Celebrating Small Business Saturday

Here at House Of Marley we want to support the growth of creative, budding businesses. This Saturday we will be celebrating Small Business Saturday! This initiative originally implemented encourages consumers to shop and support small/local businesses during the season – it is one of the biggest retail holidays of the year. We’ve scouted New York City for some of our favorite small businesses, we know you’ll really enjoy them. Read on, and stop by this weekend!

Academy Records NYC: Hidden in the streets of Greenpoint and Stuyvesant is a hidden treasure – Academy Records. This small business curates decades worth of rich, soul-filled vinyl records. Their dedicated and experienced staff searches high and low, to offer the community the best collection possible. Academy is set on the musical movement and keeping the classic love for Vinyl records alive and thriving.

CW Pencils: A true tool of innovation in world history, the pencil has been the most original propellant in all new ideas and communication. CW Pencil, a small boutique on Forsyth and Grand, understands and cherishes the importance of imagination, thought, and artistry. They celebrate the beautiful simplicity of the pencil with an impressive selection of different writing tools to spark your creativity.

MatchaBar: Ooh, we love Matcha! With their original flagship in Williamsburg, and a new location recently opened in Chelsea, MatchaBar founders Graham and Max Fortgang are well on their way to successfully driving the Matcha movement. This particular café sources their stone ground, green tea powder directly from an independent family farm in Nishio, Japan. Matcha, with its creamy, full bodied flavor, has been proven to increase focus, immunity, metabolism, and a huge burst of energy without the caffeine jitters. MatchaBar’s menu is full of Matcha-inspired beverages and treats.

ICY Signs: A small artist studio built on big ideas, and even bigger soul. This inviting and friendly space is the creative home of Stephen Powers, a local artist, writer, and sign mechanic who believes in social movement and message through the visual aesthetic. Colors, bold shapes, and thought provoking mantras make Icy Signs a fantastic place to visit if you’re in the mood for some inspiration and a smile.

Ziggy Marley’s Holiday Gift Guide

This week, Ziggy Marley is giving the House Of Marley some holiday gift inspiration! With cheer and good spirits in mind, Ziggy recommends a variety of items, crafted around his own personal interests. Read below to see what the legendary artist would be giving if he showed up to your annual holiday party.

House Of Marley Chant In-Ear Headphones:
Uniquely designed in-ear headphones that offer amazing, isolated sound quality – crafted with recycled strain relief and FSC certified wood. Mindful materials make these ear-buds a solid choice for the earth and music lover in you.

House Of Marley Chant Sport Speaker: The adventure-defying Chant Sport is a sleek and powerful, on-the-go speaker with Bluetooth capabilities and up to 8 hours of wireless playtime. Water resistant, designed to float, and consciously crafted.

Bob Marley Island Years Vinyl Box Set: A memorabilia set fit for even the biggest Marley fan. With 11 LPs, nine studio albums, and two full live albums, this set presents a decade’s worth of Bob Marley and The Wailers’ releases on Island Records.

House Of Marley Lively Up Leather Messenger: An essential messenger bag – equipped with a rear document sleeve, padded internal laptop sleeve, reader/iPad sleeves, and multiple accessory pockets – everything you’ll ever need is strapped over your shoulder.

Ziggy Marley Peace Dove T-Shirt: A classic, feel good piece for anyone’s wardrobe. Soft fabric and smile-inducing graphics!

‘I Love You Too’ Children’s Book: Written by Ziggy Marley, this children’s book teaches our young ones to spread love and warmth across all cultures, colors, and beliefs. A purely positive message paired with a great story.

Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon 40th Anniversary Blu-ray: We all have a little Bruce Lee in us. Enter the Dragon, a historic milestone in the realm of martial arts’ presence in film – has been re-mastered for its 40th anniversary. With updated quality and new special features, this is a true collector’s item.

Gracie Bulletproof Training Program:
A children’s self defense instructional video that teaches youth the important of calm, effective, non-violent methods of protection.

Artist Feature: Hiromi Takizawa

Materials and objects — can provoke thought and wonder from every angle. California based Hiromi Takizawa is an installation artist who is creating lapses in space and tangibility with her multi-media visions.

Born and raised in Nagano, Japan, Hiromi has spent the latter half of her life traveling America and claiming her place as a world-renowned creator. She was recently named the youngest artist in Urban Glass Quarterly’s 50 at 50, and continues to leave her audience in awe with her mind-bending presentations. The physical art, as well as the actual report of her installations are all part of the final piece.

Takizawa is a true altruist to the imaginative movement. To see more, follow Hiromi on Instagram.

Make A House A Home; Steel, Plexiglas, Neon


Flora and Fauna; Bird seeds, 2 tweets speakers, 2 sub –woofer speakers, 2 ipods, fan, 3 recycled tree cookies and 2 recycled stumps from the city of Irvine, California.

Ultraviolet; Neon, Foliage, Polycarbonate Film

Music Monday With Australia’s Ta-ku

We love music, and how it moves people — so we’re kicking off this week’s Music Monday with an enticingly talented Australian producer named Ta-ku. He gives us feel good vibes; the type of music to relax to on a rainy day, or dance under the moonlight with your favorite companion. Check out his ultra-smooth edit of Gallant‘s Weight In Gold below, it’s absolutely moving. If that’s not enough, his original pieces are just as beautiful and melodic.

