Garrett McNamara Captures Record Wave… Again

Garrett McNamara knows no fear. Facing down a tumultuous wave more than 100 feet high, the Massachusetts native paddled into the break off the coast of Nazare, Portugal and rode into the record books… again!

Garrett McNamara has been studying the small fishing village of Nazare since 2010 and scouting the location specifically for its gigantic waves. Due to a deep-water canyon that connects to the shore, the area sees bigger waves than most coastlines due to a funneling effect.

Breaking the record he set in May 2012, the latest wave Garrett McNamara rode was nearly 30 feet taller than his first epic record-setting ride. And the feat wasn’t without danger, as the rocky coastline offered several close calls. Nearly making a wrong turn at one point, the 45-year-old surfer navigated himself out of harms way with a slashes of his board.

We commend Garrett McNamara for chasing excitement and once again rewriting the record books. If tackling a wave like this doesn’t embody the #LiveMarley spirit, we don’t know what does.

Check out video of Garrett’s record-breaking wave below!

Photo Credit: Tobias Ilsanker

Hit The Sand With Your Chant Portable Bluetooth Speaker & This Beach Songs Playlist

Since it’s winter for most of us, people in warmer climates should take advantage of the sun and dig their feet into the sands of the local beach. We’ve even created our own beach songs playlist to help you start the party on your Chant portable Bluetooth speaker. And for anyone who can’t hit the beach in 20 degree weather, you too can enjoy this beach songs playlist to get you geared up for the good times that will surely come with the more forgiving spring weather.

U-Roy – “On The Beach”

Start your beach songs playlist with none other than “The Originator,” and let U-Roy’s funky reggae beckon your friends to go “have some fun, on the beach where there is a party.“

The Babies – “Moonlight Mile”

Cooing girl/boy vocals and sharp keyboard lines saunter this jam from the Brooklyn-based band, The Babies. You can nearly hear the waves crashing in with each strum of reverb-filled guitar noise.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Some Time Alone, Alone”

On “Some Time Alone, Alone” Melody’s Echo Chamber evokes the spirit of a mellow day, beachside hanging with friends and a Chant portable Bluetooth speaker.

Bob Marley – “Rainbow Country”

Bob Marley appears on our beach songs playlist with a little known ode to a beautiful day in Jamaica. Claiming, “Though the road might be rocky, it sure feels good,” Marley’s lyrics make “Rainbow Country” an uplifting anthem.

Mac Demarco – “Cooking Up Something Good”

Creating a blend of modern indie rock and feel good reggae on “Cooking Up Something Good,” Mac Demarco will have your heads bouncing along with the breaking waves.

Neil Young – “Walk On”

With its iconic cover, a Cadillac buried in the sand, Neil Young’s album On The Beach features some classic jams for days spent at the seaside. The track “Walk On” has a stumbling reggae/rock vibe that reminds us of having fun in the sun.

Love Is All – “Wishing Well”

With “Wishing Well,” the Swedish five-piece Love Is All channeled the rush of ocean waves and offered an instant party jam to anyone in need of a hoppin’ beach songs playlist.

Wavves – “King of the Beach”

Wavves is as engrained in the sand of the Pacific Ocean as the shells and stones that line the shore. Not adding “King of the Beach” and the sound of the Golden Coastline onto our beach songs playlist was unthinkable.

The Heptones – “It’s Like Heaven”

Spending time with your friends in the sand is “just like heaven all the time.” Let The Heptones preach!

Peace – “Your Hand in Mine”

Of course, your day at the beach was filled with fun and great music on your Chant portable Bluetooth speaker, but you need a closing song for the perfect ending. Peace’s “Your Hand in Mine” is the essential track for just such an occasion.

Jam the House of Marley’s Beach Songs Playlist on Spotify

New Ziggy Marley Album Out Now!

In stores today, the new Ziggy Marley album, simply titled, Ziggy Marley In Concert, finds the reggae artist and his band in an especially tight groove from years of touring internationally.

