liberate Bluetooth portable audio system crushes the sound. Wrapped in our patented REWIND fabric made from recycled water bottles, organic cotton and hemp, you can connect and listen to Kaya or Exodus with the simple push of a button. We admit these are some of our best sounding (and looking) portable audio systems yet. 
If you can’t find a way to get into CES 2014, you’ll have to wait a little while longer to get your hands on the latest and greatest House of Marley gear. Be sure to check out our headphones, portable audio systems, bags and watches, while also making sure to follow us on Instagram or Twitter for the latest #CES2014 news. 

House Of Marley Invades SURFER Poll 2013


At this year’s SURFER Poll award ceremony, sponsored by SURFER Mag and yours truly, the House of Marley, the greatest surfing stars of the ASP Pro Tour and beyond aligned for one magical night in Oahu. Legendary riders like Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning hung out amongst breakout stars including Nat Young and Coco Ho and celebrated another killer year of surfing.

Honoring the best and brightest in 2013, the SURFER Poll annually gives out awards for Best Male/Female Surfer, Best Barrel, Worst Wipeout, Best Movie Of The Year and other sick surfing achievements. Voted on by the readers of the illustrious surf mag, perennial favorite Kelly Slater won the honors for Best Male Surfer in 2013, while upstart Alana Blanchard beat out world champ Carissa Moore for the women’s award.

The 2013 SURFER Poll party was a blast and it was great getting to hang out with all of the best surfers in the world. If you weren’t able to attend or watch the event, fret not! Slap on some of our earth-friendly headphones,  crank up the SURFER Poll/House Of Marley playlist below and check out all of our recap photos from the event below.

SURFER Poll 2013 from surfermag on 8tracks Radio.

 SurferPoll4 SurferPoll1
SurferPoll5 SurferPoll6 SurferPoll7
SurferPoll1 SurferPoll2 SurferPoll3 SurferPoll SurferPoll4 SurferPoll5

Photo Credit: Bryce Lowe White

House of Marley Approved: John Brown’s Body

JohnBrownsBodyWith their revolutionary take on reggae, John Brown’s Body have created one of the genre’s best albums in 2013 with their release, Kings And Queens. The band’s new record may be their tenth full length, but they have hit a stride of meshing electronic and hip-hop with the sounds of Bob Marley’s Jamaica. Check out “Starver,” a track off Kings and Queens and feel the rhythm when John Brown’s Body hits your town as they tour America throughout January and February.

The House Of Marley and The Roots Come Together At The Okayplayer Holiday Jam


The House of Marley, The Roots and Okayplayer packed the Brooklyn Bowl this past Monday at the seventh annual Holiday Jam in New York City. With a lively and energized crowd of over a thousand people in attendance, The Roots took the stage for their yearly tradition of playing house band and backing up some surprise musical guests.

In 2013, the guest list didn’t disappoint. Hip-hop legend Big Daddy Kane ruled the stage, which also saw killer performances from Rahzel, Bilal, Valerie June and dancehall legend Mr. Vegas. There were more tender moments though, like when Sufjan Stevens took the stage for a collab with The Roots on tracks like “Holland” and even a seasonally appropriate cover of “A Holly Jolly Christmas.”

Later in the night, the crowd went completely crazy when Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan hit the stage and joined The Roots for a trip through time with the ghost of hip-hop past. Starting with his first record, Only Built 4 Cuban Links, Rae and Black Thought ripped through an onslaught of solo and Wu classics. Check out the video below for some of their performance:

Aside from the on-stage performances, the Okayplayer Holiday Jam was full of all sorts of other kinds of mischief and mayhem. The Okayplayer/House of Marley Photo Booth offered an opportunity for fans to get in on the act and create fun GIFs of themselves at the event. See some of our favorites below and then head over to the Okayplayer/House of Marley Photo Booth to relive all of the party’s best moments:

okayplayer1 okayplayer okayplayer3 okayplayer4 okayplayer5 okayplayer6okayplayer9 okayplayer8

okayplayer6 okayplayer5 okayplayer4 okayplayer3 okayplayer2 okayplayer1 okayplayer

Photo Credit: Mel D. Cole

House of Marley Presents BERT Street Art Show


Art has always been a way to voice a dissenting opinion, but Hawaiian street artist BERT has taken it to a whole different level with his provocative pieces. While some people might not think there are extreme politics in the world of surfing, BERT has a unique opinion on the subject and has used artwork to boycott the outcomes of the sport’s biggest event.

