The House of Marley to Attend the Rockn Rolla MTV Movie Awards Eco Lounge

On the verge of celebrating the best and brightest in Hollywood this weekend, The House of Marley is amped up to be attending the Rockn Rolla MTV Movie Awards Eco Lounge just prior to show time. Presented by Bob Marley’s longstanding guitar endorsement company, Gibson, The House of Marley team will be strutting our way down the green carpet to showcase our eco-friendly headphones to the many musicians, actors, athletes and entertainers in attendance.

But this isn’t just any regular pre-show soiree, as Gibson is teaming up with likeminded earth conscious companies, like us at The House of Marley, to promote a socially conscious and sustainably produced event. Featuring everything from food cooked in a sustainable barbecue and energy saving lights, to an on-site eco hair salon and displays on green technology, the Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge is truly setting a precedent when it comes to environmentally conscious events. The House of Marley is proud to be attending and showing how our own eco-friendly headphones have made progress in sustaining the planet’s ecosystem.

The Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge not only offers celebs a place to hang out before the big show, but it also will act as charity event working with both the American Red Cross and Music Saves Lives. By donating all proceeds of the Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge, attendees will ensure that the seed of education grows and that vital information about leukemia, cancer and other blood related disorders is spread throughout the country. In addition, patrons will also be asked to sign up to donate blood and register for the marrow program that will help advance the causes of both charities.

With the stars aligning for a good cause, the MTV Movie Awards and the Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge pre-party are sure to be big hits on the social calendar, without taking a hit on the planet. If you’re one of the lucky invited guests, be sure to come visit The House of Marley booth, check out some of our eco-friendly headphones and also make a donation to the fantastic charities benefiting from the event.

The House of Marley’s Picks For Top Bob Marley Songs

Here at The House of Marley, we do our fair share of listening to our namesake’s legendary music. We live it, we breath it, and we certainly eat our Marley Wheaties every day. Since we are all about audio, we wanted to make our own list of top Bob Marley songs. So, let the inter-office debate/battle royale began!

Whether relaxing in solitude, listening to “Redemption Song” through on-ear headphones, or getting the party started with “Midnight Ravers” on the Bag of Rhythm, Bob Marley has a song for any situation. Considering many different proposed listening situations and “Would you rather?” type questions, we finally settled on our list of The House of Marley’s “Top Bob Marley Songs.” Limiting ourselves to five picks, we’re sure that our faithful readers will have something to say about the list. We can’t wait to hear which are your favorite top Bob Marley songs. Leave them in the comments section below.

With that, we present you with The House of Marley’s “Top Bob Marley Songs”:

Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Destiny”

Bob Marley’s music is remembered for its thundering rhythms, but in his early days, the Wailers knew how cut an upbeat, fast-paced ska track too. “Destiny” is a song that is somewhat lost in the annals of Marley history, but it offers a picture of young Bob. Innocent and carefree, listening to “Destiny” on a pair of in-ear headphones will make any grey day turn bright and sunny.

Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Smile Jamaica”

How hasn’t “Smile Jamaica” been used by the Jamaican tourism board to promote the much loved island? We can smell the sand and surf right now despite the office walls right next to us. Someone is literally trying to ride one like a surfboard!

Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Stir It Up”

Written for American singer Johnny Nash, “Stir It Up” was Bob Marley’s introduction to the USA in 1971. After backing Nash on his subsequent tour, The Wailers ended up broke and on the door step of Island Records. Their next album and first release on Island, Catch a Fire, would be their first American hit and forever change the course of history. At the album’s centerpiece: “Stir It Up.”

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Midnight Ravers

“Midnight Ravers” is one heck of an on-ear headphones track if we’ve ever heard one. From Peter Tosh’s pulsating organ to the deep bass of Aston Barrett, this Marley-penned song transports listeners to a raging party under the jungle’s dense canopy, deep in the heart of Jamaica.

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Redemption Song

The most epic song ever. Words cannot convey how much “Redemption Song” is the ultimate Bob Marley song. Just listen! If this isn’t in your own list of “Top Bob Marley Songs,” we aren’t sure we trust your taste.