Perfect for being jammed on the new Chant portable Bluetooth speakers or Rise Up over-ear headphones, Ziggy and his band exemplify what they do best by playing taut live renditions of hits like “Justice,” “Love Is My Religion” and “True To Myself.”

Keeping the #LiveMarley spirit alive, Ziggy shines a spotlight on his father’s legacy by covering two classic Bob Marley tracks. Jamming spiritedly on “War” and “Is This Love,” the new Ziggy Marley album shows that there will always be a place for his father’s timeless music in today’s world.

Ziggy’s next project sees him setting his sights on a one man solo album, but not before working on a charitable endeavor with the Rotary International’s End Polio Now campaign. Prior to the next Ziggy Marley album, the Jamaican artist will be donating his song “Personal Revolution” to a new benefit record. Having helped in the fight to eradicate the disease from Jamaica, Ziggy is hoping these new efforts can help achieve the same result in Africa.

Working to keep the ideals of his father alive, Ziggy Marley and the House of Marley have found that through philanthropy, passionate music and an upbeat spirit, it’s possible to make an impact on this planet.

The House Of Marley Rocks The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show

The House of Marley introduced the world to our newest line of personal audio and lifestyle products this week at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Known as one of the world’s premier electronics events, the Consumer Electronics Show brings out the newest innovations brands have to offer and acted as the perfect launching point for the new House of Marley gear.

“When we started, we made a promise and a commitment to our planet and Marley fans,” Rohan Marley said during Consumer Electronics Show. “Today, we are continuing to work hard to deliver on that promise by creating extraordinary personal audio and lifestyle products that reflect our commitment to a global movement, and expresses our love of music, craft, the planet and people.”


Rohan Marley & Derek Hough of Dancing wih the Stars.

Announcing a new era of wireless technology for our brand, the House of Marley debuted new portable Bluetooth speakers, including the Chant, the Bag of Riddim, the versatile Get Together speaker and the Roots Rock carrying bag. The House of Marley’s home audio system, The Get Up Stand Up, was also given a Bluetooth makeover for the Consumer Electronic Show, while the One Foundation Premium Digital Audio System made a splash with it’s unique four driver design.


Rohan Marley & artist/producer Swizz Beatz.

The House of Marley’s dedication to using eco-friendly materials in every product is represented best in our new over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones and in-ear headphones. The Rise Up over-ear headphones offer aviator style with unique bamboo-fiber ear cushions, while our new Legend in-ear headphones are made with FSC certified wood. New on-ear headphones, including Harambe, Buffalo Soldier, Riddim and Liberate, give consumers the ability to purchase sophisticated audio gear at several different price points.

The House of Marley was proud to finally show our newest product lines at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Check out the video recap below, and stay tuned here for more!

Introducing The New Chant Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re pleased to introduce the next step in the evolution of the House of Marley: the Chant Bluetooth.

Offering the same carrying ability as the original Chant (thanks to the REWIND carrying bag with carabineer), the House of Marley’s new portable Bluetooth speakers are perfect for traveling. Whether hiking through the woods, biking down a mountain or hanging out at the beach, the Chant keeps your hands free of annoying cords and allows for complete wireless freedom when it comes to your entertainment.

Pumping out the quality sound you deserve, courtesy of a 2” speaker with passive radiator, the Chant portable Bluetooth speakers pack a large punch with a small package. Connecting your wireless device through the House of Marley’s new Bluetooth technology, or plugging in via the traditional auxiliary input, the impressive bass sounds and perfect treble tone will remain the same no matter what. With the House of Marley Chant Bluetooth, there is never a loss in quality.

The House of Marley’s latest version of the Chant portable audio system was also created with sustainable bamboo wood, REWIND fabric, and even recycled packaging.

If you’re looking for the newest technology in portable Bluetooth speakers, and something that is easy on the environment, the new Chant Bluetooth is the best of both worlds.

The Harambe On-Ear Headphones With Mic Embody The House Of Marley Philosophy

The House of Marley’s firm commitment to earth-friendly products is shown proudly with our new on-ear headphones with mic. Employing recycled aluminum and the House of Marley’s patented REWIND fabric, the Harambe on-ear headphones with mic deliver stellar sound without leaving a lasting impact on the environment. REWIND fabric, a House of Marley creation, is made with recycled hemp, organic cotton and recycled water bottles and colored with water-based dye.

