House of Marley Approved: Luminair Tree Tent


It may look like a wrecking ball smashing through the trees, but trust us… It’s not. The Tree Tent, crafted by Luminair, is the latest in sustainable shelters built for extreme camping adventures. With easy transportation, the snug home fits in between several trees and even includes water storage and stove options. The best part? It’s all made from recycled material and does no harm to the eco-system.



LuminarTreeTent1 LuminarTreeTent2 LuminarTreeTent5

House of Marley Approved: Bunkie


Looking to get in touch with nature without making a huge impact? The Bunkie from 608 Design and BLDG Workshop is a new take on a dwelling that puts the focus on earth-friendly design and materials. Whether in your backyard or deep in the forest, The Bunkie utilizes reclaimed barn wood to offer a multi-use room that allows the bare necessity for enjoying the outdoors.

Bunkie1 Bunkie2


Sustainable Homes? The House of Marley Approves

The new movement of building eco-friendly products, from something as small as in-ear headphones up to large sustainable homes, isn’t a fad. It’s simply a way of existing.

From garden rooftops to bachelor pads made of recycled rail cars, the makeup of the green home is being perfected right in front of our eyes. Ever see yourself living the sustainable high life? You’ll be packing your bags after you check out these new eco-friendly digs.


Yachts used to be cool, but now water-bound lofts are the new kings of the sea. Plucked straight off the top floor of a Manhattan high-rise, the floating home from Germany features a green roof, vegetable garden and emits zero emissions.


Forget about your old room divider — Normal Projects’ unfolding apartment is a Murphy bed gone crazy. Keep your sustainable home’s style intact by getting rid of wasteful furniture and keeping things as simple as possible.

From small homes in the woods to new hotels in major cities, recycled rail cars are a trending material for hip architects. Cleaned, gutted and turned into living quarters, their use nearly eliminates the need for eco-destructive building supplies.

Living sustainably doesn’t mean sacrificing style. You have to seek out the products that help create positive change, maintain your own aesthetic and then take the first step to make your own impact be felt. Be the change that you want to see.

Photo Credit: Normal Projects and Inhabitat

The House of Marley And 1Love Team To Assist East Coast Sandy Survivors


The House of Marley and 1Love are teaming up to help out those affected by Hurricane Sandy’s immense destruction. How can you get involved? Through our donation page on Stay Classy, the House of Marley and 1Love are accepting donations for families located on the east coast.

For those looking to donate, click the “Donate Now” button, choose the amount that you would like to give and offer your help in the form of monetary donation. For every dollar donated, the House of Marley will be matching up to $3000 dollars and using the money to provide nutritious food, essential supplies and providing safe places for children.

Even if you can’t afford to donate money to the House of Marley and 1Love cause, there are still ways to get involved with this truly worthwhile cause. The House of Marley is giving our fans the option to donate their time by allowing you to become a fundraiser yourself. Using the “Become a Fundraiser” option, you can create your own fundraising page and spread the world to your family, friends and loved ones through all of your social media accounts.

Join House of Marley and 1Love as we give back to those struck by Hurricane Sandy. It only takes a few minutes to head to our donation page, but it can make an impact that lasts a lifetime.

Click here to help the survivors of Hurricane Sandy

The House Of Marley And 1Love Raise Money For Hurricane Sandy Survivors


The staggering effects of Hurricane Sandy have left many on the Atlantic coast reeling. The extent of the damage reaches down to Jamaica, where many citizens are still working their way out of the mass destruction and hazardous conditions. Right now, the House of Marley and 1Love are teaming to help rebuild Bob Marley’s home country and restore what once was.

Getting involved with the House of Marley and 1Love is as easy as clicking this link. Create your own fundraising page by selecting “Become a Fundraiser” and help spread the word by posting to your friends’ and family’s social media pages, and asking for donations. If you’d rather just donate outright via the House of Marley and 1Love, please click the “Donate Now”. 100% of the donations collected by the House of Marley and 1Love will be given directly to the Food For the Poor organization.

