The House of Marley Debuts Earth-Friendly Watches at Agenda Show

While the House of Marley has become synonymous with Earth-friendly in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones, and portable audio systems, The Agenda Show in Long Beach, California will be the site of an entirely new product unveiling for the brand. January 4 & 5 at the Long Beach Convention Center, the House of Marley will be showcasing our new line of unique Earth-friendly watches.

This innovative new watch line, available for purchase in Spring 2013 from select retailers, includes premium-crafted timepieces that exude the look and feel of nature. Crafted using low impact steel, sustainable wood and recycled dials, the House of Marley will feature three different waves of our two new watches, dubbed the Capsule and the Marital. Each series will boast distinctive styles, additional features and more value per watch.


Showcasing the naturally tanned and salvaged leather for the Marital and Capsule leather series, the House of Marley will offer a look at how the brand has committed to using Earth-friendly material in the production of our products. The canvas version of the watches will utilize our own signature REWIND fabric that is created by blending together organic cotton, reclaimed hemp and the fibers of recycled water bottles.

In addition to the exhibition of the new Marital and Capsule watch lines at the Agenda Show, the recently launched Marley Lively Up and Lively Up Leather bag lines will also be on display. Similarly crafted in an Earth-friendly manner, these bags were created to offer unique bag options for a number of different lifestyles.

Attend the Agenda Show this weekend for a glimpse at the latest from the House of Marley. Witness firsthand how our brand keeps the beliefs and tenets of Bob Marley alive through our Earth-friendly and stylishly designed bags, watches, portable audio systems, in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones.

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