Music Connects with Austin Millz

Our latest #MusicConnects giveaway has us thinking up what ‘Music Connects’ means, more than ever. We visit NYC based Austin Millz to hear his take.


“I’m Austin Millz. A true creative in my own right. Whether its creating music or performing music, I give it my all. I’m born and raised in Harlem, New York. My craft is music. I would not classify my music into one genre. My spectrum is wide, from electronic, dance to hip-hop. I’ve played in venues from all across the world. From London, Paris, Germany, LA to NY. LIV Miami to Webster Hall in NYC. You have to experience life.

Chant Mini_Austin Millz

Outside of music, traveling is my passion and just everyday life because those moments contribute into the process of making music. I’m big on aesthetic from fashion, to way things look and to the overall presentation of a project. What #MusicConnects means to me is that music is the universal language of the world. It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, anybody can experience the same music and understand it no matter the literal language. Music can evoke emotions for people from all walks of life.


The space in which I make music in means a lot to me, I want to feel comfortable. The vibe has to be right, from the way the studio is set up to the smell. This all helps because having a great space can bring the best out of you when it comes to creating.”

To hear music from Austin Millz, visit his Soundcloud.

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#COASTLIVE: We’re Coming To L.A.

Where are our West Coast fans? You’ll want to be here this Saturday.

We’re teaming up with C.O.A.S.T. the Collective Operations Aligning Supernatural Thought,
to showcase an exclusive event celebrating some of the most innovative talent in the area.

#COASTLIVE features performances by: M!NT, Ballast, PWEST, Jaguarsun, BAST and Spin Timeless.

Two very special guests will be in attendance. We can’t tell you yet, but do take our word for it.

Come join us on August 1st to be a part of a phenomenal night full of unique artists introducing a new wave of music to the space.

Coast Live Flyer Mint Ballast Pwest Jaguarsun Bast Spin Timeless

Coast Live Flyer Mint Ballast Pwest Jaguarsun Bast Spin Timeless

$5 at the door
9:00pm – 3:00am in PDT
DTLA Artists District
1018 S. Santa Fe Ave. 90021

For more info visit:

Music Monday: With Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

The House of Marley office can’t get enough of Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment’s latest project titled “Surf”. Last week we tweeted out the “Sunday Candy” track and this Music Monday we wanted to share the full project. Which song is your favorite?


Photo Credit: The Social Experiment

Blessed Earthstrong Haile Selassie I


We sit with Rohan Marley to discuss the special day of July 23rd, the celebration of the great Haile Selassie I’s Earthstrong.
Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.02.30 AM

HOM:Can you explain to those who may not know, the significance of Haile Selassie I in Rastafarian culture and religion?

RM:“To us as Rastafari people, people of the Western Hemisphere, Haile Selassie I is known as His Majesty when he was crowned in 1930. We saw this as a revelation in prophecy; the return of christ and the return of the messiah. We recognize that Haile Selassie I as the governing body on this earth that would represent a divine order to a divine kingship and to a prophecy. Haile Selassie I to me is the manifestation of an ancient dynasty that was placed on this earth to guide and govern the children of the almighty. We are all brother and sisters. So to us, he is the father of all nations.”

HOM:Going back to your childhood, is this a day you celebrate with your family and friends?

RM:“July 23rd is a very special day and time in our family’s life. Damian’s birthday is on the 21st, our grandmother’s birthday is July 23rd, and Rita’s birthday is July 25th. It has always been a majestic time knowing ourselves and to really enjoy the celebration that is in His Majesty’s earthstrong, to give thanks to the great human being that has been given to this earth for the destiny of our man-kind. Not only do we get together as a family, we get together as a human family, because we are all one.”

HOM:What role does this day play now In your life?
RM:“For myself I will be traveling to Canada tomorrow – it’s going to be memorable for me, but I will be alone on this day. It’s special when you are alone though, you hold that vibration within yourself – you give thanks. It just happens that I will be traveling, but we must always celebrate and give thanks within ourselves.”

HOM:I am sure there are many teachings or words that you hold close to you from Haile Selassie I. Can you share some with us?

RM:“Absolutely, there are so many – it’s endless and goes day by day. “He that dwelleth in the secret place of most high shall abide under the shadow the Almighy” what this means is really, now is the time when the belief in the kin-shop of god must be the foundation of all learnings, for enlightenment. Enlightenment and learning is the basis for all understanding and peace. These are the principles we abide by because enlightenment teaches us to love. His Majesty also believed in a world citizenship, he believed that all of humanity are one, we belong together because we all belong to the human race.

