Sustainable Homes? The House of Marley Approves

The new movement of building eco-friendly products, from something as small as in-ear headphones up to large sustainable homes, isn’t a fad. It’s simply a way of existing.

From garden rooftops to bachelor pads made of recycled rail cars, the makeup of the green home is being perfected right in front of our eyes. Ever see yourself living the sustainable high life? You’ll be packing your bags after you check out these new eco-friendly digs.


Yachts used to be cool, but now water-bound lofts are the new kings of the sea. Plucked straight off the top floor of a Manhattan high-rise, the floating home from Germany features a green roof, vegetable garden and emits zero emissions.


Forget about your old room divider — Normal Projects’ unfolding apartment is a Murphy bed gone crazy. Keep your sustainable home’s style intact by getting rid of wasteful furniture and keeping things as simple as possible.

From small homes in the woods to new hotels in major cities, recycled rail cars are a trending material for hip architects. Cleaned, gutted and turned into living quarters, their use nearly eliminates the need for eco-destructive building supplies.

Living sustainably doesn’t mean sacrificing style. You have to seek out the products that help create positive change, maintain your own aesthetic and then take the first step to make your own impact be felt. Be the change that you want to see.

Photo Credit: Normal Projects and Inhabitat

The Rastaration of Bob Marley’s Land Rover


Can you hear it? That’s the sound of Bob Marley’s Land Rover firing up in the distance.  After sitting idle for decades, mechanics have brought a piece of the Marley legacy back to life.

Stripped to the bone and reimagined by the ATL Automotive group, the Land Rover project has been a labor of love. Down to the smallest detail, auto designers and technicians have worked months to make everything the way Bob Marley would have wanted it.

Further putting the Marley stamp on the project, Bob’s eldest daughter, Cedella Marley has created the upholstery for the car’s interior. While the project is still in the final stages of completion, the car has come a long way since its rust-ridden condition of 2012.


Bob Marley was known for driving his Land Rover around the streets of Kingston, Jamaica and finding inspiration to write his lyrics. Can you imagine being in the car with Bob, witnessing the creation of songs like “Get Up Stand Up,” “I Shot The Sheriff” and “One Love?”

Celebrating the Marley heritage and repurposing items from the past inspires us to create new products, whether it’s Earth-friendly bags, portable audio systems or over-ear headphones. What inspires you? Share your muse with the House of Marley on our Facebook page and tell us what makes you want to #LiveMarley.

BONUS: ATL Automotive is documenting the process of rebuilding Bob Marley’s Land Rover through a unique video series. Check out the video below and watch the ATL team strip the Land Rover to its core.

Celebs React to Bob Marley Tribute During the 2013 Grammys

Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

In celebration of what would have been his 68th birthday, the 2013 Grammys featured an all-star Bob Marley tribute including some of music’s hottest stars. Directly connecting the dots between today’s sounds and the reggae legend’s illustrious career, the performance proved that Bob Marley has the ultimate staying power.

Bruno Mars kicked off the festivities by practically lighting the stage ablaze with his reggae-influenced track “Locked Out of Heaven.” Sting, Rihanna, Ziggy Marley and Damian Marley then joined Mars for the Marley classic “Could You Be Loved,” rocking the crowd into reggae oblivion.

What did celebrities think of the Bob Marley tribute? Twitter was filled with positive reactions from across the world.











We want to know what you thought of the Bob Marley tribute at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Did it do the legend justice? If you missed the performance, watch the video below and head to our Facebook page to share your opinion!

House Of Marley & A Deeper Shade Of Blue Partner For Instagram Contest

A Deeper Shade of Blue – the latest film from director, photographer and surf enthusiast Jack McCoy – gets you as close to the sea-foam as you can get without actually riding a wave. With a unique look at surf culture, McCoy puts you in vantage points that are rarely ever seen by humans, let alone filmed on camera.

As a sponsor of the A Deeper Shade of Blue premiere on Wednesday, February 6, we are teaming up with the moviemakers, West Surfing Products and Sol Shop to celebrate the release of this spectacular film and launch an accompanying Instagram contest. All you have to do is show us how surfing has made an impact on your life.

We want to see pictures of the beach you grew up on, your first surfboard, the gnarliest waves you’ve pushed out into, or anything else that shows what surfing means to you. Once you’ve got a killer pic, upload your photo to Instagram and tag @houseofmarley and #LiveLoveSurf to be instantly entered to win.

Over the next two months, we will be giving away awesome prizes every week including over-ear headphones, portable audio systems, and much more. Check out the contest prize schedule below and enter as often as you’d like. Submissions to the Instagram contest must be in by March 22 11:59 p.m. PST.

Get more inspiration for your surfing shots by checking out the trailer for A Deeper Shade of Blue above, and see the entire film in theatres on March 22!


House of Marley & A Deeper Shade of Blue Instagram Contest Schedule

February 15 – Rise Up Over-Ear Headphones from House of Marley
February 22 – Two Spring Suits from Westing Surfing Products
March 1 – A Tribal Cabana from Sol Shop
March 8 – Bag of Riddim Portable Audio System from House of Marley
March 15 – Steamer Suit from West Surfing Products
March 22 – Custom A Deeper Shade of Blue Cabana from Sol Shop
March 29 – Two tickets to the Red Carpet Premiere at Downtown Disney and a one night stay at a Disney Hotel from New World Distribution
April 5 – Two tickets to the one-night movie theatre event of A Deeper Shade of Blue from Fathom Events