House Of Marley Partners With Apple For Our Latest Portable Audio System, Chant

portable-audio-system-chantYou’ve been waiting patiently (and others not so patiently), and the House of Marley is finally ready to debut the Chant portable audio system. Packed with the signature Marley sound quality, made with earth-friendly materials and a rechargeable battery, the newest House of Marley portable audio system is here and ready for jamming.

Presented in a unique protective canvas bag, the Chant is designed for on-the-go listening complete with a carabineer for easy attachment and a large storage pocket for the Chant’s auxiliary cable.

In addition to a unique design that makes traveling with this portable audio system easy, the Chant delivers the same powerful Marley sound that has become synonymous with our Marley earbuds, headphones and other portable audio docks. Built with a full range driver and a passive radiator that pumps out heavy bass, this new House of Marley speaker is capable of kicking out the jams and delivering crisp, clean detail.

Utilizing the earth-friendly materials that the House of Marley is known for, the Chant incorporates natural bamboo wood and durable canvas into its beautiful design. The plastic used is sourced from recycled material, as is the packaging that houses the Chant portable audio system.

Now available exclusively through the Apple store, the Chant is ready to rock your world with professional grade audio sound. The versatile Chant portable audio system continues our tradition of audio excellence. Head over to the Apple store and be one of the first to bump the House of Marley Chant!


Mashable Gives One Love to House of Marley’s In-Ear Headphones

Last week, tech giant, Mashable posted the above video highlighting a number of our in-ear headphones, and shining the spotlight on Marley headphones that “are musically solid, sustainable and carry the name of world’s greatest reggae artist.”

Showcasing the Jammin’ and Freedom collections, Mashable was impressed with the price range and sustainable material used in creating our in-ear headphones. As for the sound of House of Marley in-ear headphones, reviewer Lauren Gores gushed about the “ridiculously deep bass” that comes courtesy of the 9mm driver hidden inside the confines of the ultra comfortable earpiece.

Whether you like the People Get Ready in-ear headphones for the affordable and awesome sound, or crave the audiophile aesthetic of Redemption Song earbuds, there is a pair of Marley headphones to meet your needs. Check out the full Mashable review by clicking here!

5 Of The Best Travel Songs

Traveling alone can be one of the most fun and introspective experiences in a person’s life. But it’s essential to have a proper soundtrack. No matter if you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, jamming this list of best travel songs through your House of Marley on-ear headphones will only enhance your experience.

5 Of The Best Travel Songs

The Kinks – “This Time Tomorrow”

From the roar of the jet to the frenetic banjo solo in the waning seconds of the song, Ray Davies and The Kinks perfectly capture the frantic, but amazing feeling of traveling in “This Time Tomorrow.”

Paul Simon – “Graceland”

Despite writing “Graceland” during his own travels to South Africa, Paul Simon reflects on the American south in one of the best travel songs ever written. Perfect for taking in the sights, no matter where you are traveling to, “Graceland” has a vibe that crosses continents.

Scotty – “Draw Your Breaks”

Reggae hero Scotty’ single “Draw Your Brakes” maybe one of the most underrated tracks on our list of the best travels songs, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a classic. This epic cut has a groove that propels itself like a train cutting through the landscape.

M.I.A. – “Paper Planes”

With all the talk of visas and train stops in the lyrics of M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes,” along with the driving beat and unstoppable hook, it’s no wonder we picked this one for our list of the best travel songs.

Iggy Pop – “The Passenger”

A new wave classic from proto-punk Iggy Pop, “The Passenger” tells the tale of a nighttime car ride. With 40+ years of touring under his belt, its no wonder the punk rock legend has a knack for writing the best travel songs.

Pack up you Marley Lively Up bags, grab your favorite pair of on-ear headphones and load up this collection of the best travel songs before taking to the highways and byways.

The House of Marley, 1Love and Little Kids Rock Help Raise $800,000

While the stars of the rock ‘n’ roll world shined brightly at the 2012 Right to Rock gala, an event celebrating the ten year anniversary of Little Kids Rock, it was the children who shined the brightest. The event, sponsored by the House of Marley and 1Love, saw children from schools benefited by Little Kids Rock playing in front of a packed Manhattan Center Ballroom, and rocking the house like pros.

Many fans in attendance knew how attendees Elvis Costello, Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello and Little Steven Van Zandt could swing an axe, but the smaller performers displayed a musical prowess beyond their years. Proving why musical education is so important for children, the extremely gracious audience was in awe, contributing over $800,000 through live and silent auctions to Little Kids Rock.

Photo by Mark Jaworski

Adding to the night’s festivities, Little Steven was given the Big Man Award, in honor of his tireless work with the Little Kids Rock charity. Named in tribute to his deceased E Street Band-mate Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons, both men have been huge contributors to the Little Kids Rock cause, donating their time, money and musical knowledge. “The kids still love playing music and we still love hearing it,” Van Zandt exclaimed. “The music can’t stop and we won’t let it.”