If you are one of the first 20 people to donate $50 or raise $50 through your fundraising page for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, the House of Marley will gift you a pair of Smile Jamaica in-ear headphones. The contest lasts until Friday, November 30, or while supplies last. Check out contest rules and regulations by clicking here.

Even if you don’t have the money to help the House of Marley and 1Love Hurricane Sandy relief fund, just by taking the time to post the link to our donation page on your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts will help the cause tremendously. Visit the donation page, share your time and money to help the citizens of Jamaica and, in the process, enter yourself into a giveaway for a pair of House of Marley in-ear headphones. You can make a difference in the lives of Hurricane Sandy victims today and be a part of the House of Marley and 1Love movement.

Click here to help the survivors of Hurricane Sandy

What Does Eco-Friendly Mean to the House of Marley?

At House of Marley, we aim to create highly stylized headphones with impeccable sound, and great fashion appeal, but the underlying focus has always been on creating a product that is sustainable and eco-friendly. But just what does eco-friendly mean? Created with both the safety of the planet and the consumer in mind, the House of Marley is excited about creating new green products.

Our idea to create headphones that answered the question, “What does eco-friendly mean?” goes back to incorporating the philosophies of our namesake, Bob Marley. The legendary artist was a consummate advocate for Mother Nature, who wrote songs extolling her many virtues as well as protest lyrics aimed at her detractors. With this in mind, the House of Marley looked to cut down on waste by using recycled material to create our products. While some products stamp their product as being “green” without considering what it really means, our brand uses everything from recycled hemp, cotton, plastic water bottles, metal and FSC Certified wood to create our unique products.

By using this recycled material, the House of Marley cuts down on the energy it takes to produce our eco-friendly headphones, eco-friendly bags, and portable audio systems. Instead of creating new pieces from scratch, we focus on using plastic bottles and metal refuse to turn out a new shiny product that hardly seemed possible given the prior state of the materials used. In addition, by using hemp to create fabric, the House of Marley is capable of yielding more fiber than with traditional cotton, and there are no pesticides used to control the crop.

When considering the question “What does eco-friendly mean?” many consumers previously assumed these items were only meant to serve for function and not for fashion. Yet, with the creation of new textiles like REWIND, the material used to create the House of Marley’s eco-friendly bags, there are a new breed of eco-friendly products that have changed the outlook of many on the versatility of green technology. Taking into account the looks of a product, its functionality and its reusability factor, the House of Marley is focused on well-designed products that can help, not hurt, the Earth.

In his song “Small Axe,” Bob Marley compares himself to as a hand axe that is used to cut down those that rule in a tyrannical fashion, metaphorically referring to them as “the big tree.” Using this comparison, Marley shows that those who band together to take down a big problem can truly triumph in the end. The House of Marley is committed to working to end the problems that plague Mother Nature’s eco-system. The first step is asking yourself “What does eco-friendly mean to me and how can I make a difference?”

The House of Marley Launches “Lively Up” Line of Earth-Friendly Backpacks and Bags

At this past weekend’s Agenda tradeshow, the House of Marley took our brand a step further by debuting our new line of earth-friendly-backpacksLively Up earth-friendly backpacks and bags.

Designed with a number of different uses in mind, the bags in the Lively Up collection range from backpacks and messenger bags that are perfect for biking to overnight packs and totes for that will help you travel with style and ease. Function meets form as many of the streamlined bags feature sleeves for laptops and dual readers of all sizes while also providing enough padding to keep you and your electronic devices safe. Like all House of Marley products, the Lively Up bags are designed with performance, comfort and the planet in mind at the same time.
Created with the House of Marley’s new eco-fabric, REWIND, the Lively Up collection continues in the forward-thinking, eco-friendly direction of our headphones and even incorporates more recycled material than anything we’ve created before. The House of Marley has been working to develop the REWIND fabric since early 2011. Combining reclaimed hemp, organic cotton and recycled water bottles, the fabric is soft, durable and ready for any adventure that may come your way.

With effortless, classic style and an eco-conscious focus, you can spread the love of the House of Marley with a pack from the Lively Up collection. Don’t just live everyday. #LiveMarley.

