House Of Marley Approved: Civilware


They say, “It’s the little things in life that matter,” and at the House of Marley, we definitely agree with that sentiment. When you’re heading out on your next camping expedition, consider the bare minimum of what you need. An ax, a little coffee and a dry place to put some kindling, a flint stick or your in-ear headphones. Sound about right? If so, then Civilware and the House of Marley have your needs covered.

Taking a similar back to basics approach as the House of Marley, Civilware is creating unique goods that are perfect for the trail, mountain or just about any adventure you can handle. This gear has all been handcrafted and the gem of the collection is the Civilware Pathfinder Axe. Limited to only 12 axes, this tool is perfect for salvaging fallen wood, splitting logs and just about any job you can offer up to it. Another sick addition to the line are the service tins of coffee that will easily fit in a scout pack and keep all of your tiny needs dry in the event of rain.

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The House of Marley Recieves High Praise For Liberate On-Ear Headphones


Here at the House of Marley, we love creating the sickest sounding audio gear possible. Yet, it’s important to us to do so without making a large impact on the environment. Through countless hours of design work and testing, some sleepless days and nights, we’ve created the next pair in our series of killer on-ear headphones — the Liberate.

Built with stainless steel, FSC certified wood and our exclusive REWIND material, the Liberate are our latest pair of earth-friendly headphones. Bumping out booming bass and crisp trebles, courtesy of 40mm high performance drivers, these headphones offer high sound quality without any negative connotations.

Don’t just take it from us! We’re snapping up praise left and right for the Liberate headphones. The culmination of effortless style and impeccable sound quality, these new on-ear headphones have already received rave reviews from Highsnobiety, Gear Patrol, Gearculture and more. Check out what they had to say below:


“Standing out from the crowd has never been easier with House of Marley’s Liberate. Boasting an earth-friendly design made of stainless steel and sustainable wood, these on-ear headphones is also fine tuned for excellent sound, strong acoustics, and all-day comfort.” – Gearculture

“You need a fly pair of headphones, but you don’t want to harm the environment with an irresponsible, earth-damaging purchase. Well… don’t worry ’bout a thing, ’cause every little thing is gonna be all right” – Gear Patrol

“Their design is matched by a high-performance delivery of sound with the MARLEY signature sound.” – Highsnobiety

“… Leather ear cushions that provide a soft feel and lasting comfort while delivering sound isolation for full immersion into your favorite music.” – Vouchmag



House Of Marley Approved: Bogobrush


It’s time to keep brushing locally, but start thinking globally. The House of Marley recently found Bogobrush, a killer company that is focused on creating well-made earth-friendly toothbrushes. Just like our Chant Bluetooth Portable Audio System, these toothbrushes are made using bamboo, which is a material that grows fast and is also completely biodegradable. Once you’re done with your Bogobrush, you can simply throw it in your backyard and the brush will literally dispose of itself.

Why would you want to get rid of an awesome tooth brush? Simple. For every Bogobrush purchased, the company gives away a brush to a person in need, hence the name Bogo (Buy One Get One). With an initial goal of giving away 10,000 brushes, the company has already achieved a hefty sum of 8,000 and they aren’t finished yet. Give the boot to plaque and toothbrushes made from plastic in one fell swoop by helping to protect the environment and your next door neighbor.

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Nine Mile: The City Where Bob Marley Was Born

Where Was Bob Marley Born

While many fans believe he was a native of Kingston, Jamaica, the city where Bob Marley was born is actually Nine Mile in the parish of Saint Ann. Found in the northern part of the small island, Nine Mile is a completely rural part of the country, especially when compared to the vacation-friendly capital of Kingston.

In his teenage years, the infamous singer would move to the Trenchtown part of Kingston, where he would live out the majority of his life. Yet, after passing in 1981, Bob Marley’s body was brought back to the city where he was born and laid to rest near his brother. In tribute to the city’s fallen son, Nine Mile residents have erected shrines to Bob and the Marley family around his childhood home.

Whatever you’ve heard or known about Jamaica is completely erased once you’re in the sacred land of Nine Mile. There is something heavy in the air that alerts you to the spiritual weight of this town. Something special in the soil, which not only gives the region its fair share of bananas and coffee beans, but it is the land that gave the world Bob Marley. If you’ve never been, pack a pair of on-ear headphones, immerse yourself in the music of Marley and check out these three significant spots in Nine Mile.