Photo by Mark Jaworski

The House of Marley, 1Love and event co-chairs Maureen Van Zandt and E Street Band Drummer Max Weinberg brought together a group of Little Steven’s favorite musicians to close out the night with an all-star jam. Ranging from ‘60s artists like Darlene Love and Dion to younger acts like Jesse Malin, the eclectic mix of musicians lit up the stage before Little Steven’s boss Bruce Springsteen hit the stage to team with his old friend on a few songs.

Photo by Mark Jaworski

With $800,000 in donations, we’re are extremely pleased to see so many people offering their time and hard earned money to benefit musical education in schools. Little Kids Rock has already brought music to more than 85,000 students, and with this large sum of money from the gracious donators at the Right to Rock gala, so many more kids will continue to get the music education they deserve.


The House of Marley Launches Ben Taylor Twitter Contest


Fans of tweets and tunes: listen up! The House of Marley is partnering with singer-songwriter Ben Taylor for a brand new Twitter contest.

Ben Taylor is currently on tour in support of his latest disc, Listening, and the House of Marley is offering you a chance to win signed copies of his album and tons of other free swag! Here’s all you have to know to get in on this Twitter contest:
-Follow both @houseofmarley and @bentaylorHQ on Twitter
-Tweet the following at both accounts: “I want #MarleyMusic from @houseofmarley & @bentaylorHQ”
-Note: Valid entries must include the hashtag #MarleyMusic
-Contest ends Friday, October 26.

We will select a series of random users to win CDs, signed booklets and other awesome merch. Check out the tour dates to see when Ben Taylor will be in your neck of the woods:
10/19/12 Decatur, GA Eddie’s Attic
10/20/12 Charlotte, NC Evening Muse
10/21/12 Morgantown, WV Creative Arts Center
10/23/12 Wilmington, NC The Soapbox
10/24/12 Carrboro, NC The ArtsCenter
10/25/12 Columbia, SC Tin Roof
10/26/12 Greenville, SC The Handlebar

Don’t delay! Tweet at Ben Taylor and the House of Marley today for a chance to win our latest Twitter contest. And while you’re at it, check out this clip of Taylor performing the title track to his latest album, Listening.

House of Marley’s Apple Collaboration Continues With Lively Up Leather Bags

The House of Marley’s collaboration with Apple continues this month with the release of our new line of Lively Up Leather eco-friendly bags. Again, a portion of the sales generated from this exclusive sale will benefit the amazing Marley charity, 1Love. Now through November 15!

Our Lively Up Leather bags are as sleek and stylish as they are durable and versatile. A unique blend of reclaimed hemp and organic cotton mixed with fibers of recycled plastic bottles, our exclusive REWIND material is the foundation for all of the eco-friendly bags in the growing Lively Up collection. With large capacity compartments and a number of convenient side pockets, bags like our Lively Up Leather Scout Pack, Lively Up Leather Messenger, and Lively Up Leather Backpack are the perfect companion for a day trip or an everyday routine.

The House of Marley’s collaboration with Apple continues through November 15, and features our in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, over-headphones, the Chant portable audio system and the Lively Up bag line.

In addition to being featured in the Apple store, 10% of every sale will go to our charity partners at 1Love in our “Double the Love” program. Stock up on the new House of Marley headphones, bags and portable audio systems, all with the added bonus of contributing to the many great causes championed by our friends at 1Love.


House of Marley Teams with Apple to Release Rise Up Over-Ear Headphones

Stop the presses! The House of Marley has teamed with Apple to launch our brand new Rise Up over-ear headphones, with a portion of the sales going to the Marley charity, 1Love. Now through November 15!

A culmination of stylish design and studio-quality sound delivery, the Rise Up over-ear headphones feature comfortable ear pads, noise-isolating technology, and a killer 50mm moving coil driver. Styled after noise-isolating aviator headphones, the new Rise Up headphones have a sleek design emblazoned with the signature Rasta green, yellow and red. Each come with a four foot braided cable and microphone with Apple three-button controller.

Additionally, these eco-friendly headphones utilize recyclable aluminum, stainless steel, durable canvas, and House of Marley’s exclusive REWIND fabric.

The House of Marley collaboration with Apple is going on now through November 15, and features our in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, over-headphones, the Chant portable audio system and the Lively Up bag line.

In addition to our products being featured in the Apple store, the House of Marley will “Double the Love” by donating 10% of all sales to our charity partners at 1Love. Take advantage of this exclusive chance to buy the new House of Marley headphones, bags and portable audio systems, all the while knowing that your purchase will help the many great causes being undertaken by our friends at 1Love.


Killer Headphones for Skateboarding


When searching for the perfect in-ear headphones for skateboarding, look no further than the House of Marley. Skateboarding is all about fluid motion. No matter the ground you’re covering, whether it’s the street, the park, the vert ramp or just the backyard, any headphones for skateboarding should not restrict your ability to do tricks.