The House of Marley is sponsoring BERT’s first ever foray into public exhibition outside of the street at an art show this week in Waialua, Hawaii. The exhibition opens at Third Stone Surf Shop this Friday, December 13, and will chronicle the entire year of BERT street art, in addition to some new pieces that will coincide with the 2013 ASP World Championship.

If you haven’t seen any of BERT’s killer street art in person than you have to make it out to Third Stone during the exhibition’s run. Want a sneak peak of what you’ll see? Check out these incredible pieces and find out why BERT was dubbed the surfing world’s vision of Banksy by Surfer Magazine.

It all goes down this Saturday, December 13, when the BERT show opens up at Third Stone with tons of art, live music, food, drinks and prizes. The House of Marley will be on hand to support the cause and all proceeds from the event will be going directly to Hale’iwa Elementary, a local school in Hawaii. Come out to Third Stone and see the future of art and surfing with the House of Marley.

Mason Ho Heads Into December With First Pro Win


Another day, another killer session as Team Marley member Mason Ho captured his first ASP victory in November at the HIC Pro in Oahu. The native Hawaiian is the 30th surfer to have his name added to the HIC Pro winner’s cup, a list that includes none other than Mason’s father and fellow Team Marley member, Michael Ho.

Following in the footsteps of Micheal, a four-time winner at Sunset Beach, Mason certainly has the pedigree and style to be championship surfer. He topped veteran rider Pancho Sullivan in the finals by throwing down a huge 16.26 run and had a sick single score run of 8.93 points.

Aside from the winner’s cup and cash, Mason also qualified for the Vans Triple Crown Of Surfing. The infamous surf contest, which was won by Michael Ho 30 years ago, was one of the biggest that Mason has competed in yet. As a Wildcard entry, he faced a field of over 128 some of the best surfers in the world including Mick Fanning, Kelly Sater, Taj Burrow and Damien Hobgood.

While history wasn’t on his side at Vans Triple Crown, Mason managed to get off on some big waves during the first round at Haleiwa Ali’i Beach. At the conclusion of November, Mason now has his first ASP win in tow and will have his eyes set on winning more pro competitions. Congrats Mason on the win and keep killing it out in the surf!

Bonus: Mason has an awesome blog with his friends Kenoi and Rory called Burger In Paradise. Aside from awesome footage of modern day surfing, Mason tends to post lots of old school footage of his dad. Check out some of our favorite video posts below and head over to his section of the blog:

Vintage surfing footage of Micheal Ho at 15-years-old:

Mason’s Uncle Derek Ho at the Pipe Masters event in 1986:

Mason and Rory’s recent trip to Africa:

afriki u later from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

House of Marley Approved: Ty Segall

TySegallTy Segall is the ultimate riff wunderkind. Channeling Black Flag, Bob Marley and everything in between, his sound can range from raucous to introspective in one single song. In 2013 alone, he released music on every kind of format possible including an LP from his band Fuzz, a few split seven inches, CDs and even cassettes. His latest solo masterpiece Sleeper (out now on Drag City), is a combination of distorted guitars and lilting acoustics. Check out this live performance from Pickathon 2013 below and see why we picked him to top our Surfer Poll playlist from last year.

House Of Marley Talks Chile GoPro Trip With John Jackson


Team Marley member John Jackson is one of the sickest snowboarders around and his latest filming mission took him all the way to South America. Heading to Chile with a couple of snowboarders, skiers and the GoPro camera crew, John captured killer footy that shows just how sketchy the terrain can get.

