#LiveMarley Every Day

#LiveMarley is about taking the next step without hesitation. It’s about putting your other foot on the board and dropping into the half pipe when everyone else is still standing at the top. It’s about having a laugh and cheering on your crew when they finally commit to following your lead. #LiveMarley is about making life your own and doing what you want to do with it.
#LiveMarley comes when you experience the communal feeling of being in a crowd all singing along to the same song, or when you’re just sitting around with a couple of friends, guitars in-hand. The feeling and spirit behind these live music moments – no matter how big or how small the audience – are moments that can only be summed up in so many words. We choose to describe them as #LiveMarley moments.
At the House of Marley, we #LiveMarley every day, and we’re here to tell all you true believers: keep doing what you’re doing. Your activity and authenticity inspires us to do what we do. And we’re not the only ones you inspire. Keep changing the world, one love at a time: #LiveMarley.

Announcing Instagram Contest Winners: #LiveMarley with Music


Earlier this month, The House of Marley and Dan Rubin teamed up for the inaugural #LiveMarley Instagram contest. The challenge was for Instagram users to use a single photo to capture how music inspires their lives. The prize was a pair of our popular Exodus on-ear headphones.

The response was amazing, and choosing a single winner felt near impossible at times. But in the end, the submission from Instagram user @f_strat stood high above the rest. So high, in fact, that he had a pretty heroic shadow going (as you’ll see below). So without further ado, behold the winner of the #LiveMarley with Music Instagram Contest and our Featured Five runners-up!

#LiveMarley with Music Instagram Contest Winner:



#LiveMarley with Music Instagram Contest Featured Five:











Congratulations to @f_strat, and many thanks to everyone who participated!
Stay tuned for the next #LiveMarley Instagram contest, and as always, stay inspired by music with House of Marley headphones.