House of Marley Approved: Foxygen


Retro for the sake of being called such is lame. Instead of sticking with something safe, Foxygen sketched out a new formula of their own. Combining dusty folk with glam rock ambitions, the California band has created playful pop on par with the classics. Check out the group’s single “San Francisco” from their latest album, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic, available now on JagJaguwar.

The House of Marley Hits Up The Transworld Come Up Tour 2013


Around the globe, little groms hit the skate park every single day with the dream of having a chance to win a major competition and take home the big prize. We’ve teamed up with Transworld Skateboarding on their current Come Up Tour to offer amateur skateboarders the chance to bring home a championship of their own.

The C.U.T. tour starts with underage skaters submitting footage to become prequalified for a skate jam at their local park. The best of the best qualify for the finals, while hundreds of their skate brethren continue to battle it out for the chance to be called C.U.T champion.


This past Saturday, Chicago’s finest took over Piotrowski Skate Park, vying for three gear-stuffed Lively Up bags. From the techie switch flip crooked grind of Kevin Braun to the giant kickflips of Jorgey Rodriguez, the competition was hot and heavy. In the end, no one could match the flip-in/flip-out tricks Emmet Duffy was throwing down as he walked away with the C.U.T. championship for the Windy City.

Transworld’s C.U.T. continues to roll on down the road this weekend for a stop in Phoenix on April 27. We’ll be taking over the Peoria Skate Park with Cowtown skate shop and getting skaters to go big for some Lively Up bags and more prizes from Independent, Deathwish and Shake Junt. Skaters can still apply for the Phoenix contest by sending a one-minute video with their best tricks to Transworld Skateboarding.

Bonus: Check out this sick contest recap from the Chicago stop of the C.U.T and get some inspiration to shred:

Photo Credit: Transworld Skateboarding

House of Marley Approved: Bark


Simplifying your life is never easy, but a new wallet might be a step in the right direction. Forget leather and think Bark. This new streamlined wallet from AMCW are made with sustainable cork and offer a fresh minimalist restart. Head over to the group’s Kickstarter campaign, back the project with a $25 donation and you’ll be one of the first to receive a Bark wallet. Style + Sustainable = Awesome.

Daycation Pt. 2 With Izzy Guttuso

When we last caught up with freelance photography Izzy Guttuso, she had taken in a day of relaxing beachside fun with her friends. Check out Izzy’s second DayCation below, as she leaves behind the comfort of the ocean for a skateboarding mission. A few arm scrapes, shredded boards and hundreds of miles later, her crew has had another successful adventure. Stay tuned to the House of Marley blog for more day trips with Izzy and get some inspiration to go explore your own world.


DayCation Pt. 2

Getting up early is always a part of the deal. You get in a good meal, relax for a bit, prepare your deck set up and cruise a little. Living in Florida, where the land is so flat, we have to head north to find the right hills for longboarding.



One of my favorite places to skate is Hiawassee in Northern Georgia. When we get to the hill, there are no cars, no city sounds, just the nervous chatter of friends, snaps of helmets and rips of velcro as we re-adjust our slide gloves. When stopping isn’t an option, padding isn’t really an alternative or choice. You just gotta have it.


Being able to fly down miles of winding roads through fog and nature awakens the senses. The cool air rushing past my skin forms goosebumps on my body, and the adrenaline pumping through my veins gives me the most incredible feeling.



Despite the cuts, road burns and broken bones, I don’t ever want to stop getting that feeling that skateboarding gives me. It just wouldn’t feel right. Growing up, learning to skate came before I even learned how to ride a bike. To me, it’s not a sport or pastime anymore, it’s a lifestyle.



Photography/Words by Izzy Guttuso 

Tyler Wright and Owen Wright Join Team Marley


When looking for Team Marley members, we aren’t just looking for the most skilled and stylish at their craft. We want people who are committed to living life the way they want to live, while still respecting the earth and the community that surrounds them. That’s why we’re proud to announce the addition of two lifelong surfers, Tyler Wright and Owen Wright, to the ranks of Team Marley.