We caught up with John after he got back from his trip below the Equator and talked all about his trip, the music he listens to throughout his travels and some of the crazy adventures he has on the road. Check out the interview below and see all the insane GoPro footage that John shot with his crew in Chile. 


Hey John! What was up with your trip to Chile? Have you even been before?

Yes, I’ve been there… This was probably my fourth or fifth time there. We were there with GoPro, strictly shooting a promotional video for GoPro with their new camera that they have coming out, Hero 3 Plus.

GoPro videos are sick, but they always make everything seem super sketchy. Was everything as sketchy as it seems in the video or was there some smooth riding in Chile?

No, the sketchiest part is the shallow snow paths. The Andes are very rocky, they are made up of this sharp, shale rock. There can be hidden rocks right beneath the snow that could do a lot of damage, but other than that the terrain is really fun. When the snow is good, it’s one of the best places in the world. You can get into some sketchy terrain, but the things we were riding we’re pretty mellow.

Are the Andes the biggest mountains you’ve snowboarded down?

It’s one of the highest mountains elevation wise and that’s the highest helispots I’ve ever been too. As far as vertical feet, like riding big mountains, I’ve done some huge stuff in Alaska where the actual vert is quite a bit more.


Who all went on the trip with you to shoot?

Travis Rice, Lindsey Dyer and Chris Davenport. So a couple of boarders, a couple of skiers and then the GoPro dudes. Good people!

Any competition between boarders and skiers on the trip?

I mean… We have fun. I saw Rice and Davenport kind of arguing about who was taking a certain camera on one run, but we’re all there for the same reason. We’re all there having fun. There is the old school stigma, but it’s all good. I have a ton of friends who are skiers, so I’m used to them I guess.

What was the first thought when you stepped out of the helicopter at the top of the mountain in Chile?

Usually you’re thinking about your line, but as soon as one foot sets down, you think one of two thoughts. If it’s good powder then you’re like “Yes! This snow is great.” Then sometimes you step down and your boot doesn’t go down in the snow more than a centimeter and you’re like “F**k, this is bad.” Either way, when you’re stepping out of a heli, it’s super exciting. We’ll always search for good snow though. Sometime you’re just on the wrong ridge. We always make due though.


What kind of music do you listen to on and off the mountain?

I like all kinds of music. These days I listen to a lot of reggae, I have for a long time. I’ve been listening to a lot of classic rock, but a lot more twangy stuff like Devil Makes Three and Trampled By Turtles. I like to play music too so I get inspired by that.

In the GoPro film from Chile you play a fife or flute at the top of the mountain…

Yeah it’s a weird bamboo flute I got from a guy in Nicaruga. He made it out of bamboo, burned it, stained it and carved all of these cool things into it.

Did you get into any hijinx or have any interesting cultural experiences in Chile?

We got to hang with (snowboarder) Manuel Diaz’s dad, Mr. Diaz, who is just an awesome, awesome human being. He was so cool. When we left there, for the first time, I felt like, “Man I’m excited to grow old.” He has it dialed in. He doesn’t want to be rich and he just loves life. We were told you have to bring wine otherwise he won’t talk and once we were there he wouldn’t let us leave. He made us like eat three blocks of cheese [laughs].


What’s the craziest thing you’ve eaten in your travels?

Let’s see… Chile didn’t get too crazy, but I’ll eat anything. My dad’s side of the family is from Louisiana, so that’s kind of the most awkward food that I eat down there. Alligator, frog, all that good stuff. We actually cook frogs at my house sometimes. We catch them out front and eat them along with crawfish and perch from the river. It’s pretty tasty.

What’s next for you? Where are you headed?

I’m just waiting for it to snow. It’s really difficult to plan out the season, it’s usually so last minute. You’ll be watching the weather and it’s snowing in Whistler and in Montana and it’s the night before and you know you’re going somewhere, but you don’t know where. Then you pull the trigger and load up your snowmobiles and head off to Canada. I just talked to Travis though and we’re talking about going to Russia in January.

Photo Credit: Clarke Fyan