The House of Marley, 1Love and Little Kids Rock Bring Music to Disadvantaged School Children


With music education waning in the public school system, the House of Marley and have teamed up with Little Kids Rock to bring the instruments back to music classrooms. In celebration of a musical icon who has been working toward the same goal, the House of Marley, 1Love and Little Kids Rock will be presenting Steven Van Zandt with the “Big Man of the Year Award” at this year’s Right to Rock Celebration on October 16.

Past honorees of the Little Kids Rock “Big Man of the Year Award” include Lady Gaga and Steven Van Zandt’s fellow E Street Band member, Clarence Clemmons, who the award was named after following his untimely passing in 2011.

As for this year’s award winner, “Little” Steven Van Zandt has been an avid philanthropist, radio show host and Bruce Springsteen’s right-hand man in the E Street Band for four decades now. His involvement with Little Kids Rock has helped the charity bring free music lessons and instruments to over 100,000 school children from all over the United States.

In addition to honoring Little Steven, the event will also function as a live and silent auction with proceeds going to Little Kids Rock. Offering up incredible collectible items including a custom guitar featuring Bob Marley painted by Mister Cartoon, a guitar signed by Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band, a keyboard signed by Lady Gaga, and so much more. The House of Marley, 1Love and Little Kids Rock are hoping to pull some big funds in to help further develop the public school system’s take on music education.

Taking place at the Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom on October 16, the House of Marley and sponsored Right to Rock Celebration will also include a rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza featuring Van Zandt’s accomplished music friends. Performers including Elvis Costello, Tom Morello, Dion, Darlene Love and many members of the E Street Band will take to the stage to salute Van Zandt and Little Kids Rock commitment to sharing the power of music with children around the world.

Whether you can or can’t attend the Right to Rock Celebration in person, join the House of Marley and Little Kids Rock in the fight to put music back into our schools. Helping can be as simple as monetary donations, offering up your time or even giving up used music equipment. If you’re in New York on October 16, check out the Right to Rock Celebration and join the House of Marley in honoring one of the most active members of the music education movement: Steven Van Zandt.

Jam These Bob Marley Covers On Our New “Get Up Stand Up” Home Audio System

When deciding what to name the new House of Marley home audio system, which is now available to fans in select countries, we had a relatively short list of song candidates. “Get Up Stand Up” quickly topped that list. Written by Bob Marley and his Wailer bandmate Peter Tosh, “Get Up Stand Up” is known as one of Marley’s signature songs and appeared on the 1973 record, Burnin’. The cultural relevance of the song runs deep and has persevered as one of the most popular Bob Marley covers by new artists.

From hip-hop and reggae to classic rockers and major pop stars, it’s no surprise that Bob Marley covers show up in all shapes and sizes. Often utilized as a mantra for protest, “Get Up Stand Up” has been proclaimed in songs by Guru, Common and Public Enemy. In the classic mid-90s hip-hop track, “Jayou,” Jurassic 5 don’t exactly perform a traditional Bob Marley cover, but rather sample the melody via a recurring woodwind loop.


Elsewhere, there are more traditional Bob Marley covers of “Get Up Stand Up” throughout the past four decades. The Rolling Stones, who formed as an R&B band, later took a reggae turn in the late ‘70s when Marley’s popularity soared. On their Bigger Bang tour in 2005, The Stones paid homage to their hero with a spot-on cover of “Get Up Stand Up.” The recent queen of Bob Marley covers, Rihanna, has also chalked up a new version of the 1973 classic on a recent mixtape.

Listening to “Get Up Stand Up” isn’t just like listening to any other song. It’s an experience. The Marley sound will have you up and out of your seat and when pumped through the House of Marley’s Get Up Stand Up home audio system, it will have you ready for a revolution. Check out these Bob Marley covers we’ve collected below on your brand new Get Up Stand Up and prepare for a funky reggae party.

The Rolling Stones


Jurassic 5


Team Marley’s Zander Venezia Becomes Three-Time Surfing Champion

Some people are just born with a certain destiny in life. For ten-year-old surfing champion wunderkind, Zander Venezia, it’s already clear that riding waves is what he was born to do.

Raised in Barbados, Zander Venezia is already a veteran in the surf world despite his small stature and young age. Surfing waves with the big boys since the age of four, Venezia has quickly risen through the amateur ranks to achieve some of the highest honors possible. Among them, consecutive national championships and the Barbados Surfing Association’s Surfer of the Year award.


As a new recruit to Team Marley, we’re pleased to see that Zander has continued his winning ways with our infinity logo on his board. The pint-sized surfing champion went wild in this past weekends Barbados Surfing Association U12 division competition at the world famous Soup Bowl spot in Bathsheba. A long time favorite surf spot for Venezia, the young surfer showed up his fellow surfers by scoring two points higher than the next closest competitor.

With his next event, The Independence Pro, on the horizon, Team Marley’s young surfing champion will be headed back to the Soup Bowl for another set of waves on November 30. Until then, you’ll probably be able to find Venezia hanging out in the waves, catching some concrete surf on his beloved skateboard and listening to some tunes on his eco-friendly headphones from the House of Marley.