House of Marley Approved: Ty Segall

TySegallTy Segall is the ultimate riff wunderkind. Channeling Black Flag, Bob Marley and everything in between, his sound can range from raucous to introspective in one single song. In 2013 alone, he released music on every kind of format possible including an LP from his band Fuzz, a few split seven inches, CDs and even cassettes. His latest solo masterpiece Sleeper (out now on Drag City), is a combination of distorted guitars and lilting acoustics. Check out this live performance from Pickathon 2013 below and see why we picked him to top our Surfer Poll playlist from last year.

House Of Marley Talks Chile GoPro Trip With John Jackson


Team Marley member John Jackson is one of the sickest snowboarders around and his latest filming mission took him all the way to South America. Heading to Chile with a couple of snowboarders, skiers and the GoPro camera crew, John captured killer footy that shows just how sketchy the terrain can get.

We caught up with John after he got back from his trip below the Equator and talked all about his trip, the music he listens to throughout his travels and some of the crazy adventures he has on the road. Check out the interview below and see all the insane GoPro footage that John shot with his crew in Chile. 


Hey John! What was up with your trip to Chile? Have you even been before?

Yes, I’ve been there… This was probably my fourth or fifth time there. We were there with GoPro, strictly shooting a promotional video for GoPro with their new camera that they have coming out, Hero 3 Plus.

GoPro videos are sick, but they always make everything seem super sketchy. Was everything as sketchy as it seems in the video or was there some smooth riding in Chile?

No, the sketchiest part is the shallow snow paths. The Andes are very rocky, they are made up of this sharp, shale rock. There can be hidden rocks right beneath the snow that could do a lot of damage, but other than that the terrain is really fun. When the snow is good, it’s one of the best places in the world. You can get into some sketchy terrain, but the things we were riding we’re pretty mellow.

Are the Andes the biggest mountains you’ve snowboarded down?

It’s one of the highest mountains elevation wise and that’s the highest helispots I’ve ever been too. As far as vertical feet, like riding big mountains, I’ve done some huge stuff in Alaska where the actual vert is quite a bit more.


Who all went on the trip with you to shoot?

Travis Rice, Lindsey Dyer and Chris Davenport. So a couple of boarders, a couple of skiers and then the GoPro dudes. Good people!

Any competition between boarders and skiers on the trip?

I mean… We have fun. I saw Rice and Davenport kind of arguing about who was taking a certain camera on one run, but we’re all there for the same reason. We’re all there having fun. There is the old school stigma, but it’s all good. I have a ton of friends who are skiers, so I’m used to them I guess.

What was the first thought when you stepped out of the helicopter at the top of the mountain in Chile?

Usually you’re thinking about your line, but as soon as one foot sets down, you think one of two thoughts. If it’s good powder then you’re like “Yes! This snow is great.” Then sometimes you step down and your boot doesn’t go down in the snow more than a centimeter and you’re like “F**k, this is bad.” Either way, when you’re stepping out of a heli, it’s super exciting. We’ll always search for good snow though. Sometime you’re just on the wrong ridge. We always make due though.


What kind of music do you listen to on and off the mountain?

I like all kinds of music. These days I listen to a lot of reggae, I have for a long time. I’ve been listening to a lot of classic rock, but a lot more twangy stuff like Devil Makes Three and Trampled By Turtles. I like to play music too so I get inspired by that.

In the GoPro film from Chile you play a fife or flute at the top of the mountain…

Yeah it’s a weird bamboo flute I got from a guy in Nicaruga. He made it out of bamboo, burned it, stained it and carved all of these cool things into it.

Did you get into any hijinx or have any interesting cultural experiences in Chile?

We got to hang with (snowboarder) Manuel Diaz’s dad, Mr. Diaz, who is just an awesome, awesome human being. He was so cool. When we left there, for the first time, I felt like, “Man I’m excited to grow old.” He has it dialed in. He doesn’t want to be rich and he just loves life. We were told you have to bring wine otherwise he won’t talk and once we were there he wouldn’t let us leave. He made us like eat three blocks of cheese [laughs].


What’s the craziest thing you’ve eaten in your travels?

