Benny Benassi Releases Official Bob Marley Remix

The birth of house music in the late 1980s was based on the idea of pushing music into a new direction that reflected the future instead of the past. Despite the forward thinking sound, the genre’s DJs still held the records of yesteryear in high regard including the work of House of Marley namesake Bob Marley. Hundreds upon hundred of DJs have taken the time to create their own unofficial Bob Marley remix, but few have ever been tasked with creating one with the Marley family’s blessing.

Italian-born Benny Benassi is just one of many DJs inspired by reggae and he is now on the verge of releasing the first official Bob Marley remix in over 10 years. On September 3, Island Records, Marley’s old label, will release Benny Benassi’s remix of one of the reggae icon’s most popular songs, “Jammin.” Set to a tinny high hat backbeat, Benassi uses the reverb-soaked vocals of “Jammin” and accents it with piano that goes from reggae to house in a matter of seconds.

When the beat drops through a pair of House of Marley in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones or over-ear headphones, you’re instantly transported to a New York nightclub by way of Kingston, Jamaica. Despite the fact “Jammin” was originally released nearly 40 years ago, Benassi brings the song into the 21st century by throwing down an impressive dub set breakdown at the peak of the song’s chorus. This new Bob Marley remix will make you say, “Skrillex who?”

Check out the new Benny Benassi Bob Marley remix below.

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