This is why every morning I wake up and say “Jah Rastafari Morning” because it’s the first thing in my mind to evoke this principle within myself that we all belong to the human race, we as humanity are one.”

Big thanks to Rohan Marley for spreading a positive message with all of us on this very special day.

DDD Presents “Ting and Ting”

For the first time ever the House of Marley has entered the brunch and day party lineup to support Ting+Ting. A monthly Caribbean party created by the ladies of DDD that will have you bussin’ a wine to the beautiful and fast paced sounds of Soca and Calypso music.

Kitty Cash, Cherie Camacho, and Deidre Dyer of DDD are the ladies behind Ting+Ting, who hope to draw in “a crowd with no barriers – whether you’re a carnival junkie, or have never heard a soca track.” The idea of Ting+Ting came about when the ladies of DDD wanted to highlight not only Jamaican music – but Caribbean, with an emphasis on Soca music, injecting real elements of the Trinidadian culture by having a live riddim section during the party.

HOM: What inspired you to draw away from the typical dancehall/Jamaican roots themed parties?

KC: The Caribbean is much more than just dancehall and reggae. Of course I love that genre of music but personally I grew up on the percussion instruments like steel pan and iron from my father who is from Trinidad – and the djembes and congas from my mother who is part Puerto Rican. It was really important to be able to share that part of me with my audience through Ting and Ting and highlight Caribbean music in a different way. Hence the live riddim section, which I am beyond happy about.

HOM: What are the influences that Soca/Calyspo and Trinidadian culture have in your life?

DD: Growing up in the predominately West Indian Flatbush section of Brooklyn, it was all about what island you repped even if you were born in NYC. As I’ve gotten older, Trini food and drinks (rum) have become my staple; the things that I seek out almost religiously to feel connected to my parent’s home country.

HOM: Deidre, as a style editor, we’d love to hear your take on Caribbean fashion and its influences.
DD: Caribbean fashion carries the same attitude as caribbean people; free flowing, easy and colorful. When it gets warm and people want to free up themselves style-wise, these are the looks that they gravitate to.
HOM: That makes a lot of sense to us regarding the warm weather! Cherie, working at Opening Ceremony, do you see any Caribbean influenced designs coming through the store?
CC: Yes, of course! There are little things that stand out to me here and there. I see a lot of the vibrant colors, prints, and silhouettes. I would love to discover new and emerging Caribbean designers.
HOM: Kitty Cash, coined “R&B’s DJ Khaled” how do you think “Ting and Ting’s” brunch time audience will take to this new sound (new to most people at least) that is usually heard blasting in Flatbush or just around carnival season?
KC: I think that the audience of Ting and Ting are music lovers and are open to all styles and forms of music. Between myself, Cherie and Deidre we definitely will be bringing out an eclectic crew of friends who are looking to dance and get lost in the music. The thing is, there are a lot of Caribbean parties year round and we wanted to be able to introduce that sound to a new audience who we felt would apprecitate and enjoy the cultural experience on all levels.

Creative Spaces: Dessie Jackson

In early July, House of Marley made way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to visit artist and painter, Dessie Jackson.
“I was born and raised in Lancaster, PA- with horses at the edge of my backyard and cornfields lining the front. After high school, I moved to Philly where my studio lives.
In the beginning, the space was shared with my two other good friends and artists- Meri McDevitt and Mia Williamson. In exchange for the space (which is located in Old City above East End Salon) we would put on a co-currated pop-up group show every First Friday of the month. My studio mates and I would de-ensemble and clear out the hair salon and install work by emerging local artists where we would also highlight local musicians and DJ’s.
My studio is an extension of my home. Obviously, I go there with priority to create my work but I also go for a sense of serenity. Living in a city, (and now a freshly moved New Yorker) I think it’s important to have some sort of space that allows you to take a deep breath.
The Get Together is perfect for my space. Any sound I chose fills my studio beautifully- for when I’m pulling an all nighter, drawing, reading, or simply retreating from the city.
Trying not to limit myself to one specific medium, my work plays with femininity, sensuality, and self presentation.”

View more of Dessie’s work on her website and Instagram.

Photos by Colin Kerrigan, Danielle Parsons and Dessie Jackson.

Meet The Chant Bluetooth

Meet the Chant Bluetooth Speaker.


Soulfully and sustainably engineered to deliver the most powerful performance, the Chant BT audio system connects at home or on the go. Redefining the concept of flawless portability with Bluetooth 4.1 convenience and a rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours of wireless play.

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