Let’s see… Chile didn’t get too crazy, but I’ll eat anything. My dad’s side of the family is from Louisiana, so that’s kind of the most awkward food that I eat down there. Alligator, frog, all that good stuff. We actually cook frogs at my house sometimes. We catch them out front and eat them along with crawfish and perch from the river. It’s pretty tasty.

What’s next for you? Where are you headed?

I’m just waiting for it to snow. It’s really difficult to plan out the season, it’s usually so last minute. You’ll be watching the weather and it’s snowing in Whistler and in Montana and it’s the night before and you know you’re going somewhere, but you don’t know where. Then you pull the trigger and load up your snowmobiles and head off to Canada. I just talked to Travis though and we’re talking about going to Russia in January.

Photo Credit: Clarke Fyan

House of Marley Approved: Soul Poles


Do you live life skiing on the edge of the mountain? Still want to maintain a sustainable lifestyle? A Park City, Utah company called Soul Poles is using earth-friendly materials, similar to what we use for our line of over-ear headphones, to create super durable ski gear. Enjoying Mother Nature and limiting your impact has never been easier.

Check out the Soul Pole dudes creating some crazy scorched ski poles in the video below and be sure to grab a set before the snow melts away.

House of Marley X Oshima Surf And Skate Launch #LiveMarleyBigIsland


In October, we launched #LiveMarleyNYC with our Team Marley crew on-hand, but this month we’re headed off the mainland and setting down some roots in Hawaii. Partnered together with our friends at Oshima Surf And Skate, we’re bringing the #LiveMarleyBigIsland movement to the Big Island and beyond.

Oshima, which means “Big Island” in Japanese, has been gathering all the best gear and delivering it to the skaters and surfers of Hawaii since forming in October 2011. It started out as the dream of two fishermen-by-day, Mike Abe and Time Jones, who felt the need to bring killer products to their homeland. Just under two years later, the original brick-and-mortar has seen so much success that it has led to Oshima opening two more storefronts.

The #LiveMarleyBigIsland collab kicks off this weekend when Team Marley invades the Oshima shop for a party of epic proportions. Join us for a night full of music from HOM DJ Pat Simpson, great food and prizes with Team Marley members including Michael Ho, Makua Rothman, Donovan Frankenreiter and recent HIC Pro winner, Mason Ho. The man himself, Rohan Marley will be in the house and spreading the love, in honor of the House of Marley.

Head to the Oshima Hilo location on November 16 and get ready to experience the start of something epic, the #LiveMarleyBigIsland movement. In addition to the party, there will be a House of Marley pop-up shop within Oshima that will feature our earth-friendly headphones, audio systems, Lively Up Bags and timepiece collection. It’s going to be a fun time on the Big Island when the House of Marley and Oshima crews unite for the perfect combo of skate, surf, style and sound.


House Of Marley Pop-Up Shop At Downtown LA Art Walk


This week the House of Marley is teaming up with Bob Marley’s daughter Karen Marley for an exclusive pop-up shop during the Downtown LA Art Walk. Starting on Thursday night, November 14, at 6 PM, Karen’s shop Buttons and Bows will act as host to a killer selection of our new timepiece collection, headphones, audio systems and Lively Up bags.

The partnership between the House of Marley and Buttons and Bows  couldn’t be more perfect, as Karen and her business partner Monique Aquino know their fair share about what’s fashionable. The duo opened Buttons and Bows in 2012 and have been dressing LA’s finest in some of the most unique resale clothing around.

Taking place every second Thursday of the month, the Downtown LA Art Walk is a fun event for discovering new art from in and around the city limits. For this special edition, the House of Marley pop-up shop will include a DJ spinning sick reggae, complimentary Jamaican grub and you can check out all of our latest gear in person.

If that’s not enough to entice you out for the art walk on Thursday, Buttons and Bows are giving away a Bob Marley t-shirt away on Instagram as a part of all the fun. Grab some Buttons and Bows swag at the event and drop #HouseofMarley #ButtonsandBowsLA into an Instagram photo and you’ll instantly be entered to win.

