The Best Bob Marley Artwork On Pinterest

As one of the fastest growing sharing sites ever created, Pinterest has become known as a useful tool for finding interesting art, music and lifestyle shots. In fact, the House of Marley has it’s own Pinterest page where we collect the best photos of our in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, and portable audio systems, as well as motivational quotes and fan-made Bob Marley artwork.

Lately, we’ve been compiling some of the best handmade Bob Marley artwork that we have ever seen. From graphic designs done by computer to an epic color-coded CD tribute, Bob Marley fans the world over have found some interesting ways to express their love for the cultural icon.

You’ve Got Marley

bob-marley-artwork-1Ever wonder what to do with all those free CDs that you always receive in the mail? One fan created this epic piece of Bob Marley artwork by piecing together hundreds of free AOL trials discs and the result is nothing short of amazing. Where there is a will to recycle there is a way, and this artist certainly found an inspiring use for uninspiring junk mail.

Kicking & Singing

bob-marley-artwork-2The photos of Bob Marley that Kate Simon captured throughout her travels with the legendary singer are some of the most memorable photos of the Marley. Simon was able to capture a different side of Marley; one that showed a love of books and, of course, his favorite sport of soccer.

Please Don’t Rewind

bob-marley-artwork-3The cassette tape may be mostly obsolete, but one fan found inspiration in the actual tape itself and created a fantastic piece of Bob Marley artwork. Perfect for your home, Facebook profile photo or just a repin on Pinterest, this fan art is one of favorites.

A, B, C, Marley

bob-marley-artwork-4Showing off extreme skill and patience, one Marley fan took the time to piece together every letter of the alphabet to form the king of reggae’s infamous face and frame. From his wide smile to his signature dreads, this creative graphic design artwork almost captures Marley better than an actual photo.

Now that you’ve seen some of the best Bob Marley artwork on Pinterest, feel free to create your own inspired work for us to share on our Pinterest account. The House of Marley loves to see photos of inspired fans decked out in Marley headphones, reinterpretations of our logo and their own Bob Marley artwork. Let us see what you got! Simply upload your work to Pinterest and tag it with #LiveMarley.

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