Anatomy of the House of Marley Lion Crest

The lion has long been a symbol of pride and power, especially in the Rastafarian community, so naturally the king of the jungle takes center stage in the House of Marley lion crest. We use the Marley lion crest to identify distributors and retailers of the House of Marley on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones, but it also symbolizes that a product is high quality, made with earth friendly materials, and follows the tenets of Bob Marley.


The design elements in the House of Marley lion crest are rooted in Rastafarianism. Based on the Lion of Judah, which represents the key figure in Rastafarian, Emperor Haile Selassie I, the Marley lion crest features two mighty lions flanked by a ribbon that reads, “Marett Tsehai Dam.” This Amharic phrase translates to, “Land, Sun, Blood” – the basis of the well-known Rasta colors of green, yellow and red.

The House of Marley lion crest also features the Ethiopian Coptic Cross at its center, overlaying the a pattern of green, yellow and red, and topped off by a regal crown. These elements reinforce the importance and majesty of the Marley name, guaranteeing a quality House of Marley product.


At the House of Marley, we use the virtues of Bob Marley as a touchstone for all that we do with our brand. The Marley lion crest is a visual expression of this, just as our on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, and over-ear headphones demonstrate it through sweet, sweet music.

Element Skateboarding’s New Recycling Program Leaves No Skateboard Behind

The House of Marley has constantly pushed our effort towards creating the most earth-friendly on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones and in-ear headphones possible and we always admire when other businesses step up to create products in the same manner. The Element skateboarding company has been on the same trip for years, as they have constantly worked to include the Earth into their business plan. With their new program, No Board Left Behind, Element skateboarding is showing skaters how to recycle boards.


Between broken noses, chipped tails and pressure cracks, many skaters blow through skate decks, leaving their homes to look like veritable skateboard graveyards. While making their most recent video, FUTURE NATURE, Element decided to take these wayward skateboards from their pros and make them usable again. By using drills and sanders, Element skateboarding deck shapers are creating smaller cruiser boards that are perfect for hitting the hills and streets in your local area.

With random used complete boards going for $90 to those that have been used by pros such as Boo Johnson and Nick Garcia priced at $150, the Element skateboarding No Board Left Behind program hovers right around the price of the typical skateboard. In addition to the recycled Element board, each deck comes outfitted with customized, made-to-fit trucks and wheels that are actually made from bug poop. Yes, bug poop. Although they’re coated in urethane (what wheels are usually made of), Element skateboarding has pioneered new technology that uses corn fed bug waste to make up their wheels. Not only does Element #LiveMarley by using earth-friendly technology, they are on the forefront of creating it.

The House of Marley salutes companies like Element that find something they love to do (in this case skateboarding), perfect their products and then push them to the next step by including an earth conscious point of view. Whether you’re using an earth-friendly skateboard or Marley earbuds, to #LiveMarley is to be alive and living the life you want to live, responsibly. Props to the Element skateboarding company.