Hit The Sand With Your Chant Portable Bluetooth Speaker & This Beach Songs Playlist

Since it’s winter for most of us, people in warmer climates should take advantage of the sun and dig their feet into the sands of the local beach. We’ve even created our own beach songs playlist to help you start the party on your Chant portable Bluetooth speaker. And for anyone who can’t hit the beach in 20 degree weather, you too can enjoy this beach songs playlist to get you geared up for the good times that will surely come with the more forgiving spring weather.

U-Roy – “On The Beach”

Start your beach songs playlist with none other than “The Originator,” and let U-Roy’s funky reggae beckon your friends to go “have some fun, on the beach where there is a party.“

The Babies – “Moonlight Mile”

Cooing girl/boy vocals and sharp keyboard lines saunter this jam from the Brooklyn-based band, The Babies. You can nearly hear the waves crashing in with each strum of reverb-filled guitar noise.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Some Time Alone, Alone”

On “Some Time Alone, Alone” Melody’s Echo Chamber evokes the spirit of a mellow day, beachside hanging with friends and a Chant portable Bluetooth speaker.

Bob Marley – “Rainbow Country”

Bob Marley appears on our beach songs playlist with a little known ode to a beautiful day in Jamaica. Claiming, “Though the road might be rocky, it sure feels good,” Marley’s lyrics make “Rainbow Country” an uplifting anthem.

Mac Demarco – “Cooking Up Something Good”

Creating a blend of modern indie rock and feel good reggae on “Cooking Up Something Good,” Mac Demarco will have your heads bouncing along with the breaking waves.

Neil Young – “Walk On”

With its iconic cover, a Cadillac buried in the sand, Neil Young’s album On The Beach features some classic jams for days spent at the seaside. The track “Walk On” has a stumbling reggae/rock vibe that reminds us of having fun in the sun.

Love Is All – “Wishing Well”

With “Wishing Well,” the Swedish five-piece Love Is All channeled the rush of ocean waves and offered an instant party jam to anyone in need of a hoppin’ beach songs playlist.

Wavves – “King of the Beach”

Wavves is as engrained in the sand of the Pacific Ocean as the shells and stones that line the shore. Not adding “King of the Beach” and the sound of the Golden Coastline onto our beach songs playlist was unthinkable.

The Heptones – “It’s Like Heaven”

Spending time with your friends in the sand is “just like heaven all the time.” Let The Heptones preach!

Peace – “Your Hand in Mine”

Of course, your day at the beach was filled with fun and great music on your Chant portable Bluetooth speaker, but you need a closing song for the perfect ending. Peace’s “Your Hand in Mine” is the essential track for just such an occasion.

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