Of course, there are so many honorable mentions and runners-up. Wading through the scores of incredible songs Marley created in his lifetime was quite a process, and a pleasure. We encourage you to do the same and let us know what your Top Bob Marley Songs list looks like!


Bob Marley Inspires National Reggae Day in Brazil

Like the very sun that makes this planet habitable, Bob Marley is a light that will never go out. As one of the most celebrated musicians, philosophers, and humanitarians of all time, Marley received countless awards and accolades in his lifetime. Since his passing, the tributes have not only continued, but they have increased, both in number and scope.

Earlier this month, Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff officially signed into law a national reggae day to celebrate the cultural contributions the genre and its artists have made to the country of Brazil. The new National Day of Reggae in Brazil will be celebrated annually on May 11 – the date of Bob Marley’s passing.

Though the reggae day bill was written to commemorate the importance of reggae music as a whole, not surprisingly, Bob Marley is specifically honored in the new law for his remarkable influence on the genre, and by extension, Brazilian culture and culture globally.

Brazilian Senator and author of the reggae day bill, Rodrigo Rollemberg, wrote that May 11 would serve to honor “the music rhythm spread worldwide by Robert Nesta Marley.” The reggae day bill continues, “The legacy that Bob Marley left the world goes far beyond reggae: it is through this music that many Brazilian artists use the medium to make legitimate social criticisms.”

Bob’s legendary flair for social commentary (recently highlighted in the documentary, Marley) was an integral part of the music he created throughout his career. From The Wailers’ major label debut, Catch a Fire, to his aptly titled final album, Uprising, Marley used his music to shine light on social causes and spark conversation.

Rollemberg sees that tradition continued in contemporary Brazilian artists in particular. The reggae day bill cites, “Cidade Negra, Edson Gomes, Gilberto Gil among many other national artists devoted to continue to push through reggae, messages of peace, love and social criticism to encourage people to fight for their rights, just like Marley.”

Props to the Brazilian legislature for embracing the cultural role of Bob Marley, reggae, and the arts in general in Brazil. The newly established national reggae day ensures that the spirit of Marley, and the peace, love and unity that he stood for will remain with the people of Brazil for years to come.

Snowboarders Bring Surfer Swag to Big Wave Challenge

The annual Big Wave Challenge is definitely a challenge like no other. The waves may be frozen, but snowy Mt. Bachelor stole the heart of Hawaiian surf legend Gerry Lopez when he first visited the historic mountain in Oregon. Lopez became infatuated with the mountain, took to snowboarding it surf-style instead of throwing down trick-filled runs and, in 2011, began holding the Mt. Bachelor Big Wave Challenge.

Inspired by the words of Sims Snowboards owner Tom Sims (“It’s the greatest mountain for frozen waves.”), Lopez held the second annual Mt. Bachelor Big Wave Challenge this past weekend. In an attempt to spread “aloha spirit” to the mountain, Lopez brought a piece of Hawaii to Oregon by throwing a classic Luau party in between runs for the Big Wave Challenge. Don’t like poi or Kalua pork? No worries, Ohana, the competition alone was worth the trip.

Styling the competition like a classic surf event, Lopez and judges awarded points based on control, speed and power. With this in mind, seasoned riders like Curtis Woodman, Josh Dirksen and Bjorn Leines took to the Big Wave Challenge course with tons of slashes, cutbacks and stylish “wave” rides. However, in the end, hometown mini-ripper Gus Warbington continued his winning ways and toppled the competition.

House of Marley was on hand snapping photos, enjoying the snowboarding and taking in all of Gerry Lopez’ Hawaiian luau fixings. Check out the photos below and some video that captured all the fun of the Big Wave Challenge.

Gerry Lopez with House of Marley on-ear headphones

Justin Norman with House of Marley on-ear headphones

Justin Norman at the Big Wave Challenge

1Love: Bob Marley Charity Makes Global Impact

Through music, Bob Marley sent positive vibes that resonated throughout the world. Whether spreading the seed of musical prosperity or helping to provide clean water to third world countries, the Bob Marley charity, 1Love, has continued in his tradition. As one of the major partners of 1Love, The House of Marley is dedicated to these causes as well.