Element Skateboarding’s New Recycling Program Leaves No Skateboard Behind

The House of Marley has constantly pushed our effort towards creating the most earth-friendly on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones and in-ear headphones possible and we always admire when other businesses step up to create products in the same manner. The Element skateboarding company has been on the same trip for years, as they have constantly worked to include the Earth into their business plan. With their new program, No Board Left Behind, Element skateboarding is showing skaters how to recycle boards.


Between broken noses, chipped tails and pressure cracks, many skaters blow through skate decks, leaving their homes to look like veritable skateboard graveyards. While making their most recent video, FUTURE NATURE, Element decided to take these wayward skateboards from their pros and make them usable again. By using drills and sanders, Element skateboarding deck shapers are creating smaller cruiser boards that are perfect for hitting the hills and streets in your local area.

With random used complete boards going for $90 to those that have been used by pros such as Boo Johnson and Nick Garcia priced at $150, the Element skateboarding No Board Left Behind program hovers right around the price of the typical skateboard. In addition to the recycled Element board, each deck comes outfitted with customized, made-to-fit trucks and wheels that are actually made from bug poop. Yes, bug poop. Although they’re coated in urethane (what wheels are usually made of), Element skateboarding has pioneered new technology that uses corn fed bug waste to make up their wheels. Not only does Element #LiveMarley by using earth-friendly technology, they are on the forefront of creating it.

The House of Marley salutes companies like Element that find something they love to do (in this case skateboarding), perfect their products and then push them to the next step by including an earth conscious point of view. Whether you’re using an earth-friendly skateboard or Marley earbuds, to #LiveMarley is to be alive and living the life you want to live, responsibly. Props to the Element skateboarding company.

Announcing Instagram Contest Winners: #MarleyNature

For the last week, The House of Marley and Chrysti Hydeck have been combing through all the remarkable submissions we received for our latest Instagram contest, #MarleyNature. Somehow, we managed to turn over 3000 submissions into one winner and our Featured Five runners-up.

So, without further ado, we’re pleased to announce the winner of our popular Exodus on-ear headphones is Instagram user, @12nicholas11! The way his shot encapsulates the beauty and immensity of nature will make you do a double-take.

This is our world. Thanks for capturing it, everyone!

#MarleyNature Instagram Contest Winner:



#MarleyNature Instagram Contest Featured Five:











Congratulations to @12nicholas11, and many thanks to all those who participated!

Stay tuned for the next House of Marley Instagram contest, and as always, stay inspired by nature and the natural beauty of sustainable House of Marley headphones.

The House of Marley to Attend the Rockn Rolla MTV Movie Awards Eco Lounge

On the verge of celebrating the best and brightest in Hollywood this weekend, The House of Marley is amped up to be attending the Rockn Rolla MTV Movie Awards Eco Lounge just prior to show time. Presented by Bob Marley’s longstanding guitar endorsement company, Gibson, The House of Marley team will be strutting our way down the green carpet to showcase our eco-friendly headphones to the many musicians, actors, athletes and entertainers in attendance.

But this isn’t just any regular pre-show soiree, as Gibson is teaming up with likeminded earth conscious companies, like us at The House of Marley, to promote a socially conscious and sustainably produced event. Featuring everything from food cooked in a sustainable barbecue and energy saving lights, to an on-site eco hair salon and displays on green technology, the Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge is truly setting a precedent when it comes to environmentally conscious events. The House of Marley is proud to be attending and showing how our own eco-friendly headphones have made progress in sustaining the planet’s ecosystem.

The Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge not only offers celebs a place to hang out before the big show, but it also will act as charity event working with both the American Red Cross and Music Saves Lives. By donating all proceeds of the Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge, attendees will ensure that the seed of education grows and that vital information about leukemia, cancer and other blood related disorders is spread throughout the country. In addition, patrons will also be asked to sign up to donate blood and register for the marrow program that will help advance the causes of both charities.

With the stars aligning for a good cause, the MTV Movie Awards and the Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge pre-party are sure to be big hits on the social calendar, without taking a hit on the planet. If you’re one of the lucky invited guests, be sure to come visit The House of Marley booth, check out some of our eco-friendly headphones and also make a donation to the fantastic charities benefiting from the event.