Be sure to stop by Buttons and Bows on Thursday, give a shout out to the House of Marley team and snap a few pictures with our tricked out VW bus. We hope to see you out on the streets of LA, enjoying the art scene and living it up with our street team crew.


Tyler Wright Splashs Onto The Pages Of Surfing Life


Team Marley member Tyler Wright had a life altering year in 2012. Forced to reexamine surfing as her option for a career in life, she spent much of her time in this year learning how to fall in love with the sport all over again. Opening up in a gigantic two-page expose in this month’s issue of Surfing Life, Tyler talked about this low point in her surfing and her plans for acesnding back to the top of the pro tour.

Despite her natural ability, fostered by her family’s love of surfing, the constant rigors of the pro circuit had begun to run Tyler ragged in 2012. “At the end of last year I was going to quit. I was over it,” Wright told Surfing Life. ”My entire life had been so serious, the sport was everything and it defined who I was.” Pushed to surf everyday and follow an intense training schedule, Wright was ready for a change.

tyler focused before semifinal heat photo by Steve Sherman copy

Looking for inspiration anywhere she could get it, the words of wisdom came in the form of fellow Team Marley member and Tyler’s brother, Owen Wright. “Owen sat us both down and said, ‘Look, I’m going to talk at you.’” Tyler says quoting her brother. “‘You don’t have to do the tour. You’re an adult now and you don’t have to let people dictate your life anymore. You can control it. You have to make your own decision.’” Finding herself relieved by her brother’s advice, Tyler took a break from surfing and found freedom in a snowboard trip and new puppy, Martuma.

With this refocused effort into enjoying life, Tyler took stock of what was important to her. “My whole life people have told me how happy I should be because of my job, and that’s how I realized that’s not what it’s all about,” says Wright. “You take it away and what are you left with? You’re left with family, with yourself and who you are as a person.” Upon deciding to continue with the professional surfing tour, the young Australia native has optioned to do so on her own terms.


This way of life is synonomous with the #LiveMarley movement. It’s all about living life the way you want to and grabbing at the opportunities that you want to take advantage of. “This is the beginning of doing things that I’ve always dreamt of,” Tyler exclaims. “It doesn’t need to be surf related. Instead, it’s life related. I can’t freaking wait.”

The Street Art of David Flores

David Flores, a street artist and close friend of the House of Marley, has been creating incredible artwork on the sides of buildings, shoes and skateboards for a long time. Getting his start at Shorty’s Skateboards, David has designed iconic skate imagery for companies like Flip, Vans, Real, Anti-Hero, Powell Peralta and so many more. Now with his sights sets on back the street, David has been comissioned for some killer work all over California.

His latest piece was a large scale project for the side of the revamped Viper Room. The infamous Sunset Strip bar is in the middle of a makeover and David’s brand new Johnny Cash piece on the building will remind of it’s rock ‘n’ roll past, present and future. Talk about #LiveMarley? Not only is the artwork phenomenal, but David goes to some pretty great heights to finish the piece via a cherry picker.

Ever wanted to see how a great piece of street art is made? Well, you’re in luck, the House of Marley was on hand to witness the making of David’s wall piece and there is some epic footage of the entire painting process. Check it out below and witness a music legend become a timeless piece of artwork for all of Hollywood to see. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for a guest appearance from our House of Marley bus!

Bonus: See below for more of David’s artwork and be sure to check out his site for more of his street art.



House Of Marley Approved: Home Is Where You Park It

Some say, “Home is where the heart is,” but at the House of Marley, we agree wholeheartedly with the title of photographer Foster Huntington’s new book, Home Is Where You Park It. After leaving his cushy job and buying a VW van, Foster set about having the adventure of a lifetime while traveling around America.

The resulting photobook has the essence of the #LiveMarley movement at its very core. Based on the idea that adventure doesn’t come find you and that you need to seek it out, Foster’s photos document over 80,000 miles of his journey and fellow van owners from along the way. Check out the book and Foster’s killer blog for more of his incredible escapades.

HOM Teams With Little Kids Rock For Rockin’ The Bay 2013


Music, more than any other form of art, is capable of connecting people, no matter the boundaries of their location, native language or religion. Transporting you to a certain place via a few chords, some memorable lyrics and a steady beat, music can easily bring together the masses. With that thought in mind, Little Kids Rock have spent over a decade furthering music education and bringing instruments to children all over the world.

