ELECTRIC PUNANNY Asia Tour: #1 Shanghai

It’s that time again! We pack our bags and hop on a 15 hour flight to somewhere in the world, so far from our home of NYC that today is already tomorrow. That’s right, our new annual tradition of WORLD TOURING. This year, it’s the #AsiaEdition. We strapped on our House of Marley backpacks and made our way overseas!

Our first stop was Shanghai, China!


DSC06522 DSC06604

The weather at this time of year in China is perfect, sunny and 70 degrees. We hopped in a cab and headed downtown towards to our hotel.

DSC06526 DSC06608 DSC06536

One of the owners of The Shelter (the club we performed at) brought us to eat first at his restaurant, The Grumpy Pig. This place is a MUST visit for anyone passing through Shanghai. I’m crossing my fingers hoping they open one up in Brooklyn! I mean, who thinks of a BLT steamed bun sandwich!



Did I mention it’s a store / restaurant?!

DSC06552 DSC06553 Next it was time to head to The Shelter! Even though China is still very traditional politically, the nightlife scene is vibrant and wild. At least from what we saw. The venue we played at was actually a bomb shelter, complete with a long tunnel and secret back rooms. Perfect for raves and bashment parties like ours :)

DSC06564 DSC06566 DSC06568 DSC06573 DSC06574 DSC06576 DSC06582 DSC06584 DSC06586 DSC06591 DSC06599

Our first night certainly started with a bang. We left drenched in sweat and on a high (which drowned out the jet lag, thank god). It was off to sleep for only a few hours before we flew to our second stop… Seoul, South Korea!

Rocky Dawuni’s “African Thriller” music video


The House of Marley has been patiently waiting to reveal Rocky Dawuni’s “African Thriller” music video. The first single off his new album “Branches of the Same Tree”, which will be released in 2015. This video is filled with amazing dance moves, ladies in gorgeous outfits and much more for you to enjoy!

Check out more of these dope behind the scenes photos on FARAHSTOP  by Farah Sosa!


New Album: Etana – “I Rise”


Yesterday the House of Marley was blessed to meet and interview Etana, reggae’s beautiful leading lady. It was a big day for Etana as it marked the release day of her 4th album “I Rise”. We were given a sneak peak of the album and we put it on blast non stop in the office. Etana’s mesmerizing voice and positive words uplift the soul and can make any worry you have slowly creep away. Peep the interview below and the wise words Etana gives to aspiring artists.



Dee: What inspired you to write “Wrong Address”, and did you think this song was going to be such a huge success on reggae music charts?

Etana: I had no idea. But my aunt is the person I wrote that song for, who applied for a job and didn’t get it. The song is not like reggae reggae so I didn’t even think it would fit on the radio.


How did you balance obtaining your nursing degree with your passion for music?

It wasn’t a passion of music that made me decide to not go to school. I was just bored and tired of going to work after school and doing the same thing over and over again.


What advice would you give aspiring artists who can’t decide whether to stick with school or pursue their music dreams?

You have to follow your heart, that’s all it’s about really. You have to know within you what you want for yourself and you always. You always  have to follow your heart and do whatever makes you happy.


What was the biggest lesson you learned from being in the girl group “GIFT”?

Following your heart, and not being afraid of expressing myself , and doing what I think is right for me.


If you could go back in time what advice would you give an 18 year old you?

There is so much time in the world to do everything, so pace yourself.


What is it like being a woman in a male dominated genre of music?

I always know that I have to go hard, and go hard everyday. A little harder as long as I possibly can, thats all it is.


What was your first reaction when you heard your name being called at the International Reggae and World Music Awards for Best Female Vocalist?

I was a little shocked, it makes you feel good that you are being acknowledged at such an event. To even be nominated is a good feeling.


Etana’s I Rise – Track Listing:
1. Selassie is the Chapel
2. How Long
3. On My Way
4. Stepping Out Of Babylon
5. Jamaica Woman
6. I Rise
7. Richest Girl
8. Love Song
9. By Your Side
10. Passing Thru
11. Trigger
12. Ward 21 (Stenna’s Song)
13. Emancipation
14. Jah Jah
15. Jam Credits


Noisey Jamaica II: Episode 4

In episode 4 of Noisey Jamaica 2, we link up with some of the best new Jamaican artists from Jon Bakers Gee Jam Studios. Noisey links up with Chris Blackwell (Island Records Founder), and we also get introduced to some Major Lazer affiliates.