Exploring With a Backpack Survival Kit


The world is our playground — It’s time to explore it. Create your own backpack survival kit and take the path less traveled.

Carabiner Water Bottle
Unlike your house, nature’s water isn’t filtered. In fact, it can be straight up nasty. You never know when you’ll be around clean water again. Pack a carabiner water bottle and purification tablets to make your supply last.

Keep your pack light by using small items that are worth more than their weight. Our in-ear headphones will keep you moving with musical inspiration, but won’t make for a heavy load.


It wouldn’t be called a backpack survival kit if it had a bunch of things you didn’t need inside. Buy a lighter. You’re going to use it.

At some point in any journey, you will get lost. No matter how gnarly a mountain or forest is, the old school technology of a compass always works.


Feeling inspired? Having a notebook with you to record your thoughts, sketches and directions is essential to any journey. If you carve it into tree, your never going to see it again.

Lively Up Bags
Perfect for any hike, nature walk or urban exploring trip, our Earth-friendly bags are necessary for any new adventure. With roomy pockets, straps to hang water bottles from and a padded laptop sleeve, it’s meant for making a backpack survival kit.

To do is to live. Explore, scavenge and create new expeditions for yourself. After all, no one else is going to live your life for you.

Photography: Carl Zoch

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