12-Year-Old Pulls First Ever 1080 Skateboarding Trick in Competition

Did you feel the wave of excitement that hit the extreme sports world this week? That, my friends, was a crowd full of X-Games fans going nuts over the first 1080 skateboarding trick to ever be pulled out mid-competition. From all the way in the Far East, thousands of Shanghai skateboarding fanatics are in a frenzy over skater Tom Schaar pulling off the epic feat. And wanna know something even more nuts? He is only 12-years-old. What have you done with your life lately?


Schaar, an amateur skater for Element Skateboards, has been impressing the extreme sports world with his immense bag of tricks since the tender of age of seven. Since progressing from mini-ramps to the almighty mega-ramp, Shaar has quickly adapted his speedy skill set for the bigger stage. “It took me a year to get comfortable on the mega,” Schaar says about his attempts to land a 1080 skateboarding. “I did it on my fifth try. I thought it would take me three days of trying it for 40 times, but I was definitely high enough.”

The future is certainly bright for Tom Schaar. He and his 1080 skateboarding trick are pushing the evolution of the sport. He might not be a pro yet, but he has already accomplished pulling a 900, which took the legendary Tony Hawk years to perfect, and he’s now the first skater to do a 1080 skateboarding in a competition. “I’m pretty stoked,” Schaar says of the 1080 experience. We are too. Congrats, Tom!

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