Cedella Marley’s Holiday Gift Guide

The House Of Marley is back with another holiday gift guide! This week’s recommendations have been curated by the talented Cedella Marley. Fashion, food, and great music – this gift guide will check off all the boxes. For the fun loving artist in us all, check out Cedella’s collection of gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Marley Coffee Smile Jamaica 10 pc. Eco Cup Pack:
A classic, medium roast blend by Marley Coffee, comprised of a minimum of 20% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Eco-Cups are compatible with Keurig machines and are the only capsules that are completely recyclable. Good for your soul, good for the earth!

The Complete Island Recordings Vinyl Box Set: A stunning collection presenting a decade’s worth of Bob Marley and The Wailers releases on Island Records. The set includes 11 LPs; all nine studio albums by Bob and the Wailers, along with two full live albums. Perfect for the memorabilia obsessed, artist, or music lover.

Every Little Thing Book: A children’s book for the whole family to enjoy. Through Bob Marley’s beloved song, Cedella Marley writes the story of a young boy who won’t let anything get him down, with the help of three little birds. Smile friendly, Marley approved.

Coco’mon Coconut Oil: Everything needs a little love, especially our bodies! Coco’mon’s organic, cold pressed Coconut Oils are unrefined, non-deodorized, and all natural! Great for cooking and adding flavor. A bonus surprise? The original non-flavored version is great for hair, skin, and nails as well.

Marley Signature Dunlop Strap: The perfect Dunlop strap for any artist. Comfortable wear, tipping your hat to the legend Bob Marley. Rock on!

Marley Kitchen, sauces by Cedella Marley A line of delectable hot sauces in a variety of heats, inspired by the Island life! Coming soon!

Bob Marley Rays Foiled Tee: The classic image of Bob Marley fashioned in a gold foiled graphic. A great addition to anyone’s music tee collection.

Rohan Marley’s Holiday Gift Guide

This season, a handful of very special creatives have decided to curate personal holiday gift guides for the House Of Marley fam! Up first, Rohan Marley shares his take on the perfect gifts to give to a loved one or friend.

Good Morning Brew: A Parody For Coffee People:
A colorful, light hearted book for the enjoyment of every coffee lover.

Marley Coffee Reggae Lover’s Sampler Pack: A three flavor sampler pack of Marley Coffee’s signature classics, inspired by the love of Reggae. Flavors include One Love (100% Ethiopia Yigacheffe Orgamic Medium Roast), Smile Jamaica (signature blend composed of at least 20% Blue Mountain Coffee), and Lively Up! (organic espresso roast).

Marley Coffee Yellow Logo Mug: A bright, aesthetically pleasing mug sporting the official Marley Coffee Logo

House Of Marley Liberate XL Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones: Wireless Over-Ear Headphones created with mindful materials that deliver elite, massive sound. Great for any true music aficionado.

Oliberate Zabilo Rustic Brown Pullup: A classic, stylized, 100% goat leather sneaker created by a sustainable lifestyle brand that supports workers’ rights in sub-Saharan Africa.

45RPM Indigo Double Gauze Shirt: A Japan native, traditionalist brand that uses all natural plant indigo dyes to color their garments by hand. This particular Double Gauze shirt Is designed to retain air between its layers, keeping cool in the summer and retaining heat in the winter. Definitely a classic piece.

Artist Feature: Sofia Colvin

The world can seem endless at times, don’t you think?

New York City artist Sofia Colvin is an enamored traveler drawn to textures and vastness found in nature. Her work ranges from breathtaking landscapes to editorial and abstract. The minimal and layered essence of her work is as stunning as the locations she visits. Pictured below are shots from Iceland, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.

To learn more about Sofia, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

White Sands, New Mexico.




New Mexico






Groundswell Murals at Gowanus Open Studios

We recently explored Gowanus Open Studios in the heart of South Brooklyn; who recently collaborated with Groundswell to encourage the nourishment of innovation, craft, and expression. Groundswell focuses on community development and social change by engaging marginalized or economically disadvantaged youths in the use of art as a tool of expression and reform. The collective pushes to encourage dialogue, activism, and positivity, while beautifying the city’s streets. The company behind the alliance, Arts Gowanus, works through events, partnerships, and community service to give exposure to up & coming artists and spread knowledge throughout non-art focused neighborhoods. The Gowanus Open Studios event was held in mid-October and featured more than 300 artists studios. Check out some of the amazing Graffiti inspired pieces we saw below!

Justice Everywhere, Nora Kennedy.

I Deal, I Dream, I Do, Katie Yamasaki.

Born And Raised, Chris Soria.

Not One More Death, Nicole Shulman.

Music Monday with Rocky Dawuni

The House of Marley is setting off Music Monday with high dance vibes from Rocky Dawuni. African Thriller is Rocky’s first single from his latest album “Branches of the Same Tree” released earlier in March.

The 58th Grammy Awards are slowly creeping up and its about that time to start voting for nominations. Grammy voters for your consideration, Rocky Dawuni’s “Branches of the Same Tree” for Reggae Album category.

Click HERE to listen to the album to see why Rocky would be a great nomination for this category.

Artist Feature: Jeremy Haik

In today’s artist feature we’re taking a closer look at Jeremy Haik’s studio based images.

“In my current body of work, the language of science and history are my materials. I photograph arrangements of images and text reclaimed from books, and each image is the product of experimentation with washes of colored light, printed matter, and Polaroid photos. Some are manipulated digitally, but most remain as the camera saw them.”

haik 001

haik 002

haik 003

haik 004

haik 005

haik 006

haik 007

haik 008

haik 009

haik 010

Jeremy Haik, is a Brooklyn based artist who recently put out a new book, featuring his studio based images. Which you can find here! You can also view more of his work on his Instagram and Website, or follow him on Twitter.