Marley Coffee #EcoCup Giveaway

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Did you know that over 10 billion single-serve k-cups are discarded in landfills annually – in America alone? The team at Marley Cofee has made a game-changing solution that hopes to drastically bring this number down. With the introduction of Marley Coffee’s first ever recyclable k-cup, coffee drinkers can enjoy k-cup convenience with peace of mind.

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To celebrate with our friends at Marley Coffee on the launch, we’ve teamed up for a fun give away. Head over to the Instagram to be a part.

Visit this page for full rules on entering.

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Molly Lesher Photo Diary

Photos taken across North America.

Photos by Molly Lesher.















Photo locations: Mount Rainer, Washington; Niagra Falls, Canada; Mount Rainer, Washington; Niagra Falls, Canada; Oregon; Toronto, Canada; Miami, Florida; San Francisco, California; Niagra Falls, Canada; Portland, Maine; San Francisco, California; Thomaston, Maine; San Francisco, California; Owls Head, Maine.

Molly Lesher is a U.S. based photographer and artist. You can view more of her work on her website and Instagram.

NY Art Book Fair

This weekend we stopped by the NY Art Book Fair at the MoMA PS1 in Queens for a look at zines, catalogs, monographs, and periodicals from artists all over the world – 28 countries to be exact!

We would love to show you them all but – we’ve selected some of our favorites instead. Below are a few creators that captured our interest while browsing the fair. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

Anja Lutz & Karoline Schreber
The Green Box

Francis Maele & Antic-Ham (Hyemee Kim)
Red Fox Press


Karl LaRocca
Kay Rock Screen Printing

Photos by Jessica Miller

Gyptian in NYC

Caribbean vibes are coming to the city for Labor Day Weekend in New York City. International reggae star, Gyptian, will be performing throughout the city at three locations for the extended weekend. We had the pleasure of hanging out and shooting with Gyptian and his team at Tribeca Journal while he tested out a few of our products; the noise canceling Legend ANC headphones ended up being the go-to favorite.

“All on Me”, Gyptian’s latest single featured on “Reggae Gold 2015″ is receiving hot reviews and has been climbing nicely on reggae music charts. The sweet lyrics about Gyptian’s leading lady paired with captivating island visuals will have you ready to book a flight to Jamaica. Check out the video below.

NYC Stops:

Fri. Sept 4 @ Hot 97 On Da Reggae Tip, Governor’s Island NY
Sat. Sept 5 @ Dj Norie’s Anything Goes (Amazura) Queens, NY
Sun. Sept 6 @ Irie Jam’s 22nd Annual Festival (Roy Wilkins Park) in Queens, NY

If you’re able to make one of his shows tag us on Twitter and Instagram using #MusicConnects and @HouseofMarley.

Photos by Robbie Sokolowsky at Tribeca Journal.

Pacific Park Arts hosts 10 Murals, 1 Day

Pacific Park Arts hosts 10 Murals, 1 Day.

Located on Dean Street between Vanderbilt Avenue and Carlton Avenue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Murals by Mike Perry, Morgan Blair, Eddie Perrote, Josh Cochran, Archie Lee Coates IV, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Thomas Colligan, Jennifer Maravillas, Naomi Reis and Edward Ubiera.

Photos by Jessica Miller.

Ali Kaukas’ Summer Photo Diary

Photographer Ali Kaukas lives the type of wanderlust lifestyle most can only dream of. The type of lifestyle when the question “where are you based out of?” garners more than one answer, and several locations. A summer spent on islands, in mountains, and on the beach, Ali graciously shared pieces of her adventures with us through a photo diary of the summer’s key moments.

Photos by Ali Kaukas.

What excites you the most?
What excites me most is what I don’t know. The unknown, the unseen, the unheard. Seeking new experiences, new experiences that expand this life. Making me think, making me move, making me fall straight into that groove. Grooving with the unknown. Dancing with life as it falls in front of me. And doing this all with my camera by my side. The sweet spot for me is being in those moments when I am fully engaged with what is going on in front of me and I am there with my camera moving with it. Present to life as it unfolds.

You’ve been everywhere, all summer – what’s the story?
I started off the summer in Santa Teresa Costa Rica, where I was surfing, taking photos, living in the sunshine and dancing in the sand. I came back to Vermont, where I grew up, to start the Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festival Tour and shoot the Frendly Gathering Festival (always a major highlight of my summer!) Then to Colorado – took a 23 hour train from Colorado to Lake Tahoe. Trains are so sweet, all you have to do is look out the window. Down to Southern California, kinda fell for Encinitas (might move there in the next year when I want to settle down for more than 2 months) Back to the green mountain state of Vermont, and now I sit here on a little island in misty Maine typing this.

How’s this all possible?
It has been a little over one year since I declared to myself to live a whole year doing whatever showed up on my path. Having little plans and no expectations . To give myself ultimate space and presence. To let life play out and evolve from one minute to the next. I had the idea to be moving my body a lot, interacting with humans and nature, listening, observing and taking photos. All of these things happened. Everyday. My next adventure is across the seas to Australia to shoot the new Wanderlust festival on the sunshine coast. My November, December and January are totally free, I have lots of ideas but have not committed to anything yet. Any ideas?

Working closely with music festivals, and being so in-tune with the movement of the body, what does the term ‘#MusicConnects’ mean to you?
#MusicConnects to me, means letting music move you physically and mentally. For me, I love how music connects me to my body. Any type of good dance party, full body shakedown is the best release for me. Love me some reggae night or a festival where everyone is just letting crazy loose. And dancing on the beach in the mid-day sunshine with headphones pumping, that’s the spot! I love to see people getting down, it makes me really happy to witness to that. People connecting to their own bodies and to the people surrounding them through music. Music Connects.. sure does!

Photo descriptions, as told by Ali: Ali in Squaw Valley, California finding a sweet spot; Brittney, Lake Tahoe; Alex, determined to getting into a coconut in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica; Nicole, West Virginia; Ali, lost in the woods of Maine; A boy I just met on the trail while hiking in Squaw Valley, California.. he led me to this amazing spot; Janna post surf in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica – feeling the pulse of it all.

Keep up to date with Ali Kaukas.

AfroPunk Style Selects

AfroPunk continued to rank #1 for festival fashion in our eyes. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us and pose for a few snapshots.





@ItsYourQueens, Dee Dwyer



@wechief, @ItsYourQueens, @thejojobaby





Photos by Jessica Miller