In honor of Little Kids Rock’s latest fundraising effort, the 2013 Rockin’ The Bay Benefit, the House of Marley has commissioned some killer artwork via a few pieces of our audio gear. Taking place on November 9 at Facebook’s headquarters in San Francisco, these limited edition audio systems from the House of Marley will only be available at the event’s silent auction and the profits will be directly donated to Little Kids Rock.

The first piece comes from Team Marley member and pro skater Karl Watson who will be painting his own version of our Bag of Rhythm Bluetooth. Our second piece comes from David Flores, an infamous skateboard illustrator, who was has worked for companies like Real, Stereo, Anti-Hero and Spitfire. He’ll be transforming one of our Get Up Stand Up Bluetooth into a unique piece of art.


Since its inception in 2002, Little Kids Rock has brought music to over 250,000 children by helping to keep music programs alive in underfunded schools. In addition, the organization has helped launch a series of two-day workshops where children get to learn about their favorite style of music and even record their own CDs and videos of their music. In order to keep funding these worthwhile projects, it’s vital that we help contribute to this great cause.

To make your own voice heard and contribute to the next generation of Bob Marleys, join us at the Rockin’ The Bay Benefit and bid on these amazing one-of-a-kind versions of our portable audio gear. Not only will you receive the fantastic work of Karl Watson and David Flores if you win, but you’ll also be helping to make sure that music stays where it belongs.


The Cultural Connection Between Reggae, Hip-Hop and Afrika Bambaataa


It’s nearly impossible to point at one musician and say they started a genre, but if there were no Afrika Bambaataa, it’s safe to say there would be no such thing as hip-hop. From his early days of DJing/throwing parties in South Bronx to his mega-smash “Planet Rock,” Bambaataa has been a positive cultural touchstone for 40 years.

The House of Marley is excited to be taking part in Afrika’s 40th anniversary weekend, which includes a number of shows happening in New York City from November 6 through November 10. With a heavy hitting lineup that features live performances from hip-hop all stars including Ultramagnetic MCs, Ice T, Ice Cube, Public Enemy and more, this weekend is sure to be a killer time.

As Afrika has often said, the connection between reggae and hip-hop is one that runs extremely deep. The proof is in the music, as our namesake Bob Marley has been sampled by dozens of hip-hop artists throughout the years. In preparation of Afrika Bambaataa’ 40th anniversary party in New York, we’re taking a look at some of the best Bob Marley samples throughout the history of rap. Pop on some headphones and lose yourself in some of the best music of the past few decades.

Jungle Brothers “Doin’ Our Own Dang”

Naming himself after Afrika Bambaataa, the Jungle Brothers’ Baby Bam also makes a reference to Bob Marley with a sample of “Jammin’” on the group’s track “Doin’ Our Own Dang.” Bam will be DJing as a part of the festivities for November 6 and he is sure to break out more of the sick reggae records that inspired him.

Kardinal Offishall “Naughty Dread”

Taking the name of his track straight from the Bob Marley song he samples, Kardinal Offishall’s “Naughty Dread” is a laid back lesson in flow. Still rapping a decade after he first hit the hip-hop scene, Kardinal continues with his socially conscious efforts and has been working hard for charities in Haiti.

The Game w/ Swizz Beatz and Jay Electronica “Higher”

On The Game’s debut record, Dr. Dre utilized Bob Marley’s “Iron Lion Zion” as the propelling beat of the track “Higher.” Starting off with the classic chant from 1974 recording, the song quickly kicks into overdrive with a flourish of drums and sirens.

Public Enemy “Fight The Power”

“Fight The Power” is the ultimate hip-hop sound collage, as it pastes together some of the most commonly used samples in a way that has never been done again since. While at times it’s hard to hear Bob Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff” in the song, it’s apparent Public Enemy’s social conscious music is deeply indebted to the reggae singer. Check out Public Enemy when they perform on November 8, at the National Black Theatre as a part of the Afrika Bambaataa birthday celebration.