As the lightest headset created by the House of Marley so far, these comfortable on-ear headphones weigh less than two pounds and have an airy feel about them. Designed to have a maximum sound in a minimum amount of space, the on-ear headphones with mic are compact, but deliver a distinct, crisp sound courtesy of two 30 mm dynamic drivers.

Throughout the process of building the House of Marley, our brand has remained focused on well-constructed comfortable on-ear headphones, but with the idea that eco-friendly technology and charity work can make a worldly impact.

The Harambe headphones are the culmination of the House of Marley’s beliefs. Pulling together our love of the environment, sustainable technology and our efforts to help 1Love with a portion of sales from every set of on-ear headphones with mic sold, we hope to make a positive impact on the world, one piece at a time.

The House of Marley Debuts Earth-Friendly Watches at Agenda Show

While the House of Marley has become synonymous with Earth-friendly in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones, and portable audio systems, The Agenda Show in Long Beach, California will be the site of an entirely new product unveiling for the brand. January 4 & 5 at the Long Beach Convention Center, the House of Marley will be showcasing our new line of unique Earth-friendly watches.

This innovative new watch line, available for purchase in Spring 2013 from select retailers, includes premium-crafted timepieces that exude the look and feel of nature. Crafted using low impact steel, sustainable wood and recycled dials, the House of Marley will feature three different waves of our two new watches, dubbed the Capsule and the Marital. Each series will boast distinctive styles, additional features and more value per watch.


Showcasing the naturally tanned and salvaged leather for the Marital and Capsule leather series, the House of Marley will offer a look at how the brand has committed to using Earth-friendly material in the production of our products. The canvas version of the watches will utilize our own signature REWIND fabric that is created by blending together organic cotton, reclaimed hemp and the fibers of recycled water bottles.

In addition to the exhibition of the new Marital and Capsule watch lines at the Agenda Show, the recently launched Marley Lively Up and Lively Up Leather bag lines will also be on display. Similarly crafted in an Earth-friendly manner, these bags were created to offer unique bag options for a number of different lifestyles.

Attend the Agenda Show this weekend for a glimpse at the latest from the House of Marley. Witness firsthand how our brand keeps the beliefs and tenets of Bob Marley alive through our Earth-friendly and stylishly designed bags, watches, portable audio systems, in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones.

Tony Hawk Foundation Brings Skateboarding to Underprivileged Youth

Recently, the Tony Hawk Foundation united with eBay Giving Works and some of the most recognizable names in the music industry to raise $126,000 in an effort to build skateparks for underprivileged youth.

tony-hawk-foundationtony-hawk-foundationDeveloped by Tony Hawk Foundation board member and musician Ben Harper, the group collected old pro skater decks from the likes of Jamie Thomas, Bucky Lasek and Mike Vallely to auction. Yet, these weren’t just any old decks. Inscribed with lyrics and autographs from Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, and the recently departed Adam “MCA” Yauch, all of these skateboards were certifiable one-of-a-kind pieces of skate and music history. While the rest of us will have to settle for skating to these artists playing on our Bag of Riddim portable audio systems, a few lucky folks will now have the option to skate on the hand scribed lyrics of these legendary songs (though we wouldn’t recommend it!).

The board with the highest bid was a Jamie Thomas signature Zero deck adorned with the signature of Bob Dylan. Emblazoned with the words of Dylan’s signature hit, “Blowin’ in the Wind,” it became the most expensive single deck ever purchased in the history of the skateboarding at $38,425.

All of the proceeds from the auction went directly to the Tony Hawk Foundation, which has already helped build over 400 skate parks in low income areas.

Skateboarding’s ability to unite youth from all different types of backgrounds can’t be ignored. The House of Marley commends the Tony Hawk Foundation for working to impact underprivileged youth across the country. The epitome of #LiveMarley is creating something that helps society move forward today. Props to the Tony Hawk Foundation.