The principle focus of the Bob Marley charity centers around three major subject areas: the world’s youth, peace opportunities and the planet’s eco-system. By channeling its efforts through partnerships with world renowned charities like Save The Children, Every Mother Counts, Protect Our Winters, Invisible Children, and United Nations Environment Programme, 1Love is committed to raising funds for causes that Bob Marley himself was concerned with.

However, 1Love isn’t just concerned with donations. The Bob Marley charity is two-fold, with one avenue that is solely focused on monetary contributions, while the other is a social media campaign funneled through the 1Love website that connects those trying to make a difference to other likeminded individuals. By challenging fans of Bob Marley to take on a “Marley Mission,” 1Love inspires the sharing of good vibes, whether the project is to record an uplifting song or simply be a role model in the community.

While projects of this scope might seem small in nature, 1Love and The House of Marley believe that if simple acts like these can change the course of one person’s day, then it was truly worth the time.

1Love, the official Bob Marley charity, is dedicated to making the world a better place. Gain knowledge and educate yourself by visiting the 1Love website and take a few minutes to watch the video below and learn firsthand what Rohan Marley, Bob’s son, and the rest of the Marley family are doing to make a difference.

Garrett McNamara Sets Surfing World Record with 78-Foot Wave

Holy Poseidon, that’s a BIG wave.

Back in November, Hawaiian pro surfer, Garrett McNamara caught a 78-foot rogue wave off the coast of Praia do Norte in Portugal, manhandling the ocean and setting the surfing world record in the process. To put this in perspective, McNamara rode a wall of water about the size of a seven-story building for almost half a minute. Count to thirty right now and pretend the only thing separating you from the bottom of the ocean is a narrow strip of fiberglass.

Obviously, we were wowed by McNamara’s remarkable feat, and we weren’t the only ones. The 44-year-old surfer has been collecting accolades for the last six months, culminating in an official nod from the Guinness World Records last week. Guinness acknowledged that McNamara set the surfing world record, beating the previous world record run by more than a foot.

The official wave height of 78-feet was determined by judges of the Global Big Wave Awards, who studied video footage and hi-res photos, using the length of McNamara’s shin bone to compare to the wave from base to peak. Global Big Wave director Bill Sharp likened McNamara’s achievement to a career-defining feat in baseball, like pitching a perfect game. But he did make one important distinction: “Add to that the fact that the stadium could collapse on you at any second.”

Huge props to Garrett McNamara for riding the monster wave and capturing the surfing world record. Check out the mind-boggling video below.

Bob Marley Art Debuts On a Bronx Rooftop

Famed NYC graffiti artists Sienide and Fumero recently dedicated a Bronx wall to an immense Bob Marley art mural. On the rooftop along the infamous graffiti epicenter that is the 4 Train in New York, Sienide and Fumero set to work creating a piece that would remind all who saw it of the importance of reggae’s greatest ambassador.
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Alternative Uses For Our Noise Reducing Headphones Cord

Owning a pair of House of Marley noise reducing headphones is all about the escape. It’s about taking your usual routine and flipping it on its head. With that in mind, we recently found some new uses for the detachable fabric cord that connects Marley headphones to whatever you’re listening to. Sure, this cord was primarily designed to deliver music to your ears, but it was also designed to look great and be durable. Today we put it to the test.

One look out the window and it was plain to see: a beautiful day that was ours for the taking. Our trusty pooch Charlie was begging for a walk, but instead of grabbing his usual leash, we secured a House of Marley cord around his collar and hit the streets.


Just because you sag doesn’t mean you have swag anymore. Belts, suspenders, whatever. One way or another, you gotta use something to hold up your pants. We put the House of Marley headphone cord through our belt loops and made fashion history (and looked good doing it).


Later, while hanging with some friends, we found ourselves reminiscing about a time when we all used to rock friendship bracelets. In no time flat, I had the House of Marley headphone cord wrapped around my wrist and realized that it was both cool looking and comfortable. Forget passé… this is a versatile bracelet if there ever was one.


No matter what you use the House of Marley noise reducing headphones for — listening to music or making a fashion statement — rest assured, they’ll always provide the ultimate experience.

The House of Marley Presents A Brief History Of Reggae Music

Skrillex, Wiz Khalifa and Bob Marley are all related. No, they aren’t family, per se… but there is a musical web that features straight lines from the reggae rhythms of Bob Marley to the new distinct sounds of Skrillex’s heart-pounding dubstep and Wiz’s smooth flowing rhymes. Through the music of the Marley family, The House of Marley has assembled a brief look at the history of reggae music and it’s influence on today’s popular music.

Whether roots reggae, ska, rocksteady, dub or dancehall, these Marley tracks have consistently bred new kinds of music over the course of the past 40+ years. From hip-hop to dubstep and ska to political punk, through the history of reggae and Bob Marley, the course of music has forever changed.

Roots Reggae: Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Get Up Stand Up”
Roots reggae is best exemplified by Bob Marley’s later work. Relying heavily on bouncing bass rhythms, scratchy guitar sounds and lyrics that dealt with beliefs and political stances, the genre would be forever defined by massive hits like “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Get Up Stand Up.” The tradition of catchy music with social themes is carried on today by everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Lupe Fiasco.

Ska: Bob Marley & The Wailers – “One Love/People Get Ready”
Featuring an early take on the classic “One Love” and a cover of Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready,” Bob Marley & The Wailers take the offbeat rhythm of rocksteady and amp up its pace in this ska classic. Following Marley and Desmond Dekker’s lead, the ska sound has gone on to be played by large selling acts like No Doubt, Sublime, The Specials and Madness.

Rocksteady: Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Rock Steady”
Recorded in the late ’60s, Bob Marley & The Wailers’ “Rock Steady” is the perfect example of the song’s genre namesake. Rocksteady features less reliance on the organ than ska, and has slower tempos. Closely following the formula of hits used by Motown in the ‘60s, this R&B influenced version of reggae eventually helped breed artists like The Roots, Raphael Saadiq and Black Eyed Peas.

Dub: Bob Marley w/ U-Roy – “Small Axe”
Dub may be one of the most interesting sub-genres of reggae as producers use instrumental parts of popular reggae songs to create new spaced-out sounds. Pioneers of the genre, including King Tubby and Lee “Scratch” Perry, have had a heavy influence on the creation of dubstep. Dubstep closely follows their formula by adding reverb, echo and delay to samples. Check out the wild sounds of U-Roy mixing Bob Marley’s “Small Axe,” and tell us Skrillex and Bassnectar didn’t pick up a few things from Jamaica.

Dancehall: Damian Marley and Skrillex – “Make It Bun Dem”
A modern take on Dancehall music with a little dubstep thrown in for good measure, Damian Marley and Skrillex make a formidable duo by combining forces on the new track, “Make It Bun Dem.” Sampling a reggae organ, Damian spits fast and furious rhymes over a Skrillex mix that catapults the sounds of Jamaica into the 21st Century. Hip-hop artists like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and The Game have found similar success by sampling dancehall for chart-topping hits.

The history of reggae music has had far-reaching effects over the years. From the birth of new music and new listeners, to new collaborations like that of Damian Marley and Skrillex, reggae music has developed into something that stretches far beyond its birthplace of Jamaica. Now the whole world is listening.

12-Year-Old Pulls First Ever 1080 Skateboarding Trick in Competition

Did you feel the wave of excitement that hit the extreme sports world this week? That, my friends, was a crowd full of X-Games fans going nuts over the first 1080 skateboarding trick to ever be pulled out mid-competition. From all the way in the Far East, thousands of Shanghai skateboarding fanatics are in a frenzy over skater Tom Schaar pulling off the epic feat. And wanna know something even more nuts? He is only 12-years-old. What have you done with your life lately?
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