The House of Marley’s Zion and Redemption Song in-ear headphones allow for this while also making sure that the ear piece remains firmly in place, allowing you to concentrate on landing that trick.

Just like a pair of skate shoes or the bushings in your trucks, when headphones for skateboarding are created, designers attempt to make them as cushy and comfortable as possible. The House of Marley has taken extra care to outfit in-ear headphones like People Get Ready, Conqueror, Midnight Ravers and Smile Jamaica, with supremely comfortable earbuds that will conform to your ear. Slamming on the ground may hurt, but your ears won’t after wearing our earbuds.

While headphones for skateboarding are all about mobility comfort, Marley earbuds pack the musical punch necessary for motivation. With killer bass from our custom engineered acoustics system and coil drivers pumping out smooth sounds, Marley headphones are capable of projecting the perfect skateboard soundtrack.

While headphones for skateboarding may never be directly responsible for helping you land a kickflip, wearing a pair of Marley earbuds will give you the added style and inspiration points every time. Even when you’re just pushing down the street.

Best Sing Along Songs for Fireside Jammin’

A day at the beach, capped off by a night spent around the fire with good music and great friends is a great way to cap off a day. With nighttime fun around the fire on our brains, we’ve created a list of the best sing along songs for you and your friends to jam on your Bag of Rhythm portable audio system. Download the tunes, get some firewood, warm up that angelic singing voice and prepare yourself for a night full of the best sing along songs.

Bob Marley – “No Woman No Cry”

Our list starts off with our namesake’s classic “No Woman No Cry.” Let your voices ring out with your portable audio system providing the backing track and remind everyone that “Everything’s gonna be alright.”

Harry Belafonte – “Day O (Banana Boat Song)”

Before Lil Wayne sampled this song for “6 Foot 7 Foot,” “Day O (Banana Boat Song)” was made popular by the “King of Calypso” Harry Belafonte. Yet, the song’s roots come from a traditional Jamaican folk song, one that will sound great echoing out of the Bag of Rhythm portable audio system.

Sublime – “Santeria”

“Santeria” may be the newest entry into our playlist of the best sing along songs, but it captured the reggae feel that appeals to Marley fans and established Sublime as the one of heirs to the reggae-rock throne. The late Bradley Nowell inflected this song with his trademark humor and made it the perfect song for both good and bad times.

Jimmy Cliff – “The Harder They Come”

Bob Marley’s fellow countryman Jimmy Cliff is well known for his role in the film The Harder They Come. The singer’s mammoth hit of the same name propelled Cliff to stardom and has since become one of the most memorable reggae songs to ever be written. One of the best sing along songs for any occasion.

Otis Redding – “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”

Wind down the night with one of the best sing along songs from the late, great Otis Redding. Released after his death in a plane crash in 1967, “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” has memorable lyrics that are perfect for group singing and wastin’ time with the ones you love.

Punky Reggae Party: The Best Songs To Skate To

So you don’t have a skating mixtape? Here, the House of Marley has compiled a playlist of five of the best songs to skate to, whether you’re bombing a hill or just picking up a deck for the first time.

No matter what your style, experience level, or age, sometimes music is just as big an element to skating as the deck and wheels themselves. Download our list of the best songs to skate to, throw in some of your favorites and get out on your own four wheels.

Bob Marley – “Punky Reggae Party”

In “Punky Reggae Party,” the first track on our list of the best songs to skate to, the House of Marley’s namesake sings about how music brought together punks and Rastas. Similarly, skateboarding has always connected kids of different backgrounds and inspired them to push the limits with one another. Oh, and it’s also awesome to just cruise too.

Agent Orange – “Bloodstains”

The dark and brooding “Bloodstains” is a blast of California hardcore punk from the ‘80s that screams “Skate or Die!” Perfect for skating a city, if you have this song blaring on your House of Marley over-the-ears headphones you will be 1000% guaranteed to push faster, skate harder and take all your bails with a huge smile on your face.

Lupe Fiasco – “Kick, Push”

It’s a surprise that no one has used Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick, Push” as the soundtrack to their epic tech skate video segment. Perfect for a skater with the right flow, “Kick, Push” is the ultimate jam for a skater with tons bench/ledge tricks and a bunch of killer manual variations.

Jimi Hendrix – “Ezy Ryder”

Choosing the Hendrix classic “Ezy Ryder” as one of the best songs to skate to comes courtesy of one of the most stylish skate crews ever, the Dogtown and Z-Boys. Providing the background music for a revolution, “Ezy Rider” was one of the tracks that pushed Tony Alva, Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta to make skating a beautiful piece of artwork.

Misfits – “Skulls”

The Misfits Crimson Skull logo is just as synonymous with skating as any skate company logo. “Skulls,” from the band’s debut Walk Among Us, speaks to the enduring qualities that make any Misfits song instantly skatable; it’s fast, it’s short, and it’s brutal.