Why the World Needs a Bob Marley Hologram

Your newsfeed is probably still recovering from the wild onslaught of hologram Tupacs that have basically taken over the Internet since Sunday, when the presumed-dead rap legend made a surprise Coachella appearance thanks to some mind-bending Hollywood SFX. Yeah, James Cameron’s visual production house, Digital Domain, succeeded where all the Tupac-death-skeptics and die-hard fans have failed: they brought ‘Pac back to life.

Amateur YouTube clips from the crowd capture everyone’s stunned amazement best – a mixed bag of reactions, which is to be expected when you confront 25,000 people with a rapping ghost. Now, there’s talk of taking holo’Pac on the road for a proposed Tupac/Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg tour, and you know there’s a boardroom full of record industry suits somewhere trying to figure out if they can design a hologram Mariah Carey, because the real one is just too hard to work with.

Since more musician hologram stunts like this are inevitably on the way, we got to thinking… What could we do with some futuristic hologram technology of our own? If you said, conjure the late, great Bob Marley himself… well, yeah. I mean, wouldn’t you? Let’s consider the limitless reach of a Marley hologram.

In the 30+ years since his passing, Marley’s legacy has expanded to heights unparalleled in music. In life, he was more than a successful reggae singer. He was a poet, a philosopher, a peacemaker, and a world-changer.

Even today, 2012, Bob still serves as the figurehead for an idealism and ideology that resonates with passionate people the world over. Imagine if all those people had the opportunity to actually see – with their own eyes – the immortality of Marley’s legacy manifested before them. Not as a ploy to sell concert tickets or boost iTunes downloads, but to make a difference and continue spreading the Marley vision of unity, equality and authenticity.

Where demonstrators peacefully protest human rights injustices, Marley hologram could be there to stand among them in solidarity. Where Earth-conscious individuals come together as one to plant trees or construct community gardens, Marley hologram could join in as inspiration for their efforts. Where scores of kicked-back beachgoers spread out on their towels or their surfboards to soak up the sun, well Marley hologram could be there too, setting the mood for enjoying Mother Earth. And yeah, let’s be honest: it would be pretty damn awesome to witness Marley hologram lead 25,000 people through the chorus of “No Woman, No Cry” in 2012.

By now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single human being with an internet connection who hasn’t seen video of hologram Tupac brushing shoulders with Snoop and Dre. But the story kind of ends at high tech smoke and mirrors. If the future of departed entertainment icons is indeed upon us, here’s to hoping this surreal technology will take the next step and give us the opportunity to witness Bob Marley in his element in 2012: changing the world.

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