True Colors: the Bob Marley Colors of Green, Yellow and Red

Bob Marley practiced what he preached. Not quite the choir preacher you see at church, but WOW, did he create a movement with his voice. Bottom line? At the House of Marley, we are heavily influenced by those same vibes. It makes our knees wiggle. But how do we stay focused? What reminds us of Bob’s values? The Bob Marley colors of green, yellow and red. They are a symbol of the Rastafarian movement and most importantly, “One Love.”

Marley’s album covers (like Live!, Uprising, and Kaya) all had a hint of the iconic green, yellow and red. It’s like a rainbow of passion. We see it when we surf, when we board, when we think, and when we breathe. But what does the green, yellow and red mean? Here, let us give you the lowdown on the Bob Marley colors’ meaning:

The Color Green
Earth, gravel, sand… green represents the homeland of Rastafarians: Ethiopia. The green is more than just a symbol, though. It is a call to action and a reminder that the Earth needs nurturing and protecting. We agree. The House of Marley takes this to heart by making eco-conscious products with recycled and FSC-certified materials. You know what FSC means? As Bob once said, “All you got to do is give a little, take a little.” For every tree we use for the wood in our products, we plant one back.

The Color Yellow
Next up is the color yellow. Yellow represents the sun, light, and warmth. The light of Rastafari similarly shines on all of us, providing a source of one love, one light for everyone to share. The sun lets us live. It lets us surf, skate, jump, run, and be FREE. The sun gives us life.

The Color Red
Red is the final color. It symbolizes the blood of those in Africa and Jamaica. Red is a cry for equality and fairness that stems from oppression and struggle.

At the House of Marley we have chosen to embrace these colors because they give us strength. Strength to accomplish our goals and reach our dreams. For us, the colors are a reminder of the land, the love, and the community we cherish and actively strive to improve.

One love.

Bob Marley Colors

18 thoughts on “True Colors: the Bob Marley Colors of Green, Yellow and Red

  1. Hey,i Love Bob Marley And The Rastafarii Colorz. Have A Necklace Wit A Peace Sign And Its Yellow Green And Red. I Also Have A Bud Pipe Braclet Same Colorz.

  2. he wAs the great mAn who sAtisfy his soul,,,,,,ns also stisfY the people to saY that “well everYbodY would YOu rise & focus Your miNd search for the truth & learn to be kiNd ”

    “You will find good sprit & streanth with in YOu
    that fights agAinst All sin”

  3. My sweet sister made me a wreath of green, yellow and red yesterday..I’m having some hard times. The colors and vibes of his music. Are helping me to keep going. .has really brightend up my r.v .AND my spirit. Thanks for being true Bob.

  4. I I love you Bob Marley: your great sense of pride tradition that is your legacy. When I read about your traditions I feel so roots also. Thank you so much.

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