The Marley Homestead

citywherebobmarleywasbornThe tiny Marley home in Nine Mile, the city where Bob Marley was born, is no bigger than 300 square feet. With two rooms, one acting as a bedroom and the other for family gatherings, the house is quaint, but offers a homey feeling. Outside of the home, you’ll see the kitchen, which features an open fire pit made of rocks, and find the entire property painted in the
traditional Ethiopian colors of
green, yellow and red.

The Marley Mausoleum

citywherebobmarleywasborn2Following the wishes of his mother Cedella Booker Marley, Bob was laid to rest in a mausoleum on the Marley family property next to his brother. Buried in 1981, Marley was placed in a casket with his beloved Gibson Les Paul and a bible opened to Psalm 23 in this unique Ethiopian themed church. The journey to the Marley mausoleum is a special one as the grounds are the same place where he was born and lived out his youth. It provides a spiritual experience that can hardly be replicated anywhere else in Jamaica.

citywherebobmarleywasbornThe Rasta Rock Pillow

In front of the mausoleum in which Bob Marley is buried, there is a famed rock that is said to have been a spot of inspiration for the late singer. Vaguely resembling a flat pillow, locals say that Marley would lay his head on the stone, an act which the songwriter later recounted in his song “Talkin’ Blues” from the Natty Dread album.

Take To The Trail With A Playlist Of Hiking Music

Your gear is packed and you’re ready to hit the trail. Whether your heart leads you to the mountains, oceanside or the forest is your choice. No matter which adventure you decide on, check out our hiking music playlist for some songs that will have you feeling inspired.

Through the beauty of nature and the incredible music coming from your Zion in-ear headphones,  your path down the road seldom traveled will be joyous. From soul-stirring dub to bright, shiny electro-pop, you’ll keep moving to the spirit of the sounds.

Brian Jonestown Massacre “Super-Sonic”

With the morning sun breaking through the sky, BJM’s sitar-filled psychedelic sounds will evoke a sense of rebirth during the first moments of your trip.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Thought Ballune”

Carrying on with a similar floating vibe, “Thought Ballune” from Unknown Mortal Orchestra offers the perfect bouncing walking beat.

Young Dreams “First Day of Something”

This young UK band blends indie pop and world music together perfectly. Fit for a hiking music playlist on the beach or in the woods, the strings and anthemic drums offer up an upbeat soundtrack.

The G.G. All Stars “Mosquito — Dub”

With epic bass bubbling up from underneath reverb-laden drums, this dub classic from Alvin Ranglin’s group is perfect for deep forest hiking. Protect yourself with the bass and keep the real mosquitos away.

Bob Marley and the Wailers “Sun is Shining

Bob put it best, “Sun is shining / The weather is sweet / Yeah make you wanna move your dancing feet.” Get outside — take in all of Mother Nature’s beauty.

Doldrums “Egypt”

Let’s start picking up the pace of this hiking playlist. Doldrums, a one-man electronic experiment from Montreal, will have you practically dancing through the scenic landscape.

Frankie Rose “Daylight Sky”

The dreamy pop of Frankie Rose feels like the clouds that set in while trekking up the side of the mountain. The music is captivating, but light and airy.

Augustus Pablo “Nature Dub”

Even before Dub-Step, Augustus Pablo has been making unworldly sounds for Earth since the 1970s. Pablo reels his sounds down to the forest floor for the essential “Nature Dub.”

The Black Angels “Melanie’s Melody”

With their ethereal sound, the Black Angels match the meaning of their heavenly name. “Melanie’s Melody” combines swirling vocals and soundscapes with tight 1960s pop.

Lee “Scratch” Perry “Dreadlocks In Moonlight”

As Bob Marley’s infamous producer, Lee Perry’s sounds are the stuff of legend. “Dreadlocks In Moonlight,” will round out your nature music playlist with a bouncing reggae classic from the master.

House of Marley Approved: Kite Patch


There is nothing like getting back to basics and hitting the trail for a hike. However, there is also nothing like the experience of becoming a human pin cushion and getting a million mosquito bites. Kick harmful bug sprays to the curb, and make a unique contribution to society, by picking up a Kite Patch. All it takes is sticking one of these small squares on your clothing and mosquitos will keep on buzzing by.

Wanna know the best part? Kite is working to take their patches to third-world countries. The company will donate a patch to someone who truly needs it every time you buy one for yourself. At the House of Marley, we believe that giving back and helping the world is one of the most important things a person can do. Thankfully, because of companies like Kite, it just became easier to make a difference on a personal level.