Born and bred surfing off the coast of Australia, Tyler and Owen got their start at an early age thanks to their older brother and father. The brother and sister duo’s dedication to surfing every single day has paid off as they have quickly risen through the ranks to become the hottest surfers on the ASP World Championship Tour.

TylerWrightOwenWright1 TylerWrightOwenWright2

In addition to ripping up the ASP World Tour and repping our line of Earth-friendly headphones, watches, portable audio systems and Lively Up bags, the Wrights are also taking the time to give back. Recently, the duo taught a surfing clinic for kids in Northern New South Wales at the Hurley Australia High Performance Centre. Check out the video below of the Wrights teaching a new generation of rippers and offer them a warm welcome them to Team Marley:

Photo Credit: ASP World Tour and Jason Childs

House of Marley Approved: Bunkie


Looking to get in touch with nature without making a huge impact? The Bunkie from 608 Design and BLDG Workshop is a new take on a dwelling that puts the focus on earth-friendly design and materials. Whether in your backyard or deep in the forest, The Bunkie utilizes reclaimed barn wood to offer a multi-use room that allows the bare necessity for enjoying the outdoors.

Bunkie1 Bunkie2


Celebrate Record Store Day With Rare Bob Marley Records


The smell of a record store is a distinct one. As a celebration of the scent of decaying vinyl and musty basement, record stores across the US are celebrating Record Store Day on April 20, 2013. With over 700 record stores participating in special sales, there has never been a better time to start collecting Bob Marley records.

While most pieces of vinyl like Kaya and Exodus are easy to find, some Bob Marley records are incredibly rare. During your Record Store Day adventures be on the lookout for some of the harder-to-find albums mentioned here. Throw on a pair of over-ear headphones and start studying up on some of the rarest Bob Marley records around:

Bob Marley “Judge Not”

As the very first recording of Bob Marley, the song “Judge Not” is still a popular item amongst collectors. Released by Island Records in 1963, the vinyl grooves captures 17-year-old Marley contemplating the concept of judgment. In the song, Marley states, “Judge not / Before you judge yourself / Judge not / If you’re not ready for judgment.”

The Wailers “Diamond Baby”

After coming in for a Sunday night audition, The Wailers signed a five-year contract with Coxsone Records in 1964. One of the group’s first hits for the label was “Diamond Baby,” which subsequently would become one of the hardest Bob Marley records to find on vinyl. This song was originally written by Curtis Mayfield for his group, The Impressions, whom the Wailers would continue to cover throughout their careers.

Bob Marley and The Wailers “Selassie is the Chapel”

There have been several different pressings of this early Wailers hit, which means that the value of later releases is near non-existent. However, for hardcore record collectors, there is something fascinating about a first pressing. The rarely seen white label version of this record can fetch nearly $2000 at auction.

The Wailers The Wailing Wailers LP

Still commanding anywhere from $500 to $1000, The Wailing Wailers LP is the first full-length appearance of the group that would eventually become Bob Marley’s backing band. Collecting early singles and covers, the album also includes an early take of the masterpiece “One Love.” Although radically faster, the song is still intact for the most part.

Bob Marley and The Wailers Lighter Box Set

When Bob Marley’s album Catch a Fire was initially released, the vinyl came with a gatefold cover that acted like a lighter with a flip top. In 2003, Universal Records recreated the packaging on a bigger scale including 12 Bob Marley records inside of a large Zippo. The box set is limited to 100 pressings, making it one of the rarest pieces of Bob Marley memorabilia.

House of Marley Approved: Transworld Skate & Create 2013


Imagine it; Transworld gives you two builders, a van full of rails and ten days to create your dream skate spots for your own Skate & Create 2013 video. What would you do? Toy Machine team rider Josh Harmony created a rail gap to sloped embankment that most would shy away from. The word “sketchy” doesn’t even come close to describing his epic noseblunt down the makeshift rail.

Check out Toy Machine’s contribution to the Skate & Create 2013, “Whoops,” and watch Josh and his teammates transform the streets into their own skate park.