Detroit Skate Park to Revive Abandoned Neighborhood

“We’re backing Detroit 100%,” says Antihero pro skater, Tony Miorana. “You just really want to find somewhere where no one’s going to stop you from building more shit… [Detroit’s] full of that kind of atmosphere.”

Like so many other Detroit-believers, Miorana and his formidable crew of skaters, artists, and activists in the nonprofit Power House Productions have a vision for bettering the battered city. Their vision is for a sprawling Detroit skate park that would take over a whole vacant section of neighborhood. Entire lots, houses, garages, alleys. All of it all mod’d out and transformed D.I.Y. by a team of local and national skate industry professionals with a common goal: to provide the youth in the long-struggling community with something positive. A place to go, be a part of something, give back, and express themselves.

Detroit Skate Park 1

The proposed Detroit skate park, dubbed Ride It Sculpture Park, will span at least four vacant lots along the Davison Freeway, with an adjacent abandoned house to act as a mini indoor park and an HQ for visiting skaters and artists.

Tony Miorana and co. may have dreamt up the project, but they’re looking to local skaterats, do-gooders, creative kids – even mom and dad – to be the positive force that drives the vision to fruition. “It’s D.I.Y. style where kids are gonna start building their own stuff. But we’re there to help out,” Miorana says. “We’re hyped on this one because there’s no threat of it getting torn down. Everything I’ve done before you couldn’t really talk about it. For this spot, it’s 100% a go.”

Detroit Skate Park 2

The Ride It Sculpture Park project is currently accepting donations through a Crowdrise fundraiser, as well as a number of cool local events. The Goodwill Project, an art show featuring skateboarding artists will open mid-May, in conjunction with an online auction with 100% of the proceeds going toward the first Sculpture Park build in June. Later that month, Emerica will hold one of its Wild in the Streets events (and after-party) to benefit the construction of the Detroit skate park on June 21.

The House of Marley applauds the team behind Ride It Sculpture Park. If you build it, they will come. Detroit’s been down for going on 45-years now, but it’s never been out. This fresh concept is an innovative community action that will surely contribute to the healing of one of America’s most important cities. Get involved by visiting

“You just build one thing and start skating it,” says Miorana. “Then you can go forever in your mind with what’s possible. That keeps you hyped.”

Detroit Skate Park 3

Tons of Buzz for the New Bob Marley Movie

The new Bob Marley movie has been in theaters and available online for less than a week, but the Internet buzz is already accumulating for the definitive documentary. From hip-hop heroes and pop divas to the Marley family and director Kevin MacDonald, everyone is talking about this new portrait of the reggae superstar’s life.

Hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg attended the West Coast premiere of the new Bob Marley documentary. When speaking to the press, Snoop weaved a tale of how Bob Marley lifted his conscience to another, more peaceful, level. “Just to be able to have peace and love and harmony in the music that I make, that’s what I feel like I’ve gained from listening to Bob Marley’s music and being influenced by him,” Snoop said.

The love didn’t stop there though, as pop songstress and Marley aficionado Rihanna hit Twitter hard over the weekend with lots of love for Tuff Gong and the new documentary on his life. “I and I love Bob so much iz a shame.” Whether covering Marley songs at shows, her ever-present tri-color shirt or her dedication to charity work in her native Barbados, Rihanna exemplifies the #LiveMarley lifestyle.

Director Kevin MacDonald also has a deep appreciation for the legendary reggae icon, making his work on the Bob Marley documentary project a labor of love. While making his film The Last King of Scotland in Africa, MacDonald noticed, “There were so many people listening to Bob, wearing Bob t-shirts, with murals of Bob up.” MacDonald recalls, “They treated him more like a kind of spiritual figure or a philosopher than merely a musician. And I realized that’s kind of a unique position. Nobody else in popular music has had that position… and that is what really set me off on wanting to make a film about him.” A project years in the making, his vision (and the vision of the whole Marley family) has finally come true.

Director Kevin MacDonald rocking Marley Headphones

The Marley family was also out in full force at many of the film’s debut screenings. They gave MacDonald’s completed project unanimously high marks. Ziggy Marley, Bob’s eldest son, was on board with the movie from the ground up. “When the idea came up, I told the family about it. We have this opportunity to do something definitive on Bob. And everyone was cool about that,” Ziggy remembers.

Bob’s daughter Cedella agreed with her brother about Marley being the end-all be-all document of their father’s life. “It’s something that we have been trying to accomplish for about two or three years. We went from different director to director, but we met Kevin MacDonald and he brought everything that we were hoping for to life.”

Marley Movie Hits Los Angeles

The long-awaited feature-length documentary, Marley finally hit the big screen last night at its Los Angeles premiere. Music icons, A-List actors, international press, and a handful of proud Marley children were among those in attendance to celebrate the legacy of Bob Marley.

Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin MacDonald, and made with the blessing of the Marley family, and the guidance of eldest son, Ziggy, Marley presents an intimate portrait of a music icon whose own way of life changed the lives of so many. On hand at the LA premiere of the Marley movie were artists like rap icon Snoop Dogg and country superstar Kenny Chesney — polar opposites on the genre meter, but like-minded admirers when it comes to Marley. Check out what both had to say about the universal impact of Marley from the red carpet:

The Marley movie will be screening in select theaters and available worldwide via Facebook, tomorrow April 20, 2012!

True Colors: the Bob Marley Colors of Green, Yellow and Red

Bob Marley practiced what he preached. Not quite the choir preacher you see at church, but WOW, did he create a movement with his voice. Bottom line? At the House of Marley, we are heavily influenced by those same vibes. It makes our knees wiggle. But how do we stay focused? What reminds us of Bob’s values? The Bob Marley colors of green, yellow and red. They are a symbol of the Rastafarian movement and most importantly, “One Love.”

Marley’s album covers (like Live!, Uprising, and Kaya) all had a hint of the iconic green, yellow and red. It’s like a rainbow of passion. We see it when we surf, when we board, when we think, and when we breathe. But what does the green, yellow and red mean? Here, let us give you the lowdown on the Bob Marley colors’ meaning:

The Color Green
Earth, gravel, sand… green represents the homeland of Rastafarians: Ethiopia. The green is more than just a symbol, though. It is a call to action and a reminder that the Earth needs nurturing and protecting. We agree. The House of Marley takes this to heart by making eco-conscious products with recycled and FSC-certified materials. You know what FSC means? As Bob once said, “All you got to do is give a little, take a little.” For every tree we use for the wood in our products, we plant one back.

The Color Yellow
Next up is the color yellow. Yellow represents the sun, light, and warmth. The light of Rastafari similarly shines on all of us, providing a source of one love, one light for everyone to share. The sun lets us live. It lets us surf, skate, jump, run, and be FREE. The sun gives us life.

The Color Red
Red is the final color. It symbolizes the blood of those in Africa and Jamaica. Red is a cry for equality and fairness that stems from oppression and struggle.

At the House of Marley we have chosen to embrace these colors because they give us strength. Strength to accomplish our goals and reach our dreams. For us, the colors are a reminder of the land, the love, and the community we cherish and actively strive to improve.

One love.

Bob Marley Colors

Free Your Soul With the Bag of Rhythm Portable Audio System

In honor of Bob Marley’s 67th birthday, House of Marley recently debuted its innovative and eco-friendly Bag of Rhythm Portable Audio System. Designed to be the best portable audio system for the skate park, a day at the beach or a casual backyard barbecue, the Bag of Rhythm is ideal for any situation that needs an infusion of good vibes.


Designed with as little earth impact as possible, the Marley Bag of Rhythm is the jam for people who are not only serious about their sound system, but their eco-system as well. Built with recycled plastics, birch wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and a durable outer canvas shell, each piece of the Bag was crafted with sustainability in mind.

Great for longboarding runs and the perfect size to place into the basket on your beach cruiser, the ability to spread love with the Bag of Rhythm is easy. With twin one-inch tweeters, twin four-and-a-half inch subwoofers, and a hearty amplifier, this portable audio system is capable of delivering everything from the crisp definition of acoustic tracks like “Revolution Song” to the bellowing basslines of “Buffalo Soldier”.

The Marley Bag of Rhythm is more than just a way to play your favorite music. It’s a part of the #LiveMarley lifestyle. By following Bob Marley’s life principals; having an earth-conscious mind, leading a peaceful existence and being good to the world around you, anything is possible with your Bag of Rhythm and a little bit of love in tow.


Check out the glowing reviews from the fine folks at Sound & Vision Magazine and Slash Gear, as well as the compelling Bag of Rhythm experiment conducted by MyBullfrog.

Why the World Needs a Bob Marley Hologram

Your newsfeed is probably still recovering from the wild onslaught of hologram Tupacs that have basically taken over the Internet since Sunday, when the presumed-dead rap legend made a surprise Coachella appearance thanks to some mind-bending Hollywood SFX. Yeah, James Cameron’s visual production house, Digital Domain, succeeded where all the Tupac-death-skeptics and die-hard fans have failed: they brought ‘Pac back to life.

Amateur YouTube clips from the crowd capture everyone’s stunned amazement best – a mixed bag of reactions, which is to be expected when you confront 25,000 people with a rapping ghost. Now, there’s talk of taking holo’Pac on the road for a proposed Tupac/Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg tour, and you know there’s a boardroom full of record industry suits somewhere trying to figure out if they can design a hologram Mariah Carey, because the real one is just too hard to work with.

Since more musician hologram stunts like this are inevitably on the way, we got to thinking… What could we do with some futuristic hologram technology of our own? If you said, conjure the late, great Bob Marley himself… well, yeah. I mean, wouldn’t you? Let’s consider the limitless reach of a Marley hologram.

In the 30+ years since his passing, Marley’s legacy has expanded to heights unparalleled in music. In life, he was more than a successful reggae singer. He was a poet, a philosopher, a peacemaker, and a world-changer.

Even today, 2012, Bob still serves as the figurehead for an idealism and ideology that resonates with passionate people the world over. Imagine if all those people had the opportunity to actually see – with their own eyes – the immortality of Marley’s legacy manifested before them. Not as a ploy to sell concert tickets or boost iTunes downloads, but to make a difference and continue spreading the Marley vision of unity, equality and authenticity.

Where demonstrators peacefully protest human rights injustices, Marley hologram could be there to stand among them in solidarity. Where Earth-conscious individuals come together as one to plant trees or construct community gardens, Marley hologram could join in as inspiration for their efforts. Where scores of kicked-back beachgoers spread out on their towels or their surfboards to soak up the sun, well Marley hologram could be there too, setting the mood for enjoying Mother Earth. And yeah, let’s be honest: it would be pretty damn awesome to witness Marley hologram lead 25,000 people through the chorus of “No Woman, No Cry” in 2012.

By now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single human being with an internet connection who hasn’t seen video of hologram Tupac brushing shoulders with Snoop and Dre. But the story kind of ends at high tech smoke and mirrors. If the future of departed entertainment icons is indeed upon us, here’s to hoping this surreal technology will take the next step and give us the opportunity to witness Bob Marley in his element in 2012: changing the world.

The House of Marley Promotes Earth Week With Eco-Friendly Facebook Contest

#EarthDayGiveaway Contest Combines Green Tips With a Chance to Win Marley Headphones

The House of Marley recently launched an interactive Earth Week contest for fans of its Facebook page, combining thoughtful green tips with its critically acclaimed line of Earth-friendly headphones.

All this week, #EarthDayGiveaway will provide fans of the House of Marley Facebook page with different tips for achieving a more Earth-conscious lifestyle. Within the text of these tips will be several highlighted letters for fans to collect over the course of Earth Week. On Sunday, April 22 — Earth Day — fans will have to use these letters to complete a word jumble. The first person to correctly solve the jumble and submit their answer will win a prize courtesy of The House of Marley.


Here’s the twist: the Marley Headphones prize depends entirely on how many Facebook ‘shares’ the #EarthDayGiveaway contest image receives. If the contest receives 250 shares, the prize will be a pair of Smile Jamaica in-ear headphones. For 1,000 shares, the prize will be a pair of Positive Vibration on-ear headphones. 2,500 will up the ante to a pair of their popular Stir It Up on-ear headphones. And finally, if the contest hits 4,000 shares, the lucky winner will take home the brand new Marley Bag of Rhythm portable iPod dock and speaker system.

Each House of Marley product is built with three principles in mind: superior quality, Earth-friendly, and cause-mindedness. Committing its brand to maintaining the vision and teachings of legendary musician, Bob Marley, the House of Marley follows these principles to not only create lasting products, but also make a positive impact on the world. To achieve this, the brand combines top-of-the-line craftsmanship with natural, sustainably-sourced materials, such as FSC-certified wood, organic cotton and recyclable aluminum. In addition to limiting the impact its products have on the environment, the House of Marley also contributes a portion of its sales to support the Marley family charity, 1Love.

Team Marley’s Bede Durbidge Goes Big at Rip Curl Pro 2012

Bede DurbridgeWith less than tasty waves rolling into Bells Beach in Victoria, Australia earlier this week, the crowd’s mood was officially mellow while awaiting Rip Curl Pro 2012. We are talking waves that could have been dominated by our baby’s babies. Ok… maybe not, but seriously.

After some wait, the surf report improved and the field of the world’s 36 raddest surfers hit some swells that were meant for the big boys. Team Marley representative Bede Durbridge hit the beach during the second heat and went pedal to the metal all over his competition.

Durbridge, an Australian native, caught three waves in his heat and received one of the highest single wave scores on what was sure to be one of largest sets of the day. With a huge under the loop dropwall, some quick turns and a sick layback just before hitting the sand, his one wave ride stood out from the rest of the Rip Curl Pro 2012 pack, which included heavy hitters like Kelly Slater, Adriano De Souza and Mick Fanning.

Looking to trample the competition as he heads back up the leader board, Bede Durbridge now sets his sights on the upcoming Billabong Pro Rio in Brazil this May. Until then? This sick surfer will be heading out on a filming trip for his next video, pushing himself to the brink on each wave in true #LiveMarley fashion.

One love and good luck to Bede on filming his part and on the remaining